Another Percy Jackson Fanfic


3. Three

I heard a knock on the Poseidon cabin door. I shout, "What!". 

"Chason, it's me, your half brother, Percy, don't want to miss capture the flag do you?".

Oh my gods! Capture the flag? I love that game!

"Be there in a sec, Percy!". I jumped from the top bunk, landing on my feet perfectly. I open one of my dresser drawers, my eyes skim over what I have. Normally I'd wear a pair of black shorts, a light blue tee and a pair of sneakers, but since it's capture the flag day, I settle for a light blue long sleeve tee and the rest of the Capture the flag gear. 

After tying my brown hair into a neat ponytail, walk outside to meet Percy. He smiles and we both walk to the clearing were every capture the flag game. I notice a girl talking to Luke, looking nervous. I smirk and think, New camper

Chiron trots up to a platform followed by five others and the girl that was talking to Luke. Chiron motions for me as well, though I've been here since I was 13. 

Chiron's voice booms, "Welcome, Demigods!". 

Everybody else smiles, even..(deep lovey sigh)...Luke. 

"We have six new Demigods, please make them feel welcome. Now they shall introduce themselves to all of you.". The twins are first, the boy says, "I am Keegan and this is my sister Jaluana, we are children of Apollo.". The Apollo twins bow and walk over to the blue team. A girl, who's about the same age as me takes the center next.

"I am, Aria. Daughter of Ares.". Chiron nods once more and the girl heads to the red team. After two others introduce themselves the girl talking to Luke comes up to the center. She keeps her head down as she speaks.

"My name is Lea. I am a Daughter..." her voice trails off and she runs into the woods. Luke races after her. Chiron says, "Please forgive Lea. Everyone else take your places.". The battle was short after that with my team, the blue team winning. I haven't seen Lea since the beginning of the game. Luke sullenly walks over to the Hermes table not even bothering to grab himself any food.

Not even three minutes go by and he stalks off towards his cabin, a sad look on his face. What has gotten into him? I shake my head and continue listening to Percy and Tyson debating over something. I needed to find out who this Lea girl is and why she ran earlier.

*Keegan's POV*

I watched Chason from where I was sitting. My sister Jalauna was cracking jokes and telling stories like we usually do. I kept thinking that the Lea girl is hiding something as well.Lost in thought, I don't even hear Jaluana ask me a question.

"Uh, can you repeat that, Sis?". My sister huffs and says, "I asked, 'Why are you staring at Chason?', Gods you are so hard headed sometimes.". I just shake my head and say, "Just wondering how well she'd do again me in an archery challenge is all.".

*Aria's POV*

I sat close to Clarisse, knowing that the other Ares children who bad mouthed me after we lost wouldn't dare mess with me. I know that Lea is hiding something and I don't think I am the only one. Oh, sorry I have to go, Clarisse and I have sparring practice.

*Mark's POV*

I was in Bunker 9 with my friends Leo and Scott (who knew a Son of Aphrodite could do things other than whatever they normally do.) when I saw a girl run my us. I shout, "Scott! Leo!". Leo jumps up banging his head on the metal things we have on the ceiling. He mouths, 'What', but I don't say anything.

Who was that girl.

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