The youngest songwriter

Elena is a famous song writer in all time. Her fame started when she was 8 years old. Scooter found her on YouTube singing songs she wrote in 2008. Ever since Elena became famous it's hard to live a normal life. In 2013 and 2014 the fame comes back when she starts dating a boy from her school. She is in 8th grade.

Elena is a 10000 year old vamp,witch,werewolf,and the passage way to the other side which is the dead side. She can control her age.


6. one direction tour begins

Elena's pov:

One direction picked Eli and I up from my house to start the tour.

"Hey Elena."

"Hey Zayn."

We went to the air port to go to Peru for the first concert of the tour. Simon cowell called me and talked to me.

"Hey Elena. How's my favourite songwriter?"

"Good what do you want to tell me?"

"Well I've been talking to scooter and usher and they said you can start a record label."




I hanged up and I thought about record label names. I know I'll name it moonlight records. I got a text from Simon and he said one direction is going to be signed to my label and I told him my record label name.

Zayns pov:

I got a text from Simon and the boys did too.

{text message}

"Hey boys. You are labeled to a new record label but your still with mine."

"What label?"

"Moonlight records"

"Never heard of it."

"That's because it was made today and I know the person."

"Who is it."

"Your songwriter"



I looked at Elena and she smiled at me.

Elena's pov:

The boys looked surprised at me.

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