Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


2. So Intense!

He smacked my ass telling me to suck faster.I did what he demanded while he pulled on my hair with his other hand squirting his cum in my mouth. My mouth was filled with his cum, I got up and sat on top of him. ''Swallow it'' He demanded again, there was so much I had to swallow it a little at a time. Before I swallowed it all I wiped my lips off, he slid his cock inside of me grabbed my face and made out with me sliding his tongue down my throat, he help me ride him a little while we were making out. I groaned pulling on the back of his hair, he slammed me down onto the couch pulling his shirt, pants, and shoes off spreading my legs sliding his cock into me. I closed my eyes cause of how much it hurted, thrusting and thrusting inside of me, he was in deep and I started screaming.''IT HURTS!!'' I said out loud, he went faster and I dug my nails into his arm moaning. Gasping in pleasure, he came inside me leaning down to my shoulder moaning in my ear. It drove me CRAZY, his sexy moans in my ear, it made me wet just by thinking about it and I wanted him more. He slid himself out of me grabbing my arm turning me around, bending me over onto the couch putting himself inside my ass. I held onto his wrist. Finally it got in thrusting slowly, going in a slow pace. "Faster!'' I demanded him, he went faster. I bit my bottom lip and threw my head back moaning. I put one of my legs up and gripped onto the pillow on the couch. My pussy was dripping, a lot of my cum was on my inner thigh, he took it out and got on his knees. ''Spread your fucking legs'' He said. I spread my legs, he smacked my ass and told me to spread them more wider so I did. He grabbed both of my asscheeks sliding his tongue inside of me it felt so good, eating me from behind, his tongue poked my asshole. I couldn't do anything but enjoy. He kissed both of my asscheeks I pushed his head further in and groaned. ''Your tongue is so fucking deep inside my tight pussy'' I said. He got up turnt me around and pushed me onto the couch, I spread my legs once more, he grabbed both of my legs pulling me closer to him, he stared at me for a little bit while I was playing in his hair, my fingers running through his hair. I bit my bottom lip. ''You like what you see'' I asked him. ''Yeah'' He said rubbing his two fingers across my soft pussy squeezing my walls together and kissing them. He separated my walls with his two fingers sliding his tongue in eating me out. ''Mmm Justin yes EAT ME'' I yelled at him. He slid his hands up to my boobs and cupped them both. He entered his finger inside my mouth and I started sucking on it. I licked all over his finger and made it wet so he could slide it inside me. He stopped what he was doing and shoved two fingers inside me, thrusting in and out continuing to eat me out making me more wetter. ''Oh..fuck you're gonna make me cum all over your face! '' I screamed. He slid his finger out and sucked them entering into my mouth forcing me to suck them. I licked my lips and we both giggled.

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