Another Percy Jackson Fanfic


5. Five

Daniel, Nico, Angel and I walk silently towards the main area. I hear the faint whisper of different voices, possibly warning me. I sense fear in the other campers as we stop and I see another bonfire roaring. I drop to one knee, causing some of the campers to scream. Daniel and Nico look at me. I watch the two new Aphrodite guys, Scott and Matt walking towards the group, then I stand up.

"Late as usual.".

"Forgive me, Castellan, if my brother and I hadn't helped Leo and Mark with the A/C certain things wouldn't stay cool.".

Luke's face becomes red. 

"I have an Xbox that constantly over heats okay?".

"Scott, when do you think we can get that fixed for him."

"Once he beats us in Call of Duty.".

Chiron stomps one of his hooves, making everybody become silent, which I guess almost never happens.

"I know none of you know why I called you here, but I assure you it's nothing to urgent.".

"Aye, Chiron, " everyone shouts.

I kneel again, trying to show honor. Daniel and Nico follow me in kneeling as well, while Angel gives Chiron a curt nod. I sense there is another person here, one who wishes not to be seen. Not by people at least.

"A Huntress of Artemis inbound twenty clicks," I say aloud to no one in particular. All but the Ares' members look at me funny. Aria, the new Ares member says, "She said, 'A Huntress of Artemis inbound twenty cllicks,' it means, 'Huntress of Artemis is coming from twenty kilometers away or 12.43 miles away.".

Without taking my eyes off of the ground I tell Aria thank you. A few moments later, the Huntress of Artemis is standing beside me in  tight leather clothing, worn combat boots and her hair in a messy bun.

I hear murmurs of worriedness and concern, like 'What is a Huntress doing here?'. I know I must keep kneeling, showing respect to Chiron and the other heads of the camp, but I stand..


The Huntress is surprised by my niceness, or maybe she's surprised the a quiet person like me spoke up.

"He-he-hello, may I ask who you are?".

"I am Lea, may I know your name, Huntress?".

"My name is Caitlin, but most people call me Rebel.".

I nod, easily carrying on a conversation with Rebel. Everyone around me stares at me in awe or they're wondering what the hell I'm doing. Not even five feet on my right I hear branches breaking. I begin smiling again. 

"Hello, Rach.".

"Yes, Chiron.".

Everyone gasps as a girl comes out of the trees behind me.

"She almost never comes out of the woods! I wonder what has happened?" Everyone was murmuring about this girl. I turn around, facing this new girl. She's wearing a Fall Out Boy t-shirt, a pair of black denim shorts and a pair of red converse shoes. She also has different rubber band bracelets up and down each wrist and she has dark black hair that's almost blue and icy blue eyes like Darry from the Outsiders.

"Rachel, this is Lea. Lea, Rachel," Chiron says, then he adds, "We also have an oracle named Rachel so that's why we call her Rach.".

I nod, holding out my right hand for Rach to shake. 

"So, we have four children of Hades, five children of Posideon, three children of Athena, two children of Hephaestus and two of Aphrodite and Demeter and Apollo. We also have three children of Zeus, two children of Ares and a Son of Hermes. That seems like a likely force to be reckoned with," I say, surveying around, picking out people for whatever Chiron has planned. 

"Lea, call out the names so that they know you picked them," Angel says, as she walks over and stands on my left.

"Percy, Chason, Rachel, Leuconoe, Daniel, Nico, Angel, Lea, Aria, Clarisse, Matt, Mark, Scott, Leo, Keegan, Jalauna, Logan, Lianna, Montana, Annabeth, Rebel, Luke, Thalia, Jason and Alice. Oh and Tyson.".

"Twenty six people, do you think you can handle it, Lea," Chiron asks.

"Yes, sir. I've commanded more than that before. I had a company that had over 70 soldiers in it.".

Chiron nods, then he asks Percy and Annabeth to take me and one other up to the oracle. 

Percy asks, "So, who's it going to be, Lea. Who's going to be to other one that we bring along?".

"Luke. You don't mind do you?".

"Nope, let's go and get the prophecy.".

Before we turn to leave I tell Aria and Clarisse, "Keep everyone else here.", that was until I saw a girl in a purple and blue sundress step off of the porch and begin walking towards

"Hello, Rachel," Percy says, bowing to her. The other Rachel, smiles, nodding her head to everyone here.

"I have come with a prophecy, will the twenty six going on the quest come forward.". The other twenty two people that I called for my team walk over and stand behinds us.

"What is the prophecy, Oracle," Chiron asks.

"Children of the wise ones, hear the sirens’ call 
For only you can grow to be the saviors of us all. 

Daughters of death, forge, and sea
Sons of hunt and fight,
Combine your hidden strengths, 
And find what you can be. 

Rough seas ahead, you must stand tall 
For light to triumph and darkness fall. ".

I nod to the Oracle, the prophecy replaying in my head.

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