Jessica. *Completed*

You've heard about Elsa and Anna, but what about their older sister?
Jessica (19), Elsa (18), and Anna (16), the Three Musketeers, are 'sisters.' Coronation Day came around, and everything changed. Jessica met Niall Horan, and they both fell in love. Eleanor got in the way, making drama occur in their lives.
Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ronald Weasly, are the best friends of Jessica Jay Arendelle. Jess has never told anyone about her secret friends. Jessica Jay's life...
Wasn't a normal fairytale. It was anything but the ordinary.

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25. Wedding Plans

Chapter 25-Wedding Plans

{Jess's POV}
I hug El, Soph, and Pez, squealing with delight. "What about your wedding!" El shouts, jumping up and down. I groan and fall into the couch behind me. I put my head in my hands and an idea pops into my head.

"We can have a wedding here! I've seen some French weddings and they look so amazingly pretty and beautiful and elegant and-" "Jess! We get it!" Pez giggles. Pez is short for Perrie, if you didn't know. I blush and suddenly scream out, "OH MY GOSH! PEZ!!! WE CAN BOTH HAVE A WEDDING AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!"

Pez and I jump around, but I stop because my stomach hurts. "Argh!" I shout in pain, "I can't jump or move like I used to..." I fake cry and cling onto Harry. "How's it going?" I say with a creeper face. He rolls his eyes and laughs deeply. I give him a kiss on the cheek and walk over to the girls.

"Should we start with the wedding plans now?" I ask. "Yeah, we should. ZAYN, NIALL! WEDDING PLANS!!!" Pez shouts, walking over to the table. She sits on the floor, with criss-crossed legs. "I have the papers." She states, waving them around.

* * * * *

"Ow! Stop, that hurts!" I groan in pain.

"Am I hurting you!?" Niall asks in a concerned voice.

"Yes, take the shoe off my foot, please!" I squeak. What did you think we were doing, you dirty people!

I get up and rub my aching feet. Pez and I had the bright idea to go shoe shopping and dress shopping. So far, none of the shoes I actually liked fit me. It wasn't fair! "Niall, do I have to wear a white wedding dress?" I ask, eyeing a pair of cherry-red high heels. "No, why?" He asks. I walk over and pick up my size.

"These are adorable!" I shout, admiring the heels on my feet. "They don't even hurt!" I squeal, getting up and walking over to El. "El! I need a black and cherry-red dress. Let's go find one." I say, smiling an ear-to-ear grin.

We walk over to the wedding dresses and I see the perfect one. It was white, with black and red swirls. The breast area was in a heart shape and the back was like a corset. The top was tight and the bottom fluffed out. I pick it up and look at El. She nods and we walk back to the 'gang'.

I go into the fitting rooms and lock my door. I slip off my clothes and gently slid the dress on. I look into the mirror and see pure elegance and beauty. I slid on the heels, again, and open my door quietly. I walk out and smile.

"El, tie me up, will you?" I ask kindly. She nods and ties it really tight. "You look... gorgeous!" Pez exclaims, getting teary-eyed. "Don't cry, please." I beg her, giving a little giggle, and wiping my eyes. "Now I'm crying!" I laugh. Pez walks into her fitting room, closing, and locking the door.

Niall walks over to us, stopping dead in his tracks. "You look alluring. You almost look like you're glowing." He whispers, giving me a tight hug. I smile and hug him back. Pez steps out of her fitting room and I gasp. Her dress was a light blue, black, and white.

The main color was white, but the black and blue were in polka dots all over. The dress had tulle on the bottom section, making the it look bigger; like an illusion. The upper part was white, sprinkled with sequins, sparkles, and rhinestones. Her shoes were white with sparkles. She literally took everyone's breath away.

Zayn instantly engulfed her in a hug, wrapping his arms around her tiny torso. He whispers something in her ear, making her smile widely. She rubs her stomach and my breathing literally stops. "Pez! You're pregnant!" I scream, hugging her tightly, but not too tightly.

She nods and I start bawling my eyes out. "I'm gonna be an auntie and a mom!" I sob, walking over and hugging El. We both sob together and she looks at Soph. "Come and join the hug!" She wails. Soph runs over and cries with us. Pez walks over and joins the crying group.

"We are gonna be the best family ever." I whisper, hugging the girls.

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