Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


31. Second Try

I went upstairs. Karmin having a knife in her hand ready to stab herself. I quickly ran over and grabbed it. "What were you thinking" I asked "I can't handle it anymore i'm not strong to get over-" "Karmin stop it's time for us to stop..being depressed or trying to kill ourselves isn't gonna bring him back" I said interrupting her sitting beside her. "It's time to move on for the hundredth time I know it hurts but everyone is and they're trying to help us get over him he was just a baby" "He wasn't just a baby he was our son you said he kept us a family..what if we're not a family anymore because of what happened" "We can still be a family even if he's not here" I said "Impossible I couldn't just walk into his room and not picture anything, I wanted to see what he would be doing, everything's gone" "We're not helping ourselves if we keep thinking about him Karmin he wants us to be happy not be depressed and angry everyday. I get it he's our son i'm gonna let go..because it's what he would want us to do besides you didn't wanna kill yourself..you would've done it while I was gone but you didn't we both have hard lives we need to live through them" I said "It's hard" "Of course it's hard but we have no choice I think that Drew died because he wants us to see how we are gonna be and us crying it's solving anything everyone looses someone everyone has a fucked up life we can always make more babies Karmin" "Not planning on making another" she said "Then why cry about it" "Why did you cry" she asked "Cause I was hurt I didn't get to spend time with him because YOU took him away from me" "Oh so this my fault it wouldn't be my fucking fault if you slept with every girl you could possibly get with" she said and I scoffed getting up. "I told you I was sorry for what I did alright it's in the past it's behind me..do you think we can ever have sex again" I asked "I don't know Justin I don't think things will be the way they were at first but..you will have to prove to me that you're not some kind of player if we actually want to be serious again. Drew wouldn't want this..sleeping around while you have a girlfriend-" "Okay! It was just one time anyways" I said "Okay fine" "Wanna go out to dinner again..i'm taking my moms word to start fresh" I said "Mm..dinner yeah i'll love to but it better not be like last time it was hell" she said and I chuckled. "True..so would you rather have dinner here or just go out" "Doesn't matter it'll be our second date it's crazy how long we've been together we only had two dates ugh we're such a roller coaster" she said. "I agree come on get dressed I rented out the place for us besides paparazzi won't be there..I hope not" "I'm so happy that were moving on with our lives and bonding more instead of between the sheets..and i'm also happy we are starting to be in a serious relationship together" "Me too, I just feel guilty about all the things I did and put you through you've had a tough life and I shouldn't have done that to you especially when we were a family and i'm sorry" "Justin it's okay you were right we need to forget about it and move on with our lives and just start fresh. I feel good about starting fresh but we can't act like our son never happened" "Yeah I know wished he was still here" I said "Me too he kept us going" "Yeah but i'm pretty sure we can keep ourselves going all we have to do is get through life together and start another family..okay" I asked "Okay" she said and kissed me pulling away. "I'm gonna take a shower and I love you Justin" she said then smiled. "I've been waiting for you to stay that..but I love you too" I said she smiled again walking off. I sighed picking out an outfit taking a shower too. After we got dressed we headed to our favorite restaurant.


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