You. Me. And all the. Inbetweens

Just about a guy and how all the heart break is.


3. from stranger to friends to more than friends to strangers again.

Here's how it started out. We were buddies the best of em. It all started that day. The day i finally got a hug.

Your hugs. The hugs i lived for. We went to being amazing friends to being a great couple and yeah for a while it stayed that way.

We were so close I could tell you anything. You could talk to me about anything.

We were there for each other. We loved each other.

Then came the day when all of it went wrong. You left me. You left me all alone. In this cold cruel world.

Thats when we became strangers again. We became strangers farther from friends than anyone.

We don't talk don't laugh with each other and can't miss each other without the other flipping shit.

Strangers with memories thats all we really are now. Your dating my best friend and I don't want to and won't forgive her for that. No not ever.

And I won't or I'll try not to forgive you for it either.

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