What Makes you Beautiful

When Charlotte, or Charlie, starts to get bullied for no reason, she runs away to Ireland. She was being called fat and ugly, being told that nobody wants to be seen with her. When she arrives at Ireland, she runs into the one and only, Niall Horan. Well, sort of. When Niall and the boys find out what happened, they spend the rest of their break trying to convince her how beautiful she is. NO ROMANCE IN THIS STORY


1. Hi...

My life wasn't so bad, then. It's great now, what with the the people I now know whom I thought I'd never meet. But between then and now, My life was, and sorry for sounding cliché, tragic. I literally thought it was over. I couldn't bear to think of living another minute of my life, knowing how bad it got and only thinking it would get worse. But then... but then, I got to meet some people who turned my life around.

Wait a minute, I haven't even introduced myself. Okay, so.... Hi!! My name's Charlotte but I prefer to be called Charlie. Uhh, I'm nineteen but I look like I'm sixteen. I'm Hispanic. And I am now surrounded by people whom I love and are loving me back.

But I was getting ahead of myself. Let's start a day before the trouble happened...

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