Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


46. Unbreakable

When I got to Eric's place I went to the door pulling my dress down a little knocking on the door, a couple seconds later he opened the door.  "That dress is really turning me on theres only a little teasing a man could take" he said placing his hands on my hips. I giggled. He picked me up taking me to the kitchen counter."Nice place, you must be cooking" I asked  "Thanks" he said taking my jacket off. Kissing my neck. "Eric, are you sure you want to do this before dinner" I said "I like my dessert first" he said. I chuckled and got down. We went to the dinning room table sitting down eating. "I have a surprise for you" I said   "What is it"  "Well today I found out what I made on my test and luckily I passed" I said "Holy shit, I didn't think you would pass" "Me either but I did lucky me"  "I knew you could do it you're smart" he said grabbing both of my hands. "I'm not going to let Justin get between us" he added. "Oh so we're dating now"  "If you want us to its your decision. What do you say" he asked waiting for a reply and I nodded leaning over the table kissing him adding tongue. After dinner I washed dishes. "You didn't have to do that" he said grabbing my ass. I giggled and kissed him. "I wanted to, thanks for inviting me to dinner I wish I knew how to cook like you I hate eating my spaghetti it's horrible"  "I'm really thankful for you not inviting me to your place for dinner" he said with a chuckle I lightly hit his chest with the back of my hand. "Hey! Don't judge"  "I'm sorry" he said with a chuckle. I drained the water out drying my hands with a dry towel. He grabbed my hip pulling me towards him crushing his lips on mines I smiled between kisses wrapping my arms around his neck, he picked me up I wrapped my legs around his waist. He took me to the bedroom laying me down taking my heels off grabbing my leg slowly taking a stocking off. We looked at each other I smiled and he did to taking the other off. Crawling between my legs he slid his tongue down my throat stroking my leg. I ran my fingers through his hair, he pulled away giving me a hickie on my neck sitting me up unzipping my dress tugging my dress down taking it off. I laid him down getting on top kissing his chest down to his abs un-buckling his belt taking it off, he took off his pants with his boxers. I bit my bottom lip staring at his long thick cock running my hands up his body. He reached back unclipping my bra releasing my tits.   "Come here baby" he said, holy shit when he said that it turned me on so bad. I leaned over making out with him. After we had sex I was laying on his chest hearing his heart beating he got up I sighed grabbing a pillow laying my head on it. "Y'know I never seen you without a tux on" "You just did" he said slipping on his boxers. "You know what I mean" I said he climbed back into bed laying beside me starting to kiss me.   "When we get serious with each other I want you to meet my parents" he said "I don't want our relationship to be based on sex, the sex is good but I just feel like if we keep having sex almost everyday then it won't feel like we're dating. I love you Karmin I don't want you to think i'm the next Justin" he added. "I'm not thinking that why would you say that"  "I don't know but I know that you may think i'm with you because of the sex after what Justin put you through and you having to deal with it. I know I couldn't make the same mistake as he did. Besides I won't let anyone else hurt you including Jordan I like her seems that when I don't picture Justin and you being married to him it's like I have my own little family"  "Do you really want to be with me" I said  "Honestly, yes you know what I want now, what do you want" he asked  "I want you, seriously"  "Okay. You're on the pill right"  "Yes i'm on the pill don't worry i'm not planning on getting pregnant if that's what you're worried about" "Not worried about it I just want to make sure you're on the pill I know you don't want anymore kids right now anyways and I won't pressure you into anything you don't want to do"  "Have you thought about having a baby I mean are you ready to be a dad"  "No, i'm not ready just yet I haven't thought about having a baby I just want me and Jordan to have a steady relationship. And I also don't want to feel that i'm stealing her from Justin because then there would be problems between me and him I don't think he's over you" he said  "Yeah I know, but i'm over him that's all that matters" I said and kissed him. After 10 minutes of lip locking I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up at 6 in the morning, I sat up rubbing my eyes stretching. I got up slipping on one of Eric's shirts.  "Where are you going" he asked  "Home. I have to get to Jordan before she wakes up" "Okay, I guess you're going to steal one of my shirts" he said with a chuckle. "Yes I am" I said and kissed him buttoning up the shirt grabbing my clothes and shoes. "I could've fixed breakfast for you" he said "It's okay maybe next time i'll see you later" I said leaving. When I got home I seen Justin on the couch and Jordan laying on his chest holding a stuffed teddy bear. I smiled dropping my heels on the floor and my clothes watching them. I turnt the TV off sitting on the couch. "Morning" Justin said   "Morning" How was your date" "Amazing, he cooked dinner we talked it was an experience"  "Are you happy"  "Yeah. I'm happy" I said with a smile.  "So, you're dating"  "Yeah but we're not exclusive, everything okay with you" I asked  "Yeah everything's fine it's just you finally found someone that makes you feel loved" he said "You'll find someone too just have to look for her" I said  "I know I kept breaking my chances to be with you I just didn't know what I wanted it's hard to be married and have a kid at a young age, you've provided things for Jordan you're a great parent Karmin. I'm sorry about saying you weren't maybe I was jealous because I wasn't being a great father. It's just I have a lot of thinking to do before I do get into a relationship. I don't want any other guy to hurt you the same way as I did"   "Don't worry about me Justin if I get hurt again i'll be over it in no time I know that if I fall in love and he ends up hurting me it'll hurt a lot more than you and I was together"  "Do you love him"  "I like him he loves me but I never say it back because we just got into a relationship" I said and he nodded. "Alright well do you want breakfast" "No we're fine i'll eat cereal or something" "You don't have plans with Eric"  "No, i'm not working today I don't have class i'll probably just stay here and relax"  "Okay well my mom wants to see Jordan if it's okay with you" he said "I'm fine with it she's the grandma me and your family will always be close I love them"  "They love you" he said and I smiled.   "That's good, I didn't ask for this divorce thing to happen I mean I loved you but it's just you didn't feel the same interest. We both didn't know what love actually felt like we just said that because of us having a family and us having sex all the time" "Yeah. Well we're gonna go i'll see you later alright"  "Okay" I said finishing breakfast cleaning up a little bit taking a nap.   

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