Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


41. She's A Bad Influence

 The alarm clock went off. It was 6:45. I sat up in bed Justin was still sleeping I smiled and how peaceful he looked. I softly kissed his lips going into the bathroom doing my morning routine heading in Jordan's room, she was already up not crying or anything, just staring at the dangling stuffed toys in front of her playing with them. I picked her up kissing her cheek changing her pamper giving her a bath. I went downstairs feeding her grabbing me some bread putting it in the toaster. I sat down in the chair watching her drink her bottle. I took the bottle out cleaning her mouth she smiled laughing showing her gums, I smiled to holding her up to my shoulder burping her taking the toast out spreading butter on it. I started eating it looking at the time, I went upstairs going into the bedroom seeing Justin still in bed. "Justin i'm going to work"  "Okay" he said rolling over putting his face in the pillow.  "Your daughter is up if you're tired i'll take her over your mom or dad"  Okay" he said. I honestly didn't think he heard what I said so I just packed Jordan's bag taking her over Jeremy's going to work.  I was sitting in my office kind of tired since I got up so early. I rested my head on my hand closing my eyes falling asleep, till I felt hands on my shoulders.  "Do you wanna go home and rest" Eric asked  "No, no I have to work"  "More like sleep" he said with a chuckle removing his hands. "I can't go home I have a job and I can't mess that up"  "Karmin you've worked hard enough besides, sometimes if you want to call in you come to work anyways I insist going home and getting some rest, but I can't make you go unless you really want to" "I'm staying Eric I barely got sleep last night, I couldn't sleep"  "Funny. Neither could I were we thinking about the same thing, each other?" "Did you get drunk before you came here" I asked  "No, I got drunk last night but i'm just coming over my hangover" "Did you get drunk to stop thinking about me" I asked  "No, I understood the friend thing and I don't want to stop being friends anyways, i'm here to tell you tomorrow is where we're going to Las Vegas and good news you don't have to go so it won't be weird if we two go together" "I didn't think it would be weird we can go together we're just friends right" "Yeah"  "Okay well i'll go with you if that's okay with you i'm your good luck charm remember" "Alright i'll see you tomorrow morning. Karmin seriously go home I don't think you would get anything done" he said and I nodded he left the room and I sighed grabbing my things picking Jordan up going home.   "Justin!" I yelled closing the door but there was no answer I groaned going into the kitchen. The doorbell rung I sat Jordan in her hair going answering the door.  "Long time no see" Cait said  "I'm so happy to see you" I said and hugged her letting her in. "Where's that asshole of yours" "He's busy today, my boss just let me off of work because I was so tired" "Oh that Eric guy" "Yeah why"  "He's hot I would sleep with him in no time" she said following me into the kitchen.  "Of course you would, he likes me y'know"  "Wow finally cheating on Justin" "No I love him" "All the times he cheated on you really"  "There's no point in getting back at Justin it's in the past, he got a girl pregnant named Kate she claims he's the father but I think she's lying"  "They were messing around when I was with him that's who he cheated on me with at first. Anyways tell me about you and this Eric"  "Well he told me he loved me and he can't stop thinking about me" "Ooh kinky" she said laughing. "He invited me on a business meeting with him in Las Vegas. I'm going because i'm his good luck charm I talked to Justin and he's okay with it"  "Sometimes you can't always tell Justin everything that's the point of marriage he doesn't tell you everything"  "Okay that's true but I want to be honest with him" "I get that he's the first person you've ever loved but sometimes you have to put your foot down. Eric really likes you"  "I told him I think about him to and even have sex with him but I can't do that i'm not that kind of person" I said eating a grape  "Well since you two are going to Las Vegas and you'll probably spend the night over there don't do anything with him since you love Justin that much, trust me I would get a piece of that myself if I was you"  "I get it he's hot and have amazing blue eyes but i'm not gonna do anything with him"  "What are you going to wear" she asked  "I don't know we're leaving in the morning"  "I would recommend a sexy dress just to get him turnt on that for he could want you so much-" "I'm not doing that" "Give it a shot have a little fun you can't just be the old have sex with Justin have a baby and not have any kind of fun, it's not like i'm asking you to sleep with him i'm just asking to wear something hot"  "I'll think about it alright" "Okay" she said. A few hours passed Cait left and Justin got home. "Hey babe" he said giving me a kiss on the lips  "Hey, your friend visited"  "Wonder who that would be" "Cait"  "Oh god what kind of bullshit did she say to you today"  he asked "Nothing we just had a little girl talk" I said  "She's a bad influence Karmin I mean she tells you to do this and that and you do it. She doesn't care how I feel because I cheated on her. I know I cheated on you and ruined your life but that's in the past she treats you like she's your parent. And I also know she's been there for you when we broke up, when I cheated and about your parents but she's giving you bad choices. Y'know I don't care if you and Eric go to Las Vegas together you wasn't worried when I went to New York I shouldn't be worried about you doing something with Eric because I know you love me and I should be giving that same feeling to you. I always liked Micheal better"  "Yeah I know you apologized for everything you've done in the past and I forgive you, the reason I just forgive you because you're the first person that I ever felt in love with I know relationships have faults it's just I can't leave you. You made me into a better person I thought I wouldn't make it this far in life but I did and it's because of you. I never understood relationships but it's good to know how it feels to love someone you truly love. Sometimes I just listen to what Cait says but I don't actually do it because if I tell her that I won't do something she'll tell me to have a little fun or something else. You, your family, Jordan, Micheal and your friends are the only ones I have in my life right now and I don't want that taken away" I said kissing him. "What did she say" he asked  "Let's just don't talk about that" "Alright well i'm happy I didn't see her"  "Be nice. I know you and her don't like each other because of what I did-"  "What we did it doesn't matter about what we did besides she was cheating on me too, we both thought we were the couple everyone liked but we fooled ourselves"  "She told me you were messing with Kate while you two were together"  "Yeah does that bother you"  "No. When are you going to find out if the baby is yours or not"  "I don't know. Maybe tomorrow"  "I think it's best to find out if she's lying or not get a blood test" I said grabbing Jordan.  "I will I didn't want to see her but I guess I have to. Did Eric let you come home early"  "Yeah I was really tired barely got sleep last night"  "Well put Jordan to bed and then I could make it up to you" he said "I'm tired" I said walking away going upstairs. I went into Jordan's room sitting in the rocking chair feeding her, she slowly closed her eyes still sucking on her bottle. When she fell asleep I laid her in her bed closing the door halfway turning the light off, going back downstairs seeing Justin cooking dinner. "I could've did dinner" "Someone was tired besides you can't cook" "Well i'm sorry if i'm horrible at cooking but hey give me a break I didn't learn growing up. Maybe I should make my spaghetti on Fridays" "I choose Thursday's" he said I scoffed and lightly hit his arm. "I'm kidding but seriously" he added I rolled my eyes and kissed him over and over.  "I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Las Vegas" I said pulling away.   "Okay, I can go to New York and do that stupid blood test I didn't believe her either if he isn't my son I swear" "Don't swear just forget about it" I said   "Alright, well if he is mines then we'll have to deal with it and don't worry about seeing him again"  "Justin it's important to have a dad in your life growing up" "I can't, I can't just go to New York and pretend me Kate and my son is a family when we're not i'm not risking that" "It's not like you're married to her. I know you wanted another son-"  "Don't- don't go there"  "Damn it listen to me, I know you wanted another son well if he's your son then you have to give him the same treatment as you do Jordan" I said  "Can't believe you're telling me this" "Well I am I don't want you to have a baby with anyone else"  "I didn't want that either you think I asked for that to happen"  "I think you meant you didn't ask for me to get pregnant in the first place"  "What are you talking about, this isn't about you it's about Kate I don't care if he's my son she slept with a lot of guys before we even did it, that was a long time ago why are we arguing about this"   "I didn't ask for this to happen. None of this especially getting pregnant"  "Finally you came out with the truth i'm happy you feel that way it's good to know that my wife doesn't feel the same way as I do about Drew and Jordan"  he said "No matter how much you love the kid being a teen parent stinks you wouldn't know anyways you already have another baby with someone else" I said walking away. I know it was a bit harsh on arguments happens but either way someone is gonna end up apologizing before the night is over with, I guess. 


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