What Makes you Beautiful

When Charlotte, or Charlie, starts to get bullied for no reason, she runs away to Ireland. She was being called fat and ugly, being told that nobody wants to be seen with her. When she arrives at Ireland, she runs into the one and only, Niall Horan. Well, sort of. When Niall and the boys find out what happened, they spend the rest of their break trying to convince her how beautiful she is. NO ROMANCE IN THIS STORY


4. The Ride

I was seated by the window with some guy seating next to me. He had seemed nice enough. We struck up a conversation that had lasted the whole plane ride. I had learned some interesting things about the man. I never saw him again, sadly.

I walked over to the receptionist desk after I got my stuff. I said, "Excuse me, ma'am, Do you know when the boat that goes to Ireland leaves and how to get there?" Or at least I think I asked something like that. She gave me the schedule of the next boat and the directions to the boat... spot thingie.



I had made it to the boat place with about ten minutes to spare. I probably would've got there earlier if I hadn't gotten lost so many times. Anyway, since I got there with some time to spare, I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then went to the information booth and asked where in Ireland would the boat go. The man told me it was going to Galaway. I thanked him and walked back out.

"All passengers going to Galaway, Ireland please line up with your tickets in hand! Thank you!" I heard and rushed to the boat.

I walked around and found a little pathway without security watching. I nonchalantly walked over there and found a porthole that was open and close to the pier for me to crawl in.

Now, keep in mind I'm a good girl doing a bad thing, so I was extremely nervous.

"Last call for passengers heading to Galaway, Ireland, please get in line and have your tickets ready!"

I had managed to make myself comfy among the passenger's bags.

It seemed like forever before we started moving. But by then, I had fallen asleep, so everything is a bit blurry about the beginning of the ride. All I pretty much remember is having to hide about three times and sneaking around to get food and go to the restroom.

When I saw the coast was clear, I walked out as 'non weirdly' as I could. That is, before some worker stopped me.

"Ma'am? What were you doing down in the luggage area? "

"I, uh, needed to get my makeup bag. I left it in my suitcase. It, uh, has my 'lady' stuff and extra money." I had hoped she bought that, which she did. She just nodded and told I was not to go down there without an escort.

I was just glad to get out of there. To this day, I can still feel the cramped feeling.

I walked around before I got stopped once again. That time though, it was by an old woman, who looked about sixty-something. She asked, "You're not supposed to be on the boat, are you?" She stunned me.

"N-no." My shoulders had fell. Suddenly, I sat made myself comfortable at the ladies' table and started babbling about everything. "I needed to leave my town and I had no money left after the plane ride to Washington State. I needed to get away from the states. I couldn't handle the bullying anymore. I didn't know what to do. Please don't tell anyone!" I cried. The woman's face showed sympathy; I remember that well. She stood up and moved to my side of the booth and put her arm around me, like a grandmother would do.

"Oh, honey. It's alright. I won't tell. Besides, what could they do? They can't throw you off the boat. Why, that wouldn't look good for them, now would it" I could help but to have laughed at that.

"Thank you, Mrs..."

"Baker, sweetie."

"I'm Charlotte. Charlie for short. And I'm sorry for dumping all this on you. I just felt I needed to get it all out." I sniffled.

"Oh, that's alright, dear. Now, why were you abused?" And then I told her all that happened.


"So, just to be clear, all this happened because your friend dared you to eat two whole pizzas, and all of it was a trick?" I nodded, taking a bite of some nacho that Mrs. Baker got for us.

"Ex-friend..." I mumbled.

"Wow. High school is not at all what it was like when I went. Although, if someone were to cause trouble, they got the paddle." She says thoughtfully. How could I not remember this conversation? It was the best thing I've talked about with a grandmotherly figure since mine died when I was very young.

"They actually did that? I thought it was just a swat with the ruler." We continued to talk about other random things when the announcer came on.

"Ladies and gentleman, land is about five minutes away, if you drove, please gather your things and get to your vehicle. Thank you for choosing us for your travels and have a nice time."

"Well, that's my queue to get to my car. Its was nice talking to you, Charlie."

"Wait!" I said, a little too quick. Mrs. Baker, which I later found out her first name was Rachel, turned to face me.

She smiled when she saw my desperate look. "Would you like to come with me for a ride?" I'd smiled at the friendly face and nodded while I followed down to the load/unload zone.

"Thank you, Mrs. Baker. This means a lot to me." I had said when we entered her vehicle.

"Oh, it's nothing. I should be thanking you for keeping me company on that extremely long ride." she smiled as we sat in the car, waiting for the boat to stop and let everyone out.

"Hmm, you're welcome. So, where are we going?" I asked.

"Well, since it's so late, we are gonna stop at a hotel. We would drive, but I'm afraid I can't see well. Is that alright?"

"Yes, That's fine. Thank you, Rachel. I'm sorry, I won't be able to pay you back for this."

"Oh, That's alright dear. You keeping me company is payment enough."

I couldn't help but hug her. I remember I had tears coming down my eyes. Someone had actually cared for me and wanted to help me. She was like the grandmother I've always wanted. She was like the ones you only see in movies.

"Thank you, Rachel."

"And tomorrow, we could take our time getting to Moate,"

"That's sounds great. I've never been on a road trip before. I've never even been out of Texas, so this is huge." I said with so much enthusiasm.

Soon after, the the ferry docked and we drove off to the first hotel we layed our eyes on.

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