Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


16. Right Here

I got ready to go out with Justin on our first date seems bad. I put on something cute but I hate how my little belly stuck out I wanted to look good. Justin leaned against the bathroom door in a tux I smiled and so did he. "You look great" I said "You do to and I like the fact that your showing now I don't care what the media says all I care about is that child inside of you and of course you to" he said wrapping his arms around my wait. I smiled and kissed his nose. "That's sweet of you to say Justin" I said he smiled and walked off. I added some lipstick on going downstairs. We headed towards the car, we held hands on our way to a fancy restaurant. I rested my head on his shoulder looking up at him smiling giving him a small kiss on his neck. "Don't get me excited" he said and I giggled. We got out the car of course paparazzi was there snapping pictures asking questions we ignored them going inside taking a seat. "You honestly put up with that" I asked "Yeah they can get out of hand just to warn you now" he said. People were staring at us I sighed and looked at my menu we end up ordering having a couple laughs eating. We stayed until everyone left eating dessert. "I have to pee" he said getting up leaving. I ate another piece of cake till my phone vibrated seeing Justin texted me. "Bathroom NOW!!" he said. A smirk came across my face I got up going to the men's bathroom making sure no one saw me. Justin pulled me in and locked the door. "So was this your plan to have some quick toilet sex" I asked "Actually no not really" he said I rolled my eyes sitting my things onto the sink lightly pushing him against the wall unbuckling his belt. "W-what are you doing" he asked "Oh shut up and enjoy" I said wrapping my hand around his dick stroking. "Um are you sure you want to do this" he asked "Well i'm already doing it anyways, plus you wanted me to come in here. When can I meet your dad" I asked "You're obsessed with meeting my parents aren't you" "I will stop" I said "I just kidding continue..you know you're really good at giving handjobs" he said "Thanks so anyways I want your family to like me and I don't want to just be some hoe on the side" "I-I got it but i'll talk to him about it" "Promise" I said "Yeah I promise" he said breathless. I smiled and kissed him lightly he grunted cumming on my hand. He took a deep breath picking me up sitting me on the sink moving my panties to the side slipping a condom on moving his body between my legs sticking himself into me. He held onto my hips. "You've gotten tighter" he said chuckling slowly thrusting I lightly moaned wrapping my arm around his neck while he picked up the pace. He wrapped my leg around his waist I kissed on his neck moaning his name softly into his ear. He breathed heavily on my neck moaning grunting in my ear gripping onto my thigh. I came slowly, Justin pulled himself out pulling his pants up buckling his belt. He helped me down off the sink I grabbed my things and we walked out the restaurant. Paparazzi was still there blocking us trying to get an answer from their questions. "Could you move" Justin said annoyed "Justin are you having sex with a minor" one asked  "Hey bitch why did you get pregnant" the first pap said to me almost tripping me I stopped. "What the hell did you do that for" Justin said pissed off.Justin lost his temper letting go of my hand punching him in the nose. He fell onto the ground holding his bloody nose, both of them were fighting. "Justin stop it" I said pulling him off kind of scared, paparazzi still kept flashing their cameras in our faces, we end up leaving the restaurant driving in silence on our way home. "I'm sorry" I said "Don't be it's his fault" "I hope you don't get in trouble for this"  "I don't care that's my child in there and i'm not going to let some asshole fucking trip you" he said "Babe calm down please" I said and he took a deep breath. "Okay i'm sorry I lost my temper and I couldn't help it I was defending you and my baby you're welcome" he said "Thanks" I said. 

  We got home I changed putting on something comfortable climbing into bed. "Don't be disappointed at me" he said cleaning his nose."I'm not it was a rough night I get it I'm over it and seriously thanks I could've done it though" "No you can't be under any stress so I had to do it i'm not going to let some fucking paparazzi hurt my girl or my baby I don't care what the consequences are but I will protect you" he said and I smiled. I stood in front of him helping him clean himself up. When I was done I threw the tissue away laying down.              JustinPov
I took a deep breath and took my tie off. "Justin" Karmin said lightly. "Yeah" I asked she held my hand and smiled. "I love you" she said "I love you too" I said kissing her head she let go of my hand closing her eyes. I got into a change of clothes going downstairs watching tv flipping through channels, hearing the news. 'The pop star Justin Bieber-' I flipped and flipped through channels my name was everywhere. I threw the remote to the wall breaking it. I walked into the kitchen grabbing a cook book from the top of the cabinet finding some weed. I took it grabbing a beer heading out to the backyard smoking, drinking Vodka. I needed to get my mind off of what happened tonight. I sat down in one of the chairs taking a deep breath. "Life sucks" I said to myself. 
I woke up to my stupid alarm clock I slammed it off with my hand sitting up. Justin wasn't in bed with me I got up took a shower getting ready going downstairs, still didn't see Justin or in the kitchen. His car keys was still on the counter but no where to be found. I put a poptart in the toaster eating it. I still wanted to know where Justin was. "Justin" I said calling his name but there was no answer. This house is too damn big for me to be walking around. H
e probably was still upset from last night hope he didn't do anything stupid. I saw a creek in the slide door going to the backyard. I opened it up seeing Justin sleeping with a beer in his hand, smelling weed on him. "JUSTIN!" I said "What" he said kind of jumpy. "What the hell are you doing out here" "Nothing I just fell asleep ugh sorry" he said "Were you smoking weed" "No" he said "I smell it on you I don't want that around my baby" "Our baby and I won't alright I just had to get some shit off my mind that's all it won't happen again, don't you suppose to be getting ready for school" he asked "I am ready, and today is Sunday" "It's just i've been under depression and-" "Justin don't get depressed it's not good for you it can lead to really bad things and I don't want that you did what you had to do last night an people should respect that you stood up for me and protected me it's not your fault" I said and he smiled. "Thanks" "You're welcome" I said. "I don't feel bad that I did what I did" "Don't ever feel bad for standing up for something or someone. They were very rude and if the cops come knocking on your door saying you assaulted someone, then I will have something to say also" "Fuck the police, what will they come here for I didn't do shit" "Exactly. But don't think about it alright, I will make you some breakfast" I said going back inside. A couple minutes later Justin came inside because it started to rain. "I'm gonna take a shower" he said leaving the kitchen. I heard my phone go off seeing Ryan was calling so I answered. "Hey Ryan" "Hey is Justin okay he's not picking up" "He's a little upset from last night" I said "Damn it's all over the fucking news. They're airing it again. Fucking assholes. What do you have planned for today" "I don't know it's raining so probably not much" "Okay well Karmin have you set an appointment for the doctors, Justin's mom told me that she was going to do it but she's forgetful sometimes and I think you should go soon as possible" "I know it's just a lot is going on. I'll set it for tomorrow" "Okay good. Tell Justin I was trying to call him and see if he was doing okay" "I will. Bye Ryan" "Bye" he said hanging up. I finished breakfast and ate. Justin came downstairs sitting at the table with me starting to eat. "Ryan called. He wanted to see how you were doing. I decided to set the appointment for tomorrow after school. You think you could come" "Yeah most definitely" "You're lying aren't you" "I will try okay. I have this business meeting plus I need to read more books and get to know about these things" "Justin you don't have to read a thousand books to learn about babies. That's what doctors are for" I said "Yeah but I want to learn some things on my own babe. Think about it" "Fine. Just tell me if you can make it or not" I said getting up cleaning my plate. "Come on Karmin don't be mad at me" he said "I'm not but if it comes to your child you should always be there" "I understand" he said "I'm sorry if me or this baby is in your way" I said "What are you talking about. I didn't say anything like that. You're stressed" he said grabbing my hands. "A little" "Don't be, everything will be okay" "Are you sure about that" I said walking away. I got into my car calling Micheal, I wanted us to go to the mall. "What are we going to the mall for" "Baby shopping I mean we don't know the gender yet but just pick out some stuff" "Karmin you don't have to do that" "Justin may have people that'll already get stuff for us but I still want to get something. Besides it's nice to spend time with you. Did you enjoy the party" "Yeah. Justin was nice not a big fan but if he makes you happy then i'm happy too" "I'm going to make the appointment tomorrow after school, his mom said that she would do it but I rather do it just in case she forgot" "Nervous" she asked and I shrugged. "If I go that means it's not just a dream it's actually happening" "Well of course it's happening. You can't help but let it happen. Do you and Justin want the baby" "He didn't mention anything about adoption or even an abortion" I said "What are you thinking" she asked and I shrugged again. "Just let it happen I guess" I said parking. When we went inside. We did a little shopping eating lunch. My phone vibrated. Justin texted me apologizing for this morning. I sat my phone down and ate my food. "So everyone knows you're pregnant now. How do you feel?" "I'm okay, I don't care anymore. Maybe this baby will make the best out of Justin and I. I always thought negative about this baby instead of positive and that's bad Micheal" I said "Well the best advice I can give you is make the best of it, it happens, you wasn't thinking maybe the sex between you two were so good you never thought about it could end up happening" she said eating her burger. "That's true" "Listen I don't know what you and Justin have going on but don't think since he got you a car means he can control you. Don't get me wrong I like Justin in a friend way but he's a pop star. I hope he doesn't take you down the wrong path" she said. Micheal was alway smart when it comes to guys, what she was saying was true. I thought about what Justin said about being homeschooled.  "Have you talked to Cait" she asked "No" "She's a bitch..she dragged you to Florida with her but can't check up on you when you left her. I'm sorry but she's not a friend" "Yeah but she's okay" I said she rolled her eyes. We left the mall I dropped her off and went back to the house. Justin was asleep on the couch with the news on. I went over to him flipping to some other channel sitting next to him. "Hey" I said while he opened his eyes. "Hey" he said smiling touching my belly. "You did some shopping" he asked and I nodded "Yeah thought I could get out the house, have time to yourself. It doesn't feel as if the whole world knows that i'm pregnant Justin" "Why you say that for. You gotta be kidding me right. Everyone knows there's no point in hiding it anymore. Don't be ashamed" he said kissing my cheek. "Are you okay" he added sitting up. "Yeah" I said starting to cry. He pulled me into a hug kissing my head. "Why are you crying" "I don't know" I said and he chuckled. "Everything will be okay. We both regret this happening but at the same time I don't regret anything on my kid. You shouldn't either. I love you alright and I love this baby, I am here for you. If you want to continue school then do that" he said "Thanks" I said kissing him. 
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