The youngest songwriter

Elena is a famous song writer in all time. Her fame started when she was 8 years old. Scooter found her on YouTube singing songs she wrote in 2008. Ever since Elena became famous it's hard to live a normal life. In 2013 and 2014 the fame comes back when she starts dating a boy from her school. She is in 8th grade.

Elena is a 10000 year old vamp,witch,werewolf,and the passage way to the other side which is the dead side. She can control her age.


7. heartbroken

Elena's pov:

We arrived in Peru and went to the hotel. I got a phone call from my mom but it's not my mom.



S-hello is this Kimberly's daughter,Elena?

M-yes. Why?

S-your mom and your brother,Blake got in a car accident.


S-I'm afraid that your mom won't be able to live long.

M-what about Blake?

S-he is dead. He died in the accident.

M-no this can't be happening.

S-where are you?

M- I'm in Peru. I'm on tour with one direction.

S-Elena I think you need to come here quick. Get on a jet and come here.


{hangs up}

I started crying. The boys and Eli came in with the luggage and comfort me.

"What's wrong?"

"My family died."


"I need a jet now."


"My mom won't live long."


We got on the jet and in a few mins we were at the hospital. We went to the room my mom was in. I saw Blake's body lying on a bed lifeless. I went to my mom.

{M-mom E-me Ee-Eli}

M- Elena I love you so much.

E- mom please don't leave me!.

M- you will always be my baby girl Elena. Can I talk to Eli please?

Ee- yes?

M- take care of Elena. You mean a lot to her. She loves you with all her heart.

Ee- I know. I will take care of her.

M- I know you will Eli. I love you Elena.

E- mom please don't leave I need you.

My mother died and I cried.

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