Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


26. Reunited

"I'm here" I said to her she opened her eyes laying on her back looking into my eyes. "I'm sorry...about everything" she said "I forgive you" "Are you only forgiving me because you feel sorry for me" she asked "No..well a little i'm sorry I was so rough on you I shouldn't have done that" I said "You're forgiven, Cait told me to come back she knows how much you care about me and your son she wants me to be happy instead of being depressed all the time" she said "Yeah" I said lightly. "Something wrong" "Um..no nothing's wrong well maybe" "What is it" she asked "Nothing just forget it" "Tell me" she said turning her body towards mines. "Well I know you've been under a lot of things lately" "Yeah" she said "And i'm afraid that you might do something that you might regret I know i'm thinking crazy but, I just have a feeling I want to apologize for everything I want to be a better boyfriend I care about you Karmin a lot..and about our son I don't want you to leave me again, I feel like our relationship faded away when I got you pregnant to be honest but i'm thankful i'm tired of all this drama, wouldn't it be nice to just enjoy ourselves for once and be a family" "Yeah" she said lightly. "So let's just be a normal couple lets not have sex for a while and no blowjobs" I said and she snorted laughing hugging me. "It's exciting to see you happy" I said "Yeah I want you happy to" "I am happy" I said she smiled and I did to. "I want you to get your career back Justin" she said. "You serious" "Yes i'm serious you shouldn't give it up because of me you've worked so hard to get where you are now..get it back can you get it back" she asked "Well Scooter said if I wanted it back I could talk to him" I said "..Talk to him, you love to sing and write music you can't disappoint your fans do what's right" she said I thought for quite a while she was right.I nodded she smiled and kissed me lightly. I kissed back pulling her on top of me. She giggled sitting up on me. "No sex remember" she said "Okay..you hungry" he asked "A little i'm gonna check on Drew" she said getting up going upstairs. I sighed going into the kitchen fixing a sandwich Karmin came in the kitchen holding Drew. We smiled at eachother we actually feel like a family again and i'm happy. "He's up" she said happily. "How long has he been sleep" "Quite a while..I feel bad about leaving you it's just I needed time to think and get things straighten out. I know Cait was running her mouth but you could've told me..and you cheated on me with another girl" "I know and i'm sorry I wish I can take it back trust me I don't want you going to Florida. I understand you don't have anyone but i'm here for you" I said and she smiled. "Thanks Justin..for everything" "No problem..you know i'm gonna try and get my career back" "That's great I hope it's not to late" she said "It's not..well I hope not" I said passing her a sandwich grabbing Drew. She ate her sandwich. "I didn't mean for any of this to happen I may be a huge dick to you and i'm sorry about that everything changed, you didn't graduate and I know how bad you wanted to-" "I got my GED don't worry things change..I forgive you about everything let's start fresh" she said and I nodded. After we finished our sandwiches I fed Drew. He stayed up for a little while I put him in his crib. I went back downstairs laying on the couch watching the basketball game. Karmin stood in front of me, I lifted the blanket she laid down in front of me I put the blanket on the both of us. She sighed I wrapped my arm around her kissing the side of her head. "I want to take you somewhere tomorrow just us" I said "What about Drew" "My mom wants to watch him if it's okay with you" "It's okay with me..you make the decisions too Justin you're the dad remember" she said chuckling a little. "Yeah" I said lightly. "..Good night Justin" She said turning her head towards me. I smiled and lightly crushed my lips to hers pulling away "Night Karmin" I said.

             End of POV     

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