Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


6. Vulnerable

Justin and I laid on the couch beside each other naked. I was thinking over and over in my head are we just fooling around because of the sex or does he know that I really like him, maybe even love him. I could picture his smile and his sexy smirk in my head. That damn smirk is what drives me insane. ''I knew you were in love with me in the first place'' He said interrupting my thoughts. ''Sorry about the way I acted by the way I dumped her'' He added then looked at me. ''But why I thought you were ready for her to dump you'' ''Yeah but that was after you said you loved me'' ''I do..do you feel the same way'' ''..A little its kind of weird to be in love with a 16 year old'' ''..Really'' I asked.''You were my first love instead of Cait'' ''Then why did you date her'' ''I don't know I wasn't really into you at the time I guess" "Could you tell me why?" I asked wondering. "I mean you and Cait are friends I looked at you as a little sister or something" "A little sister you would want to fuck?" I asked and he snickered. "When you put it that way..no that sounds sick and perverted. I mean we've fucked multiple times. I've enjoyed every moment don't get me wrong. It was inspiring better than the other girls I've had sex with" "What are you trying to say?" "I like us having sex together feels like I can show you my true self when we're having sex. I like rough, the back scratching, the hickies, stuff like that. Do you?" "Well yeah I don't have a problem with you being rough. I feel like I can be myself when we're having sex too. So how did Cait take it when you dumped her" "She asked who was here while she was gone. I lied to her even though the room smelled like sex" He said laughing. "You didn't tell her about me did you?" "Did you want me to" He asked. "I mean. We're in this lie I haven't talked to her in a day or two I think she knows" "Well if she does, then she does I don't want to stop having sex with you. I'm not saying you're my sex toy I mean we're friends with benefits right? Wait, what are we?" He asked looking at me with a serious face. I sat up and covered myself with the blanket that was on the couch. I sighed and started thinking. I didn't know what we were either. "I don't know either" I said to myself hoping he heard it. "Hey, wanna go out? What do you say" He asked sitting up. I chuckled and smiled. "Do you really want that" I asked "Definitely" He said breathing on my lips. Oh no! He's starting again. I couldn't do anything but give in and kiss him passionately. He grabbed my face with his hand pulling me on top of him laying down. I pulled away and looked him in the eyes. "Do you think we're moving too fast?" "No. Of course not why?" "It's just you dumped my best friend and we're just sex buddies. Now you want to go out with me?" "I thought you loved me" He asked. "I do, I do. But come on let's get back to reality. Without the sex Justin would you still want to date me? Truthfully" "Yeah..I mean yes why are you asking me that" He asked. "Think about it. If I didn't just throw myself at you from the start would you still consider this" "I mean I never thought about it. I don't know I did like you at first I just had mixed feelings. Are you having sex with me because you feel that you don't have anyone other than Cait" He asked and I sat up. "I can't believe you just said that" "Truthfully Karmin, admit it" "Fine yes! I've never had a guy like you before. There I said it happy now" "No. I'm not happy if you aren't" He said sitting up also. "I can never be happy Justin" "Well let me fix that. I'm not happy either. We can try to be happy together" He said moving my hair from my face. "Okay." "Okay?" "Yeah. I will give us a shot" I said smiling kissing his cheek. I got up off the couch and threw Justin his clothes. He put them on and stood in front of me. "Goodnight. See you tomorrow?" "Yeah" He said I smiled. I followed him towards the door letting him out. I went backs upstairs to take another shower before going to bed. The next morning I woke up at 6:30. I sat up in bed hearing my phone vibrating. Justin. My sweet Justin, I couldn't do anything but smile and think of the last couple of days. ''Good Morning'' He said in his deep sleepy voice. ''Morning Justin" I said and he smiled. "You look so hot when you're just waking up" "I could say the same about you. What are your plans for today" "Going to the studio today to record some songs for my new album. Ugh I'm so tired. Someone kept me up all night" He said chuckling and I giggled. "Well I'm sorry it won't happen anymore" "No! no I love it when you keep me up. And i'm talking about it a dirty way" He says smirking. "Oh really? Well how about I try to wake him up" "Oh yeah? How?" "First off i'll take my hair down" I said removing my hair wrapper from my hair. "What's next" He asked more interested. I started unbuttoning my shirt slowly. "Hey Justin get your ass up!" An unfamiliar voice said which made me quickly cover myself. "Alright alright!" He said talking back to the guy. "Who's that" I asked. "Sorry that was Ryan one of my good friends. We're suppose to get up early and go to the studio but don't worry I think he's up now" He said looking down. I giggled. "Well i'll see you later" I said. "Why don't you come by the studio and listen to one of my songs I would love for you to meet a couple friends of mine" "Okay I will definitely be there" "Alright baby, see you in a few" He said hanging up. I sighed and smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand a few times. "Damn it!" I said taking a deep breath. I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth, picking out an outfit from the closet, eating something before I went to meet up with Justin at the studio. When I left the house, I went to the studio I sighed opening the door. Justin jumped up and hugged me. "Glad you could make it" He said. "I didn't have anything else to do" "Did you talk to Cait yet" He asked. "No, i'm kinda afraid to" I said. "Don't worry come on  meet Christian, Ryan, and Chaz'' ''Hi'' They all said at the same time paying attention to the game they were playing. "Hi" I said back. ''They're always into the game don't worry it's not like they're avoiding you" "Do they know about me" I asked. "Of course they do. I mean I told them this morning before we came up here. They couldn't believe I dumped Cait. They didn't like her no ways..I mean Christian and Cait are brother and sister it was just Chaz and Ryan that didn't see eye to eye with her" "I wonder why" "Me too but they thought she was too controlling I guess" "So, what's the name of your new album" "I haven't picked it out yet. What do you think it should be" He asked grabbing my hands sitting on the desk pulling me towards him. "You really want me opinion" "Yeah you're my girlfriend" "Okay, maybe Purpose. I think thats a good title of the album. I mean I think the songs you're writing about should have a purpose in what story you're trying to tell. You know it's a purpose to find love, feel neglected sometimes, and the purpose of friendship and life. I honestly think that'll fit" I said and he just looked at me. "What" I asked. "I like it, and I like you" he said kissing my neck. I giggled and tried to get him to stop before his friends started looking or was eavesdropping on what we were doing. "So is that all you wanted me to come by for. To ask me what's a good title?" "I just wanted to see you that's all. It sucks sleeping in a different bed" "I didn't know you were quite charming" I said wrapping my arms around his neck. "Damn. Me either" he said confused. I chuckled and removed my arms. "I talked to Cait..she called me crying, she said she loved me and all that. It's just I don't know. I don't feel guilty about it she cheated on me with Ryan. I mean Ryan didn't know we were dating at the time this was months back. I guess that's why they can't see eye to eye. But at least I got who I want" he said and I smiled "You're so cute, have you realized we have sex like every single day" I said laughing. "Oh yeah, I don't think we've missed a day without having sex" "Yeah that's true. I'm just a little sore from last night anyways. We fucked twice in one night" "It was worth it. The guys and I are suppose to be going to the club tonight, it's Strip Club Saturday we usually go on Saturdays but if you don't want me to go I won't. I can go to the regular club if you want you know, you're grinding on me, I'm humping you. Take you to my place, and then we'll have sex" "Sounds good to me" I said smiling.

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