Silver Bow

I open the door and see a teenage boy with messy black hair and black eyes.

"Uh...Can I help you?" I ask.

"Can I come in?" he asks, playing with a silver skull ring on his right middle finger. "My name's Nico di Angelo."


When fifteen year old Celeste Arya is introduced to the world of Greek mythology by a strange boy with black eyes, her life is completely switched around. What happens when she finds out she was never meant to be born? Will Celeste live until her sixteenth birthday or will she die saving her mother's skin?


6. Cabin Eight

When I look at Cabin Eight, I feel the kind of lonely, yet satisfying peace you can normally feel only as you stroll through the woods. A silver aura surrounds the silver building, appearing as if the structure radiates moonlight. Tentatively, I step inside. Instantly, exhilaration and adrenaline fill me. It's as if I'm hunting, my blood quickening, my mind wide-awake and on high-alert.


I love it.


The walls are painted with scenes of some of Artemis's most famous hunts, as well as forestry and wild animals. The floors are of silver carpet, and I see twelve built-in beds along the wall to my left. They are in sets of four, meaning six beds on the top row, six on the bottom. The beds are made with white bedding, save for the soft silver blankets. At the foot of each of the beds, there's a silver trunk. I go up to the first bed on the top left and claim it. I open the trunk to find two hunting knives, each as long as my forearm. I smile slightly, opening my backpack. I begin to unpack, placing in the few stacks of clothes I managed to grab before I left my house, as well as the money and my few possessions. I gently place the dagger and sword Nico gave me at the very top of the pile, as well as Bianca's bow and quiver.


"I'm guessing I'll be going on a quest soon enough," I say quietly. This cabin is so eerily quiet. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Suddenly, a breeze fills the room as a paper materializes on the bed.


My daughter, it reads, should you ever need anything, simply ask. I will provide.


"In that case...Hey Mom? Can you please get me some pajamas?"


In seconds, a plain, short-sleeved, white nightgown and a pair of silver leggings materializes on the bed.


"Thanks," I say to the ceiling, then quickly change into the clothes that somehow fit me perfectly. I smile and change out of them and back into my old clothes.


I go through what clothes I had packed. Nothing really suitable for a quest, I realize. A few pairs of denim shorts, my archery camp t-shirt, some underwear and socks, and a couple tank tops. All fine for around camp or going into town, but not for fighting deadly monsters from Greek mythology. I sigh.


"Um...Also, maybe you could help me get some new clothes? Please?"


In an instant, there are stacks of white t-shirts, silvery camouflage pants, pairs of dark-washed and medium-washed jeans in different styles, a silver jacket, a silver ski jacket, and a pair of black combat boots. It occurs to me that these must be the kinds of clothes her hunters wear. I thank Artemis, then place the stacks in the trunk. I leave only my journal and pens in my backpack, opting to store my band bracelets and makeup in with my clothes.


In the center of the ceiling is a skylight, where sunlight streams in. Soon, moonlight will replace it.

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