Another Percy Jackson Fanfic


4. Four

*Lea's POV*

I ran off after trying to introduce myself at the game, but I couldn't. I heard two others in the woods, one begging for mercy. I raced in the direction of the screaming, towards the river. I see a set of twins, a boy in a camo shirt and a tan pair of cargo shorts and a girl in a blue tank top and pink shorts. The boy has the girl slung over his shoudler threatening to dump her in the river.

Out of no where vine wraps itself around the boy's left leg, causing him to trip. The girl lands on her feet, smiling at the boy. I shake my head, walking backwards and causing a branch to snap. They both look at me, or atleast in my direction. The girl begins walking over towards me, coaxing me from my hiding place.

"Come out, please. My brother and I won't hurt you.".

I step from the bushes, watching them as they watch me. The boy is trying to get the vine off of his leg shouting to the girl he won't try that again. I watch the girl smile again, snapping her fingers. The boy begins scratching at his leg, muttering under his breath.

"Lianna, I'm going to have poison oak for a week.".

"Logan, quit your whining.".

Lianna and Logan, they're two of the nicest people, other than Luke that I've met. I hang with them for a while. I learn that their mother is Demeter, which is kinda cool. I'm still hanging out with them when I hear the faint laughing of two guys.

"That's a funny joke, Nico.".

"Not as funny as yours, Daniel.".

The second boy, Daniel is dressed in a black AC/DC  shirt with the sleeves rolled up, some jeans with rips in them, a pair of black sandals on his feet and a lot of wrist bands on each wrist.

"Hey, Logan and Lianna.".

"Hey, Nico, Daniel.".

"This is Lea, she's a daughter of Hades.".

 Daniel stares at me in awe and Nico stares off into space, trying not to look suspicious about already knowing me. I look behind Daniel, watching Jackson's ghost again. 

"Daniel, Nico, on your six!" I shout as I throw a stone at the ghost. In one swift move both Daniel and Nico are beside me.

"You see this, Nico.".

"Yeah, Daniel." to me he whispers, "What has him so ticked off, Lea?".

Daniel and I both shout, "Adversum me in mortem, Jackson.". I look at Daniel, a surprised look on his face.

"Enough, Jackson, leave us.", an unfamiliar female voice says. The five of us watch as a girl in a white dress, with gothic style make up and long black hair, stroll towards the ghost. Jackson hisses at her, but leaves.

"Now, Daniel, Lianna, Logan, Nico, who's the new Hades child.".

"Angel, Lea. Lea, Angel.".

"You're a goddess!" I blurt out. Angel looks at me, a smile on her face.

"Yes, Lea. I am a goddess. You've met the other one here at camp.".

I nod, taking all of this in. Goddesses,  Demigods? This is a lot to take in. I shake my head and continue chatting with my new friends. All is good until Luke comes running up, a worried look on his face.

"The camp is holding a meeting right now, Chiron says that the four that are related to Hades, definitely need to be there.".

I'm pretty sure Nico, Daniel and Angel make gulping sounds. Whatever this is, I know it's not anything good.

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