Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


25. Walking In The Rain

"I missed you" I said "Me too" he said putting a piece of my hair behind my ear. We both smiled I laid on his chest staring out the window into the blue and orange sky. Justin kissed the top of my head wrapping his arm around my waist. "How's your mom" I asked "She's good she misses you Jazzy, Jaxon, my dad" "They missed me" I asked looking up at him. "Yeah everyone does and they want you to come back my mom told me off when she found out about the others, I deserved it though cause I was being such a manwhore" he said I sighed leaving small kisses on his chest sitting up beside Justin. "Well that's true" I said putting my clothes back on so did Justin. "I have to get back to the house Cait has work in the morning" I said he started kissing on my neck ignoring what I said. I giggled and lightly pushed him away. "What are we..are we just friends that had sex" he asked "No Justin it's not like that" "So you had sex with me because" he said "I missed you I missed everything" I said placing my hand on his chest. "Then what are we" he asked "I don't know" I said he sighed taking my hands off his chest putting his shirt on. "Justin-" "You wasted my time" he said cutting me off. "Justin it's NOT like that I wanted to have sex with you because we both enjoy it we missed each other" "You kissed me" he said "You stuck your tongue down my throat I thought you wanted it" I said "Yeah but..I don't even know if we're together anymore you need me more than you need Cait" "Don't do this it's not some kind of competition for who's best in my life I love the both of you..you changed my life and she was there for me since day one" I said "Okay fine just forget it" he said walking off. I scoffed and walked off too grabbing the teddy bear slowly walking out the hotel. Cait was already outside waiting on me. I hopped in not saying a word to her..she just started driving back to the house I cried into the teddy bear. The car stopped Cait rubbed my back. "It's okay kid" "My life is ruined" I said "Don't say that" "It is I got my GED didn't graduate because of all of this I hate my life I wish I was with my parents" I said "Karmin please don't say that" she said with her voice cracking a little, I looked up at her and she had tears in her eyes. "Go back to him" she said "He hates me I can't go-" "DO IT!" she said "Cait" I said "Just do it make him happy" "Cait i'm not-" "Listen to me if you don't do it then he's really going to change his mind about you just go before it's to late" she said "He can't change his mind about me we have a baby" "He can get with someone else, be friends with you and see his son this is reality Karmin..go..I already packed your stuff this has been going on for to long and i'm sick of it" she said I sniffled cleaning my face getting out the car going into the house seeing my bags. I sniffled again grabbing them putting them into the car getting in. We got to the airport I got my plane ticket holding Drew he was sleeping when my flight got called. I hugged Cait grabbing my bags leaving. The plane took off landing in California I put a blanket over Drews head couldn't get a single fucking taxi so I walked..and walked in the rain till a car stopped I looked up seeing a police car. "Are you okay" she asked "I'm fine" "Come on get in the car we'll take you wherever you want to be taken" she said I smiled getting into the car she put my bags in the trunk driving off. "Where do you want to go Karmin" she asked I remember a lot of people know my name because of me dating Justin. "Justin's" I said lightly she started driving, when we reached Justin's house I looked at the house seeing his car and also mines. She got out opening the door for me getting my bags. "Have a safe night Karmin" she said "You too" I said. She got into the car and left I grabbed my bag going to the door knocking. A few seconds later a girl answered the door my heart dropped I felt anger running through me but I kept calm. "Justin" she said Justin came up to the door the girl walked out I looked at him and cried. "Stop crying we didn't do anything" he said grabbing my bags and Drew. "How you get here" he asked "I walked" I said "You did what" "I walked I couldn't get a taxi I walked and a cop dropped me off" "Drew can get sick Karmin" he said "Well i'm not so good of a parent" I said "Are you gonna come in" he asked "I don't know..I feel embarrassed..ashamed" I said with my eyes watery. "Don't cry Karmin come in" he said grabbing my hand. I sniffled walking inside. "I'll be back i'm gonna lay him in the bed" he said walking upstairs. I took my jacket off and my wet shoes sitting on the couch laying down with a blanket wrapped around me closing my eyes.
I walked downstairs seeing Karmin laying on the couch. I'm afraid she might do something she's gonna regret she been through a lot maybe I shouldn't have been so rough on her, she already lost her parents she doesn't have anyone I feel like a total ass. I sighed kicking my shoes off laying behind her holding her in my arms. I grabbed her hand putting my fingers between hers holding her hand.

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