Another Percy Jackson Fanfic


1. One

I could hear the twenty one gun salute over the pouring rain and the woman who was crying. I had to stand there and fight back the tears and the shivers from each time they fired. We did this every time a comrade, a fellow soldier died. If this is what fighting for what you believed in got you in the end, then I do not want any part of this anymore.The service was short after that, meaning I could head to my truck, and head the hell out of Dodge.

That's when my phone begins ringing, so I hit the button on my bluetooth and the only thing I hear is static. I end whatever type of call that, I don't even know what to call it. I hear someone whisper, "Run, Lea. The Minotaur is coming. It's coming for you. Hit the damn gas, LeLe.".

The only person who knew that my nick name is 'LeLe' was the guy that we just buried, my...boyfriend...Jackson. I look around, but I don't see anything. I hear the sounds of a bull after that, so I do what Jackson advised...I push the gas pedal down and my old Chevy shoots forward. 

People are screaming as I zoom by them, steadily keeping the truck on the paved road out of the cemetery to a field. In the rearview I see a half man, half bull running after my truck. I keep the gas pedal down, the truck protesting some, but not enough to change my mind. The Minotaur is right behind the truck now. This isn't typical New York life, this is just a dream, you're day dreaming Lea, I tell myself as I try to keep my eyes on the road. Everything happens to fast, so I don't see the telephone pole, BEFORE I hit it.

"Fuck." I shout after I realize what happened. The Minotaur is not very far from me now, so should I just sit here and let it kill me or what? I don't get to answer that question because I see a blonde boy with a scar on the left side of his face all the way down to his chin jumping over the ruins of a fence. He began fighting the Minotaur. I blink a few times and then "crawl" out of the truck. The Minotaur and the guy are of equal power, but the Minotaur gets the upper hand.

It picks the guy up and slings him across the field. I back away and see the guy's sword next to me. I begin to wonder how it got near me if he was thrown, but I'm interrupted by the Minotaur, making whatever sound it makes. I grip the sword, not knowing what to do, yet it just comes naturally.

I weave and dodge, a few things my time as a soldier have taught me. I barley hit the Beast and it howls out in pain, but it doesn't stop it from picking me up by my waist, readying itself to throw me. I some how manage to bring the sword up and stab the Minotaur in the arm. Again it howls out in pain and it drops me. I land perfectly on my feet, preparing for it to strike again. Unfortunately it does strike and even though I am prepared, it slings me, causing me to hit a tree and drop the sword.


Let me introduce myself. I am Lea Monica Moon, I am 16 almost 17. I love to read and I love my Wiccan heritage (Yeah, I will not go into detail about that.). My mother and I have recently moved from Louisiana. I also love Country music and I'm a dead shot with a bow and arrow, but I fair pretty well with guns as well.

Now back to the story.


I'm fighting for consciousness when I see another guy rush towards the Minotaur along with a girl. The guy from earlier, the blonde one, crawls over to me. I fight harder, watching the two others fight with unmatchable grace and swiftness. A few minutes later the Minotaur vanishes before my eyes and my world goes dark.

*Four hours later*

I wake up in what seems like an infirmary, surrounded by others that are injured. I prop myself up on my elbows and look around, yep definitely an infirmary. I hear a voice say, "Glad your awake. Chiron was worried about you.". I look to my right to see the blonde guy from earlier. I ask, "What's you name?".

"Luke, my name is Luke. What's yours?".


Luke nods his head, so I ask, "Who were those other two that were with you?". Luke says, "Their names are Percy and Annabeth. If your ready to go meet them and a few other friends of mine, I'll take you to meet them.". I nod to Luke and then I get up.  We both walk outside and I see all of this weaponry and I'm instantly in heaven. I ask Luke, "Where am I?".

"Camp Halfblood. We have some people from Camp Jupiter staying with us as well.".

"Um, what's 'Camp Halfblood' and 'Camp Jupiter'?".

"They're camps for half bloods or Demigods.".

"Half what? Demi what?".

"Demigods are the children of Greek gods and a human, but sometimes the Greek gods are in their Roman form, making some kids either a Greek Demigod, like myself or a Roman one, like my friend Jason.". I nod as I take all of this in, soaking up what I can, thinking I am absolutely crazy. That's when I hear a girl shout, "Time for the claiming ceremony! All new campers report to the bonfire area, immediately.".

"Is that Annabeth, Luke?".

"Yeah, that's Annabeth, daughter of Athena and the head of  the Athena cabin.".  I nod again. I see this beautiful bonfire that has a blue, green, red and...purple hue. There are five other new people there and they're all talking to each other. I stay with Luke, because for some reason I feel safe around him right now. A centaur, I assume it's Chiron, trots in front of the fire and says, "Welcome, Everyone. We have a few new campers with us, so let's find out who their godly parent is, shall we?".

Everyone nods and shouts, "Yes, Chiron.". The first new camper, a boy about my age, starts swatting at some dust that has begun falling around him, the dust is pink too, and the kid looks different as well. Chiron says, "Ah, a Son of Aphrodite. Welcome.". The Boy nods and says, "Thank you, Chiron.". The boy then walks over to a group of kids that shout, "Aye, Welcome Son of Aphrodite!". 

The second camper, a girl younger than me, stares at the ground, red dust falling around her and the symbol of a spear above her head. Chiron says, "Welcome, Daughter of Ares.". The girl nods, a smile stretching from ear to ear as she joins the other children of Ares.  The next two, a boy and a girl, twins I presume, step forward, surrounded by golden light and a music note. Chiron smiles again and says, "Children of Apollo, welcome.".

The boy and girl walk towards the Apollo people. Another boy walks over with orange glitter and a symbol that has to do with blacksmiths. Once more Chiron says, "Welcome, Son of Hephaestus.". The guy nods and walks over to the other Hephaestus children. That's when everybody backs away from me. I ask, "What?". The one Luke called Percy walks over to me his sword drawn. 

Instinct takes over and I grab a fallen tree branch from the wood pile. I shout,"Adversum me in mortem!". Percy looks at me confused so I swing the branch, thinking he better understood brute force. Percy swipes at the branch breaking it in two. I jump back, just barely enough so Percy can't put a scratch on me. One of the Ares people toss me a sword of this weird brown and silver metal.

I barely whisper, "Soul Stealer.". Luke's head snaps towards me, his blue eyes staring into mine. I charge at Percy ready to strike. Luke and Chiron shout, "Enough, Daughter of Hades!". I stop in my tracks, giving Percy the opportunity  to upper cut me, knocking me back a few feet. The sword I had skitters away. I crawl over to it, only to watch Luke kick it away. 

I jump over Percy, sail past Annabeth and dive for the sword. I grasp the hilt, gripping it with all of my might. I shout to Percy again, "Adversum me in mortem!". A boy with shaggy dirty blonde hair says, "She just challenged you to a fight to the death, Percy.". Oh great, this kid speaks latin! I charge at Percy again, but Luke intercepts me, our swords clashing.

"Back off, Luke!".

"Calm down, Lea.". I get really pissed and shove Luke out of the way, knocking him to the ground. Two girls, Percy, the kid that knows latin, a boy dressed in all black, a girl dressed in armor and Luke surround me. The boy in black says, "Easy. We won't hurt you.". I see Jackson to my left sneaking up behind Luke, poised to kill him. I charge at Luke, jump over him and tackle Jackson. 

Jackson and I wrestle on the ground, but to everyone else it looks like I'm wrestling no one. I shout, "Dejar.". Jackson looks at me, a grime look on his face, then disappears. I stand, brushing myself off, watching all of the people staring at me. I say, "What.". They look at me as the boy in black looks at me.

"Are you sure she's a Child of Hades?".

"Yes, Nico. Your father's symbol was above her head."(Chiron).

"She fight's like a Child of Ares."(Percy).

"I wonder who trained her."(Luke).

I beganto feel light headed, either sensing Jackson again, or I'm really sick. I fall to my knees, throwing my hands out in front of me. Luke is by my side along with Nico. Luke asks, "What's wrong with her?". Nico says, "She fought a ghost, which she shouldn't. Worse than that, she fought a friend. It's tearing her apart, not literally.".

Luke nods and then picks me up bridal style, carrying me off to this farm house. My world goes dark after that. So, though I maybe be unconscious, I ask myself; what the hell have I gotten myself into?

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