The youngest songwriter

Elena is a famous song writer in all time. Her fame started when she was 8 years old. Scooter found her on YouTube singing songs she wrote in 2008. Ever since Elena became famous it's hard to live a normal life. In 2013 and 2014 the fame comes back when she starts dating a boy from her school. She is in 8th grade.

Elena is a 10000 year old vamp,witch,werewolf,and the passage way to the other side which is the dead side. She can control her age.


3. my virginity

Elena's pov:

It's morning now. I have made my family breakfast. In the afternoon I was expecting JB to pick up his new song.

{doorbell rings}

"I got it."

"Who is it Elena?"

"Justin Bieber."

I open the door and he came in.

"Hi Justin."


Justin looked at Eli with discus.

"Who is this douch?"

"First off Justin he is not a douch and second he's my boyfriend."

"Yeah right."

"You are the douchbag here Bieber. You were the first famous person I dated and you only dated me for more attention on camera and the news!"

"Woah hold on hotshot!"

"No I won't. You told everyone that you took my virginity which you didn't and you used Viagra to get a boner to trick people I give you a boner which I don't again!"

"Ok Elena you made your point."

"I'm going to get the song and you two behave and by you two I mean Justin."

I got the song and I saw that Justin had Eli up on the wall holding him up by his neck. I used my magic to make Justin's head hurt to get off Eli.

"Ow! What was that!?"

"That was me!"

"Now get out of my house now!"

It's not yours!"

"I pay for it! Now get out of my house now or I'll hurt you again!"


Justin left and Eli looked frightened

"I'll explain it to you tonight Eli ok."


When it was 6:00 at night the doorbell rang again and one direction was there and they said hi. They asked if I wanted to go on tour with them for the WWA tour. I said yes. They left after we talked and me and Eli went up stairs to my room.

"Ok. Please don't be scared but I am a witch."

"Really? That's cool."

"I'm also a vampire, warewolf and I'm also the passage way to the super natural creatures that die."

"That's why you get pain for a minute. Elena I don't care if you are a mystical creature. I love you for who you are."

A tear falls down my face and Eli kisses me. He pushes me on my bed and we started to make out. I noticed all of our clothes were on the ground which I didn't care. Even if I'm a vampire I have a switch if I want to get pregnant and the switch is off now. Eli put two fingers into me and started to pump. I groaned his name and in minutes I came on his fingers.

"I always wanted to do that to you."

"We can keep going."

Eli then slid himself inside me and I moaned his name. He went slow and then he picked up the pace. In minutes we both came at the same time. That night I lost my virginity to a boy I love.

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