Jessica. *Completed*

You've heard about Elsa and Anna, but what about their older sister?
Jessica (19), Elsa (18), and Anna (16), the Three Musketeers, are 'sisters.' Coronation Day came around, and everything changed. Jessica met Niall Horan, and they both fell in love. Eleanor got in the way, making drama occur in their lives.
Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ronald Weasly, are the best friends of Jessica Jay Arendelle. Jess has never told anyone about her secret friends. Jessica Jay's life...
Wasn't a normal fairytale. It was anything but the ordinary.

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2. Coronation Day (Part 1)

Chapter 2-Coronation Day (Part 1)

{Elsa's POV}

Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show. Today was Coronation Day. Jess didn't know it, but her and I were going to be queens. I felt bad... I would see Anna for the first time in forever. I shut everyone I love out. I couldn't contol my powers! All of a sudden ice came from my hand. It was red, for fear. "No..." I mumbled. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't pick up the Orb and Scepter of Arendelle without gloves! I would freeze them! I put on my dress and did my hair. I started singing quietly.

{Anna's POV}

I woke up to someone knocking on my door. I yawned, "Huh? Yeah?" "Sorry to wake you-" I cut him off, while yawning, "No no no, I've been up for hours..." I shut my eyes. "Princess Anna?" "Who is it?" I replied. "Still me, Ma'am. The gates will open soon. Time to get ready." "Of course! Ready for what?" I asked. I heard a sigh, "Your sister's Coronation, Ma'am." Then he walked off. "My sister's Coronation..." I opened my eyes and I saw my dress, "Coronation Day!"

I quickly got dressed, and ran out. I talked to anyone who passed by. I felt like singing!

"The window's open, so's that door,

I didn't know they did that anymore,

Who knew we owned eight thousand salad plates!

For years, I've roamed these empty halls,

Why have a ballroom with no balls?

Finally they're opening up the gates,

There'll be actual real live people,

It'll be totally strange,

But wow, am I so ready for this change!

'Cause for the first time in forever,

There'll be music, there'll be light!

For the first time in forever,

I'll be dancing through the night!

Don't know if I'm elated or gassy,

But I'm somewhere in that zone!

But for the first time in forever,

I won't be alone!

I can't wait to meet everyone! What if I meet, the one?

Tonight, imagine me, gown and all,

Fetchingly draped against the wall,

The picture of sophisticated grace!

I suddenly see him standing there,

A beautiful stranger, tall and fair,

I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face!

But then we laugh and talk all evening,

Which is totally bizzare,

Nothing like the life I've lead so far!

For the first time in forever,

There'll be magic, there'll be fun!

For the first time in forever,

I could be noticed by someone!

And I know it's totally crazy,

To dream I'd find romance!

But for the first time in forever,

At least I've got a chance!"

I took a moment to catch my breath. I heard someone else singing,

"Don't let them in,

Don't let them see,

Be the good girl you always have to be.


Don't feel,

Put on a show.

Make one wrong move,

And everyone will know...

But it's only for today (it's only for today),

It's agony to wait (it's agony to wait),

Tell the guards to open up,

The gate (the gate)!"

Elsa and I sounded good singing together, but I wanted to sing even more!

"For the first time in forever,

I'm getting what I'm dreaming of!

A chance to change my lonely world,

A chance to find true love!

I know it all ends tomorrow,

So it has to be today!

'Cause for the first time in forever,

For the first time in forever,

Nothing's in my way!"

I spoke too soon. A horse hit me and knocked me into a boat. I screamed a little bit. It was a man named Hans, who helped me up. We talked and he apologized once more, then we went our ways. I found my true love!








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