Silver Bow

I open the door and see a teenage boy with messy black hair and black eyes.

"Uh...Can I help you?" I ask.

"Can I come in?" he asks, playing with a silver skull ring on his right middle finger. "My name's Nico di Angelo."


When fifteen year old Celeste Arya is introduced to the world of Greek mythology by a strange boy with black eyes, her life is completely switched around. What happens when she finds out she was never meant to be born? Will Celeste live until her sixteenth birthday or will she die saving her mother's skin?


7. Trip to Olympus

"You don't look much like Artemis," Annabeth muses as I shoot arrows at a target. What is she even doing here?


"She does, actually," Percy points out. "A little, at least. She has Artemis's skin, and she definitely has her cold, silver eyes."


"Gee, thanks," I mutter sarcastically. "Can you leave now? I'd rather not be criticized for who my mother is, thank you very much."


I nock another arrow, this time splitting the arrow I had shot only seconds earlier into the bullseye. I pull a throwing dagger out of the magical belt of throwing knives and throwing daggers I asked Mom for and throw that as well, splitting the second arrow. I guess precision and accuracy are talents I get from my mother.


A cool breeze blows through camp. It's already almost the second week of May, and I guess the summer campers will be here in about a month. Chiron already told me that I won't be able to return home for the school year. Apparently, since I now know I'm a demigod, it would be way too dangerous for me to live out there year-round. Mostly because I'm Artemis's daughter and I guess Mom has a ton of enemies. I mean, Zeus has her hunt and kill the most dangerous monsters, so it makes sense why they all hate her. Because I'm her kid, they hate me by association.


The horn blows for lunch, so I go over to the target and pull my dagger and arrows out. They fade away at my touch, since they're magically replenished. I don't need to keep used arrows or blades. I have lots of weapons, I realize. But my favorites by far are the dagger and sword Nico gave me. On my way up the hill to the pavilion, I see Nico trudging along. He wears his aviator jacket and skinny jeans, but has added a black beanie since I last saw him.


"Hey," I say, going up to him. A smile crosses his face when he sees me and he playfully tugs at the end of my braid.


"How do you like your cabin?" he asks, truly smiling. Why do I get the feeling that I'm one of the few people he lets see this side of him?


"It's lonely," I sigh. "I like your cabin better."


"You're welcome anytime," he promises, casually throwing his arm around my shoulders. This earns him a shocked look from the 'famous' Seven. He sees my questioning look and shrugs. "I'm not one for showing affection to anyone but my little sister. And, well, you."


"Ah," I nod in understanding, unable to stop myself from snuggling into his side. He's warm and I feel safe with him, despite him being the son of the Lord of the Dead.


However, when we get in line for our food, we are forced to go our separate ways. I pick out a French baguette, a Greek salad, and a pomegranate. I throw half of the fruit into the fire for Hades, as well as a third of the salad for Artemis. I sit alone at my table, quickly and quietly eating. Everybody seems to stare at me and I have no idea why until Chiron calls me to the Big House after lunch.




"Celeste, Zeus has been informed of your existence," Chiron says, clearly trying to stay calm. "He is extremely angry and wishes to have an audience with you in the Hall of the Gods. All Olympians, including Hades, will be present. You are to arrive within the hour."


"Doesn't Zeus want to kill me?" I ask, raising my eyebrows.


"He has included that you are permitted to bring one guest with you," Chiron continues, ignoring my question. "I suggest you move quickly. Argus will drive you and your guest to the Empire State Building. Unless you do not require his services, that is."


I nod and run quickly to my cabin, rapidly changing into one of the white shirts and pairs of jeans Mom provided for me. I slip on the plain silver jacket and lace up the black combat boots before sliding my quiver over my back. I do the same to my bow, but it just disappears. Chiron had told me that my bow and hunting knives disappear and will reappear whenever I need them. I find that extremely convenient. I grab the sword Nico gave me and slip it in the sword belt, letting it hang from my waist.


"Nico!" I exclaim, pounding on his cabin door after I couldn't find him at the dining pavilion.


"Yeah?" he replies, appearing behind me.


"Zeus wants to talk to me in Olympus. He said I can bring one person. Want to come?" I ask, my voice rushed.


"Sure," he agrees. "Come on, I'll shadow travel us there."


Ten nauseating seconds later, we're standing just outside the throne room. I take several minutes to catch my breath, while Nico watches, clearly amused. When I get my breath back and I decide I won't end up spewing my lunch all over the gods, we go in.



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