Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


27. Rink

The next day I woke up Drew was laying on Justin's stomach. I smiled running my hand softly on his head. I got up going upstairs taking a warm bath, I got up drying myself throwing on some clothes brushing my teeth, heading downstairs starting to make breakfast. "Need help" Justin said "No I got it" "Okay well I bathed Drew when he woke up, I didn't wanna wake you at 5 in the morning I know you were tired and all" "Thanks can't believe you did that" I said "Yeah well we're a family again I know you didn't ask for any of this" "I know but I knew this would happen someday" I said the doorbell rung he walked off going to get it. A few seconds later I seen Ryan and Chaz I gasped and hugged them both. "I missed you guys" I said "We missed you too, why did you leave" "Justin didn't tell you" I asked "No he didn't wanna talk about it..wait you found out him cheating" Chaz said "Cait told me" "Damn well I understand why you left" "Not helping" Justin said "Anyways we missed you he barely talked about you while you left he told me about the ultrasound and everything" "Yeah he was crying" I said laughing a little. "Justin told us he wasn't crying" Ryan said "Well he's lying" I said "Okay who cares if I cried or not leave it alone" Justin said "I'm happy you're back Karmin" Ryan said "Me too I decided not to leave again it's not worth it anymore" "You've been through a lot I know you're still trying to figure out what to do with your life, I know Justin's an asshole and a player but deep down he loves you and Andrew more than he loves anyone, even life itself" he said and I smiled. "That actually made me feel a whole lot better it's just that i'm worried I have no one but you guys and my aunt it's hard to be living without parents in your life. Parents that can tell you right from wrong being there for you, telling you what to do until it's actually their time to leave this world..I knew me getting pregnant would happen someday I wasn't really sure if I wanted a baby, no matter how much you love the kid..you'll wish it never happened" "I'm sorry" he said "Yeah me too".
After a few hours we hung out and talked. Drew was over at Pattie's house. We decided to go roller skating had a little fun I held Justin's hand slowly skating. "Everything okay" he asked "Yeah everything's fine I was just thinking if none of this ever happened" "Meaning" he said "If I had my parents, we weren't together you'll be with Cait, we didn't have a baby, I graduated, went to college starting my life with someone. It's that I don't feel the same a teen mom I didn't want any of this and neither did you" "I honestly think that having a baby was the most amazing decision you've made I love being a dad and..I love you Karmin. Damn it I really love you we have each other we have a baby, sometimes we have to get over it and thank God of what he created, you've been through hell I get that but life's hard and we have to get through it" he said "Yeah" I said lightly. He stopped holding both of my hands looking into my eyes. "I'm sorry about what I did" he said "I know and if it was because I was horrible in bed then-" "No no it's not that you're actually really good you still got it" he said and I chuckled. "Mm you do to" I said. We both smiled leaning in we kissed. "Come on" he said grabbing my hand, we started back skating catching up with the guys. "Are you done lip locking" Chaz asked "Maybe-" Justin said falling onto the floor. We all laughed I reached out my hand helping him up. "I know you did that on purpose" I said laughing. "No I didn't" "Are you lying to me" I asked "Yeah but I got you smiling" he said grabbing my hand. We went to sit down eating nachos listening to music. One of Justin's songs came on. "Haha what are you doing" "I'm gonna go dance" he said getting up I turnt around facing the rink. "Don't fall" I said laughing. "What the hell is he doing" Chaz asked "Dancing to his music" "Everything's okay now" he asked "Yeah everything's fine..he told me he loved me" "That's not the first time right" he asked "No he actually meant it this time he realized how much shit i've been through, and finally meant it" "What are you gonna do next..get married" he asked "I've never thought about getting married not at this age anyways I don't think he wants to get married either,  we should wait till we're actually very serious with each other to make a long time commitment. Do you think we will last" "Well yeah you have a baby together I think Drew would want his parents to be happy don't feel bad that you're a teen mom lots of girls are I know you rather not be one of those girls" "Tell me about it" I said taking a deep breath. 

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