Another Percy Jackson Fanfic


2. Two

*Luke's POV*

Lea had collapsed again. This time from fighting to hard. One of the other new campers Chiron introduced earlier runs over to me. She asks, "Is she okay?". I say without even breaking my stride, "She should be." then I ask, "What's your name?".

"Montana Cox, I'm one of the newest Athena daughters. Who is her parent?".

"Hades. Her father is Hades. Montana, is it?". The girl nods her head, a little shocked at what I just said. She says, "Yes.".  I nod again, trying not to break a sweat. I reach to old farm house, nearly crashing through the door and running into another girl.

"Hey, Luke watch where your going! Want Jason to hit you with a lightning bolt again?". The girl is about thirteen wearing one of the orange Camp halfblood shirt, a pair of jeans and purple puma tennis shoes.

"Alice! I don't have time! Grab Montana and get Percy as well. Create a storm to distract a few people  I saw in the woods. Hurry!". Alice nods, speaks a few Greek words then runs outside to get Percy and Montana. I lay Lea on one of the beds in the spare room, praying to both our fathers for help. Ten minutes later Percy, Montana and Alice are standing beside me. 

"What do you want me to do?".

I check over her, but find no wounds until Nico walks in and says, "She was hit with a ghost Stygian Iron sword. I'm surprised Hazel didn't pick it up, since she can sense metals.". We all her Lea grunt in pain, the tears falling down her face.  I take her hands in mine and pray to our fathers once more. Lea mutters something and I ask, "What?". 

Montana says, "She wants one of us to hurt her, by hurting her, she or Percy can do whatever healing they can.".

"No, I can't let her do that.".

"What's so special about her anyway, Luke?".

"She's special because she can do more than what any Hades child can do. Sorry Nico.".

"No, offense taken, Luke.".

Lea stays still for a few moments, but nothing else happens. I think for a few moments and then say, "Percy, go and get Jalauna. She should be either near the archery range or out in the infirmary. If she asks 'Why', say 'We need your healing talent.". Leuconoe walked in the door as Percy walked out, her sea green sundress swaying as she did. 

"You must be assisting Poseidon today, am I correct Goddess of the four elements?".

"Yes, Son of Hermes. I am surprised you noticed.".

"Yes, Lady Leuconoe. The color makes your eyes more beautiful.".

"Oh, Son of Hermes, you are too kind.".

Percy and Jalauna walk back through the door, Jalauna has a very concerned look on her face. Jalauna asks, "What do you need my talent for, Castellan?". Nico points towards Lea. I see Jalauna's face drops when she sees Lea. Jalauna shakes her head, cracks her knuckles and pops her neck, preparing herself for the task ahead. She looks and sees Leuconoe for the first time.

"Lady Leuconoe.".

"Jalauna Martin, I haven't seen you in a while. Please, do not let me be keeping you from your task.".

"Thank you, Lady Leuconoe.".

Jalauna walks over to Lea and holds her hands over her. She closes her eyes and begins to chant a healing chant. I watch Lea begin to have mini seizures as the Stygian Iron sword wound is healed. Lea bolts into a sitting, gasping for air. I rush over to her and hug her. Nobody says anything. Percy says, "Chiron wants all of us out near the lake. He says 'Time for Capture the Flag'.".  We all shout and holler, especially Lea. She whispers, "My military training will kick in and which ever team I'm on will win.".

I smile as all of us walk towards the lake. Chiron picked a good day for this, definitely a good day.

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