Small World

Lilian is a normal girl who lives with her mother in the state of beautiful New York. She lives in New York City of course. She has a pretty normal life until she runs into a blond blue eyed boy. There's another boy though, Harry, who's had his eye on her as well. See how it will play out in their Small World


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Lilian's P.O.V.

I slowly opened my brown eyes too see light pouring in through my bedroom window. I groaned as I rolled over, taking my covers with me. After about ten minutes I finally decided I should get up. I'm so glad that I'm on winter break! I quickly hurried to the bathroom across the hall after leaving the comfort and warmth of my sheets. I looked in the mirror at my disheveled brown hair that I had left in a bun last night. I took out the ponytail I had on and brushed out my curly tangled hair before hopping into the shower.

As I walked too my room wrapped in a light blue towel, I started think about what I should do today. My mom said that we were running out of popcorn, so maybe I should run too the store. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do. I picked out a thin purple shirt with a lace back that has a small open v and I paired it with dark blue high waisted skinny jeans. I went to my vanity table where I kept my makeup and dusted silver glittery eyeshadow onto my eyelids before lightly lining my eyes and applying mascara. After that I just applied lip balm so my lips won't get chapped in the cold weather outside.

I looked at my reflection and was satisfied with what I saw. I had pulled my brown hair into a topknot and my dark brown eyes were perfectly complimented with the color of my top. I put on my chestnut tall uggs before grabbing my keys and walking downstairs to the door, only stopping to tell my mom good morning. As I walked out I looked over at my car and hopped in. I drove to the local market, only stopping once or twice for a stoplight. I was walking down the aisle, looking for the popcorn, when I ran in to someone. I fell on the ground and landed on my butt.

"Sorry lass." A blond boy said as I looked up into his crystal blue eyes. He extended his hand to help me up, which I gladly took. He glanced down the aisle before seeing a little girl squeal as she saw him. He quickly ran away with a quick wave to me. Strange boy, I wonder who he was. I found the popcorn I had been looking for and hurried to the check out.

The lane was empty so it only took like two minutes. As I was walking back to my car I saw the blond boy again. He was running with a curly haired boy close behind him. I have no idea why on earth they are running. Strange boys. As I got in my car I look in my rear view mirror to take one last look at blond boy. Ok, so maybe I think he's kinda sorta cute.

I pulled into the driveway and turned my car off, but I just sat there for a while thinking about the blond boy. I really should learn his name so I can stop calling him the blond boy. He just...was so hot! I glanced at the clock which said 12:30 and realized I had been sitting out here for almost an hour. I quickly grabbed the popcorn and went inside. My mother was nowhere to be found. I glanced out the large bay window in our living room and saw that her car wasn't there. Guess I'm home alone since Michael, my brother left for college last semester. I took off my uggs by the door and laid down on our brown leather couch. I grabbed a blanket and turned on my favorite show.

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