Jessica. *Completed*

You've heard about Elsa and Anna, but what about their older sister?
Jessica (19), Elsa (18), and Anna (16), the Three Musketeers, are 'sisters.' Coronation Day came around, and everything changed. Jessica met Niall Horan, and they both fell in love. Eleanor got in the way, making drama occur in their lives.
Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ronald Weasly, are the best friends of Jessica Jay Arendelle. Jess has never told anyone about her secret friends. Jessica Jay's life...
Wasn't a normal fairytale. It was anything but the ordinary.

Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved


5. Anna & Kristoff

Chapter 5-Anna & Kristoff

{Kristoff's POV}

I went to go find Jess, only because I knew she would go and try to find Elsa. I went to Wandering Oaken's Trading Post. I needed to buy a new pickaxe, some rope, and carrots for Sven and me. I walked in, looking like a mess. I probably looked really scary because of the snow all over my face and body. "You-Hoo, big summer blow-out!" Said a Swedish guy. I looked over and saw Princess Anna, too. I went to the Winter Department and got what I needed. "Carrots..." I said to Anna. "Huh?" She said. "Behind you." I sighed. She kept blabbering. Then the Swedish guy said something, I didn't hear him all the way, but I did hear, "Where are you coming from?" "The North Mountain." I said. "That'll be forty." "Forty?!" I said in disbelief, "No, ten!" "No, that is no good! You see this is from our Vinter stock, but it's supply and demand is a big problem?" He asked. "You wanna hear a supply and demand problem, I sell ice for a living." I said. "Oh! That is a rough business to be in right now. I mean that is really..." Anna cleared her throat "I mean that is really unfortunate..." "Still forty, but I will throw in a visit to Oaken Sauna. You-Hoo, hi family!" He said. "You-Hoo!" Replied the family. "Ten's all I got, help me out." I sighed. "Okay. I will get you this, no more." He pointed to the carrots. "Hey, could you tell me what's happening on the North Mountain? Did it seem... Magical?" Anna asked. "Yes, now back up while I deal with this crook here." I said sternly, pointing at him. He stood up and I gulped. He was really tall, "Vhat did you call me?" He picked me up and threw me out into the snow. I sighed, but found a place to stay!

{Anna's POV}

I bought that guy's stuff and a winter dress and boots. I went to the place they were staying and threw the stuff on the dude. I demanded him to take me to the North Mountain. I was going to stop this winter.

{Louis' POV}

Niall and Jess disappeared to the North Mountain. I wanted to follow them, but I was afraid Elsa would kill me. And this is why I don't understand women!

I looked at the boys, feeling lonely without Niall. His laugh was so contagious. I miss him already. "Boys, we are going to the North Mountain. I'm sure Niall has his phone. We'll call him first." I said. The boys looked up and nodded. I took out my phone and scrolled through my contacts, and found Niall. I clicked his name. The phone started ringing. He picked up.

Niall-N     Louis-L


N-Hey, Lou. You should come up to the North Mountain. Elsa is very shy and nice. She just can't control her 'curse.'

L-Okay, we're coming. Is Jess going to guide us?

N-Um... Let me go ask.



N-Yeah, I have to comfort Elsa, though. I don't want her to go fucking crazy again. Oh! Is it still snowing down there?

L-Yeah, mate. Bye.


"Well boys, we are headed to the North Mountain." I say. Elsa was hot. Maybe she'll like me?

{Jessica's POV}

I kissed Niall goodbye, and walked down the stairs. I made my way down the mountain, sighing. As I kept going further down the mountain, I heard wolves and screams. I looked to my left and saw Kristoff and Anna. "GUYS, WAIT!" I screamed. They didn't hear me. The wolves saw me and came after me. One bit me and I instantly started bleeding, "OW!" I started crying. I ran, the wolves now chasing the sled that is carrying Anna and Kristoff. I made a slide down the mountain so it would be much faster. I smiled as I went down the slide. I examined my arm. The wolf bite was pretty deep. I had an idea. I used my powers to heal it. I smiled, again.

I was more magical than I thought! I thought about all the elements. Fire, water, earth, air. What if I had all of those? I looked at the ground, shooting a giant column of earth out of it. I smiled slowly. "What if I have all of the powers?" A voice in the back of my head said. I already knew I could control air and water. But, the fire? I shot out nothing, no fire, nothing. I smiled. I wasn't very fond of fire. I thought, "Good, I'm not able to do that." I was at the bottom of the mountain, now. I waited for the boys. I saw them appear. "Hi, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis." I said politely. "Hi!" They said cheerfully. "Well, what're we waiting for?!" I exclaimed. We started the journey up the North Mountain. I made 4 blankets with my powers. They were soft and thick. I handed them to the boys. They smiled in a thank you form.

{Niall's POV}

Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Elsa were here. Elsa and Anna were upstairs singing. "I CAN'T!!!" Elsa sang loud and clear. Kristoff and I ran up the stairs, waiting to see what happened. Anna was on the floor, clutching her stomach. Kristoff ran to Anna. I ran to Elsa. "Elsa, are you okay?" She wouldn't answer me. "Elsa?" I asked, softly. She made a monster with snow and ice, sending Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf on their way. Elsa was shaking. "Go away, I don't want to hurt you." She said to me, narrowing her eyes. "I'll be downstairs..." I said, descending down the staircase. I saw The boys and Jess. I ran out to greet them. Jess told me she knew what happened. She ran up the stairs.

{Jessica's POV}

I ran upstairs to check on Elsa. I saw Elsa sitting on the floor sobbing. She looked up at me and started bellowing, "GET OUT!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYONE RIGHT NOW, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT!" "Yes." I replied, softly. Elsa stood up and shot ice at me. It hit me, but I was already cursed, so it wouldn't effect me. I shot water and ice out of my hands. It hit her, on the forehead.


"Anna, slow down!" Elsa screamed with worry. She slipped on the ice, causing her powers to hit Anna on the forehead. "Anna, no!" Elsa screamed and cried. The temperature in the room got colder. Stalagmites and stalactites grew.The floors and walls got covered in ice. Elsa couldn't help it. "MAMA, PAPA!" Elsa yelled. They ran in. Jessica saw her Mom running towards her. She slapped and punched Jessica. All of the yelling was a blur. And before Jess knew it, her dad carried her away to her room.

End of Flashback

"ELSA!" I screamed with worry. The room got colder. I ran to Elsa. I didn't care if I made the room have stalagmites and stalactites. "Elsa." I sobbed. She was ice cold. It was a repeat of what happened to Anna. It was a repeat of my childhood. "BOYS!" I screamed. They ran up the stairs and saw the mess of the room. "I... I didn't mean to!" I sobbed into Elsa. Louis ran over to Elsa and hugged her tight. He cast a glare at me. I looked around, and all of the boys cast a glare at me... Even Niall.

I ran outside. I ran far away from that castle. I ran into a cave. It was a cave with a dead end. I used my powers to make furniture. I made a door, too! I had separate rooms. I had my bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. I could even make the ice change colors. I liked this home. I lied down on my bed and sobbed into my soft, fluffy pillow. I pulled on some pyjamas, that I also made, and pulled the blanket over me. I fell into a deep sleep, when one can only be woken when the dream ends.

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