Silver Bow

I open the door and see a teenage boy with messy black hair and black eyes.

"Uh...Can I help you?" I ask.

"Can I come in?" he asks, playing with a silver skull ring on his right middle finger. "My name's Nico di Angelo."


When fifteen year old Celeste Arya is introduced to the world of Greek mythology by a strange boy with black eyes, her life is completely switched around. What happens when she finds out she was never meant to be born? Will Celeste live until her sixteenth birthday or will she die saving her mother's skin?


5. Claimed

"What should we do today?" I ask, pulling a sweater over my tank top.


"Train?" Nico shrugs, pulling a shirt on over his muscled torso. I gulp as I watch the muscles in his back flex and I quickly look away.


"Right," I laugh nervously. "Yeah. Train. Only train."


"You okay, Cel?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.


Oh my gods, he's so freaking hot.


"Of course," I say, almost too quickly. "Let's go get breakfast."


I shoulder my bow and quiver, then follow Nico out the door. We wait in line in the dining hall, when suddenly, a loud howl fills my ears. A flash of gray and white, then a weight tackling me to the ground.


A wolf? For some inhuman reason, I'm not terrified. I'm not even scared.


"Hi," I say calmly, letting instinct take over. The wolf looks as if he's smiling before he licks my face. I laugh, petting him on the sides of his head. He nudges my hand, so I scratch behind his ears.


Hello, my lady, the wolf says, his voice echoing in my mind. I am Hakon.


Wait...are you really talking to me? I ask mentally, my eyes going wide.


As far as I know, I am, he replies.


Well okay then.


"This isn't good," Annabeth, a girl I met a few hours into my first day here, says worriedly. "Percy, this really isn't good."


"Hail Celeste," Chiron says, kneeling. Everybody quickly follows. "Daughter of Artemis."


"Artemis?" I ask, my eyes drifting up to the holographic silver stag that hovers above my head. "Isn't she supposed to not have kids?"


"That was the plan," Will, the head counselor of the Apollo cabin, nods. However, he has a bright smile on his face, showing off his perfectly white teeth.


"So...I'm not supposed to exist," I conclude. Suddenly, being claimed doesn't feel so great.


"That would be correct, I'm afraid," Chiron replies, a sympathetic and worried look crossing his face. "I fear Zeus will not take this lightly."


Lovely, I think. How absolutely, undeniably wonderful.


She might as well be saying, "Hey Celeste! It's me, Artemis. I'm your mom, but now you're kind of in a huge load of trouble with Grandpa. Sound good?"


"Hey," Nico suddenly says, laying his hand on my shoulder. "If it helps, Dad will let you come live with him and I in his palace. Y'know...If things take a turn for the worst."


"Thanks," I say genuinely, mustering up a small smile. To Chiron, "Does this mean I have to move out of Cabin Thirteen?"


"Afraid so," he confirms, making me sigh. I really loved it in there. "Lady Artemis would not be pleased if her only child -a daughter, no less- decided not to stay in her temple."


"Figures," I shrug, not bothering to argue. I know there's no way out of it. Besides, maybe Artemis is a good mom. I pull out my dagger. "Well, I guess I can go there now. After I pick up my backpack."


"No need," Nico says, handing me the bag. He must've shadow travelled. He looks almost sad to see me go.


Everybody watches as I walk down the hill and toward the cabins. I feel their eyes burning a hole in my back. But as I approach the unused Cabin Eight, the cabin that was never meant to house anyone but maybe Mom's Hunters, I have never felt more alone.


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