The youngest songwriter

Elena is a famous song writer in all time. Her fame started when she was 8 years old. Scooter found her on YouTube singing songs she wrote in 2008. Ever since Elena became famous it's hard to live a normal life. In 2013 and 2014 the fame comes back when she starts dating a boy from her school. She is in 8th grade.

Elena is a 10000 year old vamp,witch,werewolf,and the passage way to the other side which is the dead side. She can control her age.


4. My reputation at school is ruined

Elena's pov:

Spring break is over and I am in my classroom watching the news which we do every day. Until the news got to the celeb area in the news I had hope I wouldn't be on.

"Has Elena Gilbert the youngest songwriter come out of the shadows? We have the information after the break."

The break seemed like it was shorter than usual.

"Elena Gilbert has started dating once again and this time he's not famous. Shocking."

"Elena who is this boy we've been seeing you with."

"My boyfriend."

"My opinion on this but I think JB was better for you."

"No he wasn't. He fucking lied to everyone and to me. He is a fucking basteterd. He did not take my virginity and he used Viagra to trick you guys that I give him a boner. Now get away you guys are so fucking annoying sometimes. Can a 14 year old have some peace and quite?!"

"And yes Elena dropped the f word and talks about Justin Bieber as I quote a douchbag. We also asked why she has 2 tattoos on her shoulders."

"They are not tattoos they are birthmarks!"

"Right like a 14 year old would say that tattoos are birthmarks."

After the news I was so mad I punched my desk and everyone looked at me.


"Your famous?"

"Yes I am Noah."

"Do you really have tattoos?"

"I do but the ones on my shoulder are birthmarks."

"Yeah right."

"I have a picture on my phone when I was a baby and I have them on me."

I showed them and they believed me and I told them all about me.

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