Small World

Lilian is a normal girl who lives with her mother in the state of beautiful New York. She lives in New York City of course. She has a pretty normal life until she runs into a blond blue eyed boy. There's another boy though, Harry, who's had his eye on her as well. See how it will play out in their Small World


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Michael's P.O.V.

I pulled into the driveway trying to be as quite as possible. I only saw Lilian's car here so I crept around to the back, hoping to surprise her. I haven't seen her at all in the last few months, and it was kinda boring without her. I slowly opened the door and looked in the living room. I saw Lilian almost asleep on the couch watching one of her weird shows. I took the opportunity and jumped infront of her.

"Boo!" I yelled, wanting to scare her.

"Michael! Don't do that!" She screeched as she got off the couch to give me a hug. I lifted her up and spun her around, chuckling at her reaction. I set her down on her feet gently before sitting on the couch, so that I didn't fall over laughing. I got up and went outside to get my bag from my car after flashing her one last smile.

Lilian's P.O.V.

Yay! Michael's here! I've missed him so much. I glance up from the door of the kitchen as he walks back in carrying a big gym bag, that I assume he has clothes in.

"You know where your room is" I tell him pointing up the stairs. I laugh as he gives me one of those weird but classic Michael looks. I got up on my tip toes to tousle his shaggy brown hair, since he's 6'4". I laugh as I go out to get his other stuff from his dorm. That boy is stupid, I swear! He didn't put the break on so now his car is almost in the street.

I go out towards the sidewalk, he even left his keys in the car. I am going to thump that boy on his head, this isn't a small town in Oklahoma or anything, people will steal your car! Idiot! I try to turn the key but it doesn't start. I put the parking brake on and since it's not in the street yet. I'm probably gonna have to get this fixed tomorrow because I know Michael won't. He's to lazy for that. Ugh, I glanced toward the sky to see the sunsetting.

I giggled, I can't wait for movie night! We used to always have movie night every Friday but when he left we weren't able to. I dashed inside the house and took the stairs two at a time which is surprising for 5'3" height. I quickly changed into pajama pants and a baggy T-shirt. I walked downstairs to see Michael thumbing through the movies we had. I guess he missed some while he was over in England.

I went into the kitchen and popped some popcorn. Once I heard the beep I skipped over to the microwave and it opened with a bang. I opened the bag with the tabs on the sides, almost hurting myself from the heat. Clumsy? Why yes, I am. I opened the dark wooden cabinet on the left that held our bowls. I took out a large blue one and carefully poured the popcorn into it.

I grabbed the bowl and, in just my socks I walked to the living room, the beige carpet a cushion under my feet. I plopped down next to Michael and pulled the blanket he had out over me. We turned on one of my favorite movies, Grease. As I stared at the screen my eyelids started to feel heavy, until I sunk into darkness.

Michael's P.O.V.

I looked over at my little sister to see her reaction to the song that was playing in the movie, and saw that she was asleep. I looked down at her leaning on my shoulder and took the popcorn from her hands. I set it on the in table so it didn't spill. I picked her up, shaking my head with a smile at her sleeping form. I tucked her into bed before turning to leave the room, having to move clothes with my feet.

I turned off the light in her room before slightly jogging down stairs and turning everything off in the kitchen and living room the light brown in the kitchen gave it a very homey feel, I thought as I set on the barstool next to the island in the kitchen. I looked around just remembering everything that I had missed while in England. I sighed before trudging up the stairs, and doing just as Lilian did on the couch. I fell asleep.


A/N I know these are kinda short but I'm just starting the story so don't judge please.

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