Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


13. Serious

When we got to the house, before I could go in Micheal called me. "Hey" I said "Hey, are you coming I just want to make sure" "Oh shit sorry Micheal I just got discharged from the hospital. I fell out" "Oh no. Well it's okay if you don't come, just get some rest alright. I honestly didn't want to come with you know who, she has a big mouth. And I don't like the way she's talking about my best friend" she said and I smiled. "Thanks for understanding" "No problem. See you at school tomorrow" she said hanging up. I went inside the house going upstairs laying down falling asleep. The next day I got ready for school, I hopped inside the shower cleaning my body, I felt arms around my waist I smiled and bit my bottom lip while I was washing my arm. Justin pulled me close to him I giggled and turnt around. ''What are you doing in here'' I asked ''I can't take a shower with my baby'' he asked and I smiled. ''Okay fine..but nothing freaky'' I said turning back around smiling. He turned me back around, I laughed washing his chest. He grabbed my ass cheek so hard that the lips of my pussy separated. ''Justin stop it'' I whined ''Why is it turning you on'' "Yes..a little" I said. He started kissing my neck, I giggled trying to hold in the moans slipping from my lips, he grabbed my boob, roughly sucking and biting on kissed my neck. We started making out, I dropped my sponge onto the floor, he picked me up I wrapped my arms around his neck, he wrapped my legs around his waist, smacking my ass. ''What time is it'' I asked between kisses ''Time for you to shut up and enjoy the makeout'' he said and I laughed. ''Seriously'' I said. He sighed looking at his watch. ''It's 7:13'' he said leaning back in. ''I gotta hurry'' I said getting down. ''Aw babe we haven't had sex yet since yesterday'' ''Well i'm sorry if I don't have any plans with Micheal then yes i'll do it tonight" I said. We both got out dried ourselves and got dressed. I put on some make up, did my hair, and put on my clothes, brushing my teeth, grabbing my bag going downstairs. ''Whoa whoa whoa slow your roll'' he said coming downstairs. ''Sorry Justin it's 7:20 I have to get down to the bus stop'' ''How about I just take you to school'' ''No Justin I don't want people to-'' ''Know that we're dating babe everyone knows i'm famous" he said interrupting. ''Yeah I know but..still'' ''Could I just take you to school for the first time'' he asked and I sighed. ''Alright fine but park a mile away from the school'' ''Got it'' he said grabbing his keys. We got into his car I sighed he started the car leaving the driveway. He stopped the car a couple blocks from the school. ''Thanks'' I said starting to open the door. "Are you forgetting something'' he asked. I smiled leaning over, we started kissing which turnt out into a make out session. ''Bye Justin'' I said ''Bye.." he said wiping his bottom lip off. I got out and closing the door walking to the school. He drove off and I kept walking till I reached the school. I went into class and zipped up my jacket sitting down at my desk. I sighed, from the corner of my eye I could tell Sarah was staring at me. I looked back at her and she quickly looked away. I scoffed rolling my eyes. The teacher told us what he wanted us to do today, he was the type of chill teacher. Once we walk into the room he's sitting at the desk on his phone not having a single care in the world. The class carry on their daily conversations. And then once he's tired of hearing people gossip, he pass us our assignments. Tell us how to do it, where to look for it, and then sit back down at his desk again back on his phone. Just quiet as a mouse, but not that quiet, I mean we still carry on conversations but if it gets too rowdy then he would say something to make us shut up. He's cool though, he's a fair teacher. The kind of teacher that if you do so hot on a test he can let you retake it with notes the second time you don't do so good. I finished my work and turned it in. The good thing about this class is once you have good grades and turn your assignments you can get on your phone, or basically do anything, so I just laid my head down. 


I went to second block. Micheal ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. ''I'm so happy you and the baby are okay" she said sitting me down. "Yeah me too, it's nothing though it's jus y'know the food here is disgusting and I didn't eat enough yesterday" "Karmin that's not how this goes..you're pregnant, you're eating for two. That's weird...all pregnant women stay hungry" "Yeah well, I basically don't know about about this baby. I'm just walking around with a baby in my stomach, not even knowing the first step to do" "What about clothes shopping, get things ready. You know the crib and other stuff like that. Justin is a celebrity and he's rich he's suppose to help and know things" she said chuckling.  "Maybe our minds aren't there yet..I mean all we know is a baby inside of me" "Karmin sweetie, you and Justin needs to be more serious about this...we're talking about another human being here. A freaking baby. Is Justin really that shallow" "I don't know Micheal, I really don't i'm confused"I said and she sighed. "Okay don't worry alright. We'll figure this out, and I will help you okay." "Okay so what am I suppose to do" I asked "First, be serious about this. You and Justin. Secondly, go to the doctor soon as possible and go from there" she said and I nodded. "I'll talk to Justin" I said. School ended a few hours later. I didn't wanna ride the bus and I didn't want Justin to come pick me up. I got a call from Justin, and I answered. ''Where the hell are you..i'm worried sick'' he said starting ''Justin i'm fine'' ''Where are you'' ''I'm just...walking. On my way to the house I only have a few blocks'' I said he sighed and hung up. When I got to the house, I opened the door and sat my bag down on the floor. Justin ran downstairs picking me up and kissed me. ''I'm so happy you're alright'' ''Justin..I was just walking from school'' ''Yeah you could have told me to pick you up'' ''Didn't feel like it'' I said sitting down. ''Why..are you embarrassed of me'' ''No I just didn't want you know...people to notice that you got me pregnant and stuff'' ''What do you mean'' he asked ''I meant  like...okay you dropped me off this morning a mile away because I didn't want people to know that I rode in the car with you and...you got me pregnant that's why I wear a jacket to cover'' ''Why can't you just drop out of school and be homeschooled'' ''I wanna graduate and go to college, are you serious right now. I can't believe you just said that. Would you do it if you were in school" "I'm sorry it was stupid for me to say that" he said sitting beside me ''So what are we gonna do'' he added ''I only have another year of school left, I want to  be on the right track with my classes, and my classmates'' ''Babe..I was homeschooled when I first became famous...i'm not going to college'' ''Yeah you're famous i'm not i'm just a normal person'' ''I know that but hey I graduated on the Ellen show'' ''And where am I gonna graduate if I get homeschooled...in the bathroom'' ''That's quite funny'' he said and laughed a little. I rolled my eyes. ''Justin i'm serious, we have to be serious about this and about this baby'' ''Fine keep going to school but if you're completely embarrassed.-Why don't you want anyone to see us together we're on the internet and stuff like that'' he said and "It's a lot of thinking to do Justin. I'm too young to have a baby. I want to further my education Justin. I wish you would understand that" I said "I do understand I didn't mean to say that to you" he said going upstairs. I  went after him and he  laid down on the bed and I climbed on top of him.  ''Justin'' I said he put his phone down and looked at me. ''What'' he said in a calm voice ''Don't be mad at me'' ''I'm not mad I was just saying. If you don't think you could go back to school, be homeschooled. I can pay for you a tutor and everything. I just want to help. You want me to be serious about the baby, I am. I've been reading a couple of baby books lately, plus I know a few things about pregnancy. I realized we haven't been taking this baby seriously it's just happened so fast y'know" he said and I nodded. "I know. And I know we need to be more serious about this situation and also us. I don't want this relationship to be based on sex, now that i'm a mother" "I agree. Maybe you can meet my mom soon, I will do some shopping once we know what the gender is, and have a baby shower it'll be nice" "That sounds nice. I like when you sound so supportive and responsible. It actually makes me like you more" I said smiling. He smiled too and kissed my fingers. 


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