Jessica. *Completed*

You've heard about Elsa and Anna, but what about their older sister?
Jessica (19), Elsa (18), and Anna (16), the Three Musketeers, are 'sisters.' Coronation Day came around, and everything changed. Jessica met Niall Horan, and they both fell in love. Eleanor got in the way, making drama occur in their lives.
Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ronald Weasly, are the best friends of Jessica Jay Arendelle. Jess has never told anyone about her secret friends. Jessica Jay's life...
Wasn't a normal fairytale. It was anything but the ordinary.

Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved


11. I Knew It

Chapter 11-I Knew It

{Jess' POV}

I walked to Niall's room, where I saw him playing on his phone. I lied down, so I could see his phone's screen, "What ya doin'?" I saw that he was texting Eleanor. My heart shattered multiple times. "Texting El." He replied. "You're too lazy to talk to her?" I asked. "No, Louis and you would get mad at what we were doing together." Niall smiled, then slapped his hand over his mouth, "Wasn't suppose to say that!" I sat there, shocked.

"W- what?" I asked with my voice cracking. "I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere with you, so El and I devised a plan. We were going to have sex and date behind your and Louis' backs." He said. I slapped him, grabbing his phone. I ran into my room, locking the door. I slid down, putting my back to the door, and opened Niall's phone to their text messages. I scrolled to the top-

E=Eleanor    N=Niall

N- Hey babe x

E- Heyy, we should totes go to my house and do it ;)

N- Since Jess is in the hospital, let's go x

E- Cya l8r at my house ;) 8:00 good?

N- Yes, gtg. Luv u xoxo

E- Luv u 2 xx

I stopped reading, grabbing my phone, to text LouBear.

J=Jess   L=Lou

J- Meet in the garden right now.

L- I need to talk to you, too.

J- Be down in a sec

L- Yup

I ran down the stairs, almost tripping. I slid Niall's phone into my pocket, with my phone in my hand. I ran into the garden, meeting Louis running into the garden, too. We both breathed before I started speaking, "Eleanor and Niall are dating behind our backs. Niall said, 'No, Louis and you would get mad at what we were doing together.' So, I slapped him, took his phone, ran onto my room, and read the texts." I showed LouBear the phone. His eyes started tearing up.

I went over to Louis and rubbed his back. I heard a 'click.' I turned around seeing paparazzi. "Please go away. Louis and I need to talk alone. AND! DON'T YOU DARE SAY WE'RE DATING, BECAUSE WE AREN'T!" I screamed the last part. They surprisingly left. "They'll be back in no time." Louis managed to mumble.

We walked inside, ignoring Niall and Eleanor making out on the living room coffee table. I stopped, looked at Niall, handed him his phone, and pushed both of them off of the table. "Get out of this castle, both of you. Queen's orders." I said angrily. I walked back to LouBear, getting ready to cry. I heard the fire noise again, but put a shield in front of Louis and I. Louis glanced over at me.

He sensed I was going to cry. I clung onto Louis. I buried my head into the crook of his neck and started flat out wailing. It wasn't a pretty sight. The rest of the boys came down. They ran over, asking what's wrong. Louis told them because I was unable to speak. They all embraced me in a hot hug. I looked at my ice shield and saw it was melting. I used all of the power I had left in me to make a giant shield, protecting us.

I fell to the ground, too weak to stand. My eyelids were heavy. I crawled to Louis, and blacked out.

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