You. Me. And all the. Inbetweens

Just about a guy and how all the heart break is.


1. you. me.

Did those words. Those promises. Mean nothing to you?

Did I mean nothing to you? Now all I have is Me. Mylself. And I.

Not you. We. Us. No togetherness at all I'm me and you're you. We aren't us anymore. We aren't a pair. Not two of a kind.

I'm just me and your just you.

Your still perfect to me. Just to let you know. Your still the best and worst person i ever met.

You. You. The person I look for in everyone.

Me. Me. The person you avoid in everyone.

Crazy. The word you implied when you said I needed help.

Crazy girl. Crazy life. Crazy times. Crazy highs. Crazy lows. Crazy. Crazy people.

You. Me. There is so much in-between us. The words. Me. You. They have space between. We don't fit. We don't mix. We don't smile. Don't laugh. Not with each other.

Me. You. Us. It's not the same. Not anymore. No never will be. We aren't the same. I'm not the same. You're not the same. No one. Nothing. Is the same. Not anymore.

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