Jessica. *Completed*

You've heard about Elsa and Anna, but what about their older sister?
Jessica (19), Elsa (18), and Anna (16), the Three Musketeers, are 'sisters.' Coronation Day came around, and everything changed. Jessica met Niall Horan, and they both fell in love. Eleanor got in the way, making drama occur in their lives.
Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ronald Weasly, are the best friends of Jessica Jay Arendelle. Jess has never told anyone about her secret friends. Jessica Jay's life...
Wasn't a normal fairytale. It was anything but the ordinary.

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13. Brother and Sister!

Chapter 13-Brother and Sister!

{Jess' POV}

We were waiting in the waiting room. I was holding LouBear's hand. I really wanted us to be siblings. But, I was wondering who my mom was, or better yet, who Louis' mom was. They called us into the room, and motioned for us to sit down. "I'm guessing you two want a blood sample to see if you're related. Good thing we already have the answers in your files." Said Ms. Wesure. Her last name is pronounced, 'We sure.'

{Louis' POV}

We nodded our heads, with her smiling. We looked at each other, happily as if saying, "Hope." Ms. Wesure looked at the files, finding both of ours, "Jess, you were adopted by Idun (mother) and Agdar (father) Arendelle. Johannah Tomlinson is your real mother, only giving you away because of your powers of ice, snow, and water." Jess looked happy to know that we were brother and sister. "Jess, your real birthday is December 23, 1994. And, Louis, your birth name is Louis Troy Austin, but since your parents split, you take on your stepfather's name, Louis William Tomlinson." Ms. Wesure said. I was shocked to know that. I just kept smiling.

Jess and I walked out of the doctors, and to her motorcycle. "We could've been twins!" Jess said, breaking the bone chilling silence. I smiled, looking over to Jess, "Ew, we kissed, not knowing we were brother and sister." She laughed. So she was born in Doncaster. "We need to go visit our mom in Doncaster." I said suddenly. She stopped laughing, "Louis, mum got rid of me. I am positive she doesn't want to see me."

{Jess' POV}

We got home, and went up to my room. "Hey, LouBear, do you wanna watch Misfits or One Tree Hill?" I asked. "ONE TREE HILL!" Louis screamed in my ear. "Ow!" I faked cried. "Oh no, I'm sorry! Did I make you cry?" He said in a baby voice. I started cracking up.

We watched One Tree Hill all night. Well technically we didn't. We fell asleep, while watching One Tree Hill.

The Next Morning

I woke up, getting up to head to the shower. I turned on the water to hot, and stepped in. The hot water relaxed me. I washed my body and shaved my legs and under my arm. I massaged the shampoo and conditioner through my hair, so I smelled like strawberries.

I got out of the shower, and started drying off. I wrapped the towel around my body, and walked out into my room. Louis was watching One Tree Hill. I went into my walk in closet, getting a purple suitcase. I threw on a 5SOS 'She Looks So Perfect' t-shirt and a pair of gray sweats. I put on my white TOMS. I threw jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, and shorts into my suitcase. I grabbed another blue suitcase and put shoes into it. I grabbed my makeup bag and threw it into my suitcase with all the clothes.

I walked out with my 2 suitcases, setting them by the door. I walked into the bathroom, getting my toothbrush and toothpaste. I brushed my teeth, blow dried my hair, and then brushed out my hair. It was wavy today.

Louis was waiting in the hall with 2 suitcases, too. I grabbed my purse, phone, sunglasses, and bill-fold. I put everything into my purse. Louis and I walked down the stairs, telling everyone we were going to go to Doncaster and that we were brother and sister. We walked out of the house, and called a taxi.

I got into the taxi, and called mum.

J=Jess    JO=Johannah

J-Mum? It's me, Jess. I found out last night that you were my real mum. Don't worry, I'm not mad.

JO=Oh my! (cries on the other end) Jess! I never thought I would hear from you, again! I knew you would have a better life with the King and Queen!

J=We are flying over to Doncaster. See you then! Bye, love ya!

JO=Bye, love ya, too!

End of phone call

We were at the airport, buying our tickets. Our flight would be here in 5 minutes. I sat down on my suitcases, preparing myself to see my real mum.

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