Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


20. Suspension

"Babe" I heard a voice say I sighed and opened my eyes. "What" I said "Want dinner" he asked and I sat up. "Yeah" I said getting up he led me to the kitchen. I seen a table set up with candles and he smiled at me. "What's this for" I asked "Our first date wasn't so good so. I'm bringing it to you I didn't want you to feel bad about everything so..i'm making it up to you" he said I smiled and we sat down. "Wow did you get the exact same thing as we did on our date" I asked "Yeah" he said we both smiled and began eating. "I forgot to ask you..how was your court date" I asked "I explained myself and everything so they didn't do anything they understood why I did it to protect you i'm always gonna protect you" he said "You don't have to" "But I want to I want to do what's best for my the baby" "Yeah Jazzy was hoping it would be a girl she wanted to call her Jordan and if it was a boy..Jason" I said "So what will we name the baby" "Andrew Jason Bieber is the boys name and Jordan McKenzie Bieber for a girl she liked those names it's nice to be apart of your family I feel welcomed" I said "Is that why you wanted to meet my dad" "Not really it's because I want him to like me and approve on the baby and everything" "Of course he has to approve he will be a granddad" "Yeah" I said lightly, finishing my food. "This has been the most amazing dinner" I said "True maybe we should do this often instead of going out" "Yeah I mean you don't have to take me anywhere fancy we can do it here" "Yeah..it'll be much nicer..and peaceful" he said under his breath. "Tell me about it..well i'm tired gonna go to bed have school tomorrow thanks for dinner I loved it" I said kissing his cheek going upstairs. The next day it was 7:12 I went to the bathroom took a shower put my hair in a messy bun brushing my teeth putting some clothes on. Since Justin was sleep I grabbed an apple heading out the door driving to school. I went to my locker and grabbed my math book closing it "Hi" Micheal said happily. "You scared me" "Sorry..so how did you feel when you found out what the baby was" "Excited I guess I thought about my parents" I said "Karmin I'm sorry about them ugh I know how much you loved them" "Yeah" I said lightly. "Well looks who's here loser and another loser" a voice said I turnt around seeing Joy the high school slut blonde hair and basically fucked half of the football team. "Shut up Joy just shut the fuck up you're annoying" I said "Awe getting mad don't get stressed you might have a miscarriage" she said touching my belly till I slapped her hand away. "Don't touch me" I said "So that hot boyfriend of yours is he like good in bed" she asked. "Aren't you tired of fucking i'm pretty sure your vagina is all loose now" "More like yours is loose" she said "That's so funny cause I only did it with one guy and you've done like what eight" I said and Micheal chuckled. "Shut up nerd" she said "Leave her alone and leave me alone no one likes you" I said "Yes they do" "Yeah cause guess what you give your pussy away like loose change are you done" I asked "No stupid whore just to let you know..I will get Justin and I will make so much love to him get pregnant so that I can get his money" she said I punched her in her nose till her head hit the lockers. "Stupid bitch" I said "CHAPMAN!'" I heard a guy voice say "Oh no you're in trouble by the principal good luck" Micheal said walking away. I sighed and went to the principals office of course he called Justin we both sat in the principal office staring at him while he stared at us. I got suspended for two weeks which I didn't care anyways school this school that couldn't wait to get the hell out of that place. 


"So you punched a girl because..of me" he asked "Not exactly she was harassing me" I said "How many times do I have to tell you. YOU! can't be under any stress" he said "Justin I can't help it alright what was I suppose to do" "Ignore her" "You don't understand" I said "I know I don't but still this is getting out of hand you keep getting under stress there might be a possibility that you might loose the baby" He said and I took a deep breath. "Oh well i'm suspended anyways you don't have to worry about anything" I said "The thing is I got in trouble for punching someone I went to court you punched someone you got suspended" "Better than going to court" I said "Yeah that's true but still" he said "Alright it won't happen again" I said "You sure" he said "Yes Justin i'm sure you better not get in trouble either" "I have to protect you" he said "You don't have to" "Well I am anyways" "Someone's in a bad mood" I said "Well when I was at the studio writing music-" "Oh so you're not giving up your career" I interrupted "That's not the point" "Yeah but you're still writing music not giving it up after all" I said "Can I finish what I was saying" "Yeah go ahead" I said "Anyways I was writing music this good ass song till I seen your school calling me, principal on the phone we got into an argument I went to the school you punched someone because of me so when a girl at school talks about me in any kind of way just ignore her" "Are you done" I asked chuckling. "Yes i'm done" "So you going back to the studio" I asked "No I have to watch you" "I'm 17, i'm old enough to watch myself. And I don't know why my teachers and principals are calling you for, you're not my guardian" "I honestly don't know either Karmin and what if the baby isn't okay" he asked and I shrugged. "Like what" "Anything" he said "Like what i'll be in labor at two months" "Like a miscarriage because of you getting stressed" he said "Let's not think like that it's  fine I will have this baby you can believe that for a fact" "Alright..i'm going back to the studio, the guys congratulated us. When do you want the shower" "Tomorrow" I said happily. "I'll tell him and we can get started" He said left. I went into the kitchen cooking me something to eat. I wasn't such a good cooker because my parents never taught me how. I made me a sandwich putting Doritos on the plate eating on the couch watching tv. I was tired watching tv so I took a nap I sometimes hate the fact that i'm pregnant because I sleep a lot and I can't control my mood swings but I guess I have to get used to it. 
I walked inside the house not seeing Karmin in sight I went upstairs seeing her sitting on the floor staring out the window. "Hey" she said lightly. "Hey what are you doing on the floor" "My back was hurting wasn't feeling good" she said "Hungry" I asked and she shook her head I sat down beside her and stared out the window too. "We should start doing things together  i'm always putting my career first and I shouldn't I should be thinking about our family" "It's okay to think about your career too, you didn't ask for any of this and to be honest if I wasn't pregnant we would've still be broken up" she said "Yeah I know but our break up was a mistake I don't know why we even broke up anyways" "Yeah me either" she said I wrapped my arm around her neck she laid her head on my shoulder holding me. "Everyone is working on the shower so we don't have to worry about a thing. It's gonna be here" "Okay" I said. 


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