Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


10. 'With Justin Bieber'

When we got back to the house, I realized I had homework from school. The reason I haven't been to school was because we were out for 2 weeks, tomorrow I go back. I finished it just in time. To get some rest and get up the next day.

   The next day I was woken up by Justin jumping on the bed yelling. ''WAKE UP!'' he said ''Justin why are you jumping on the bed'' ''Cause you said you were going to school want me to drop you off'' ''Um...no thanks i'll take the bus" "Gross..people still take the bus" he asked "Yes people still take the bus Justin. Some people like me doesn't have a vehicle" "Okay but I just offered you a ride to school. Come on Karmin, are you ashamed of me?" He asked sitting on the bed eating his banana. ''Well I mean I just don't want people at my school to find out that i'm pregnant by you'' ''Oh..yeah yeah. I get it" Okay good well let me get ready'' I said finally getting up out of bed doing my morning routine. I went downstairs seeing Justin fixing me a plate of food before I went to school. ''Gotta go catch the bus down the street bye Justin'' ''Bye, have a nice day'' he said I smiled and rolled my eyes turning around walking off. He smacked my ass, I gasped and held my butt turning around. ''Have a good day'' he said again ''Why are you watching me'' ''Making sure you get there safe'' I looked down the street to see if the bus was coming running towards him in his arms and gave him a kiss. ''I was actually waiting for that'' he said ''Yeah I know'' I said kissing him again. ''Bye Justin'' ''Bye'' he said and I walked off to the bus stop.      I went to school,  it was my first day back. I saw my friend Micheal, she was the sweet, smart, and goofy, kind of girl that you would love to hang around with. I went up to her and gave her a hug. ''Hi Micheal'' I said ''Hey! How have you been? You're glowing what's going on with you?'' ''Nothing just been eating a lot'' I said ''I can tell. So a girl Rachel and I are going to the movies today..wanna come'' ''Um..i'll have to ask my boyfriend'' ''Boyfriend? Who's your boyfriend? Why do you have to ask him for?''  she asked and I froze for a sec. ''What'' I said pretending not hearing what she said at first. ''Who's your boyfriend'' she asked ''He doesn't go here he's in L.A'' ''Oh cool..but wait a minute i've seen pictures on the internet with a owl tattoo on his arm and a crown on his chest'' and she gasped ''OH MY GOSH YOUR DATING-'' ''Shhhhhh'' I said covering her mouth ''Do NOT say his name'' I said un-covering her mouth. ''Oh my gosh your dating Justin Bieber lucky'' she said whispering. ''Yeah he is so sweet and oh my gosh so good in bed'' ''You had sex with him'' ''Yes..and the reason i'm getting big is because i'm pregnant'' I said ''YOU'RE-!'' ''Shh'' ''You're pregnant awww can I be the Aunt Micheal, y'know that really fits me. Damn you've been getting busy during the break. No wonder I haven't been seeing you around. I can not believe that you're dating Justin Bieber, had sex with Justin Bieber, and pregnant with Justin Bieber'' ''And i'm living with him'' I said ''And living with Justin Bieber..omg you're so lucky'' ''Well I think I love him and..he's a sweet guy'' ''I'm gonna tell you this now Karmin, be careful, pop stars are always playing girls'' ''What do you mean he loves me back'' ''Yeah..but be careful alright'' ''Okay'' I said and the bell rung. ''See ya'' she said smiling widely walking away. Did I leave out she's the kind of annoying. But you got to love her at some point. I went to first period and sat down in my seat, we took out our homework, Damn it I forgot it at the house. I started to panic quickly texting Justin. M inutes later the teacher was still going over the homework before he ended taking it up for a grade. The office called me so I went to the office seeing Justin.  ''Next time..don't leave your homework at home'' ''Thank you he didn't take it up yet but..thanks for coming'' ''You're welcome hey! did anyone notice that you're pregnant yet'' ''Yeah my crazy bestfriend Micheal she wanted me to come to the movies with her tonight'' ''What..tell her no we have plans'' ''Plans?'' I asked ''Yes, you know the plans that we were suppose to have yesterday'' ''Oh..right i'll just tell her I have plans with you but I mean Justin she is my friend. I want to at least enjoy myself until the you know what comes. Don't you understand that i'm 16 turning 17 in less a week. I have no social life. I would love to have sex with you all day everyday I do but, I need me time also. You're not my dad, you're my boyfriend and my boyfriend should understand that I don't need to be locked up in the house all day with his supervision'' "I know you're right. I'm sorry if you want to go it's fine with me. I don't want you to feel that you can't go anywhere. You're becoming a mother and I shouldn't treat you like this. I apologize so, have all the fun you want. Are you feeling okay? Do you want me to bring you some lunch?" "No it's okay and i'm okay i'll manage" "Alright. I'm gonna go to the studio and record some stuff. Nothing is gonna happen and you gotta believe that. You know that i'll never ever lie to you ever in my life'' ''Never say never'' I said ''Oh dont start'' he said and I giggled and he kissed me. ''Gotta go'' he said ''Bye Justin'' I said turning around. We walked our separate ways. I put my jacket on and zipping it going back to class. 

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