Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


5. Once More

He kissed my back all the way up to my shoulder wrapping his arm around my waist thrusting. ''You like that you fucking slut?'' He asked. ''Yes I love it!'' I said he made a loud grunt while cumming inside of me he took his dick out laying beside each other. ''That.was.amazing!'' I said between breaths. ''Yeah I know'' He said putting his arms behind his head. ''You don't think Cait will catch us right'' ''Not sure'' ''But she's a nice girl I can't do this to her, she's my friend and my only friend and I just hopped in bed and fucked her boyfriend'' ''Hey! you're the one that hopped on my dick'' ''Yeah I know and I regret that''  I said. ''You gotta be kidding me, we just fucked again now you wanna say that to me'' ''Why you say it like that? Justin, I'm 16 I can't get pregnant and you're 18'' ''It's not that bad I'm only 3 years older than you'' ''I know but it seems wrong'' he sighed and sat up ''Karmin look I know I have a girlfriend and all and yes you're 16 but I just can't keep my hands off of you. I may go to jail for this I don't know but..you're just so hot, the sex is terrific. Come on you can't just say it's not because it is. I'm waiting for her to break up with me so then i'll have you right? Hey me and Cait never had sex so-...'' I sighed. ''Okay maybe you're right I'm just a little paranoid that's all so..when is she coming exactly'' I asked. He reached over to the dresser by the bed and checked his phone. ''In 2 minutes'' He said quickly getting out of bed putting his clothes on. ''W-what'' ''She's coming in two minutes'' He said throwing me my gown and jacket. ''You didn't have to throw my stuff you know'' ''Well sorry'' He said looking out the window. ''Um..I would have to let you go out the window'' ''Why!'' I said raising my phone putting on my clothes. ''Because she's here. Look either hide or go through the window, shit she's coming  go, go, go'' He said rushing me. I climbed out the window and couldn't believe what the fuck I was doing. " Justin...I-i love you'' ''What'' He says quietly looking guilty about what he was doing just to protect himself. I  just looked at him about to start crying. "I'll call you later okay'' He said. I sniffed and nodded. I wiped my face off and jumped off the house walking home. I got inside my house closed the door went up to my room and took a shower. I was falling in love with Justin these two sex days were perfect and amazing. I started thinking to myself what was the point of me doing all of this. To Cait, my best friend to myself, and putting Justin through this situation. I'm 16 years old still in school fucking with a celebrity! Not giving a care in the world about life. Maybe it's because I don't have anyone. My parents were murdered when I was a kid. My aunt was around at the time that's when I found Cait. She's been there for me and now I don't know she could even stand to look at me once she's found out what I've done to her relationship. I cut the water off. There was a knock on the door wondering who it could be. I went downstairs opening the door seeing Justin. "Hey" He said coming inside "What do you want" I asked. "I just came over to see you, are you okay?" He asked. "I don't know, I just got out the shower so would you leave" I said. He smirked and pinned me against the wall checking me out biting his bottom lip. He untied my robe and stared at my body. "Fuck! It turns me on when you're soaking wet" He said. We were face to face, he grabbed my hand and took me over to the couch pushing me down, spreading my legs widely. He got onto the floor, wrapping his arms around my legs and scooted me to the edge of the couch eating me out. I moaned rolling my eyes to the back of my head while grabbing and squeezing my tits. "Oh fuck!" I said licking my lips. He slid two fingers inside of me. I screamed in pleasure cause of how much it hurts. He kissed my pussy starting to thrust his fingers in and out of me kissing my inner thigh. "Mm I'm cumming" I said squirting my cum onto his fingers. He rubbed his wet fingers against my pussy licking me clean. He stood up and I sat up pulling his belt off throwing it onto the floor pulling his pants down deep throating his dick. He sighed and closed his eyes slowly while I bobbed my head on his dick. Easily biting the tip of it's head sliding it back inside my mouth. I started to play with his balls to make him cum inside my mouth, he grunted and came inside my mouth.I grabbed his dick and started to slap it on my tongue squirting his cum in my mouth licking the cum off the side swallowing it. "Mmm" I said while tasting his cum. He pulled me up and started to make out with me,  rubbing on my ass. I started to jack him off to get more harder. "Mm you're so big and juicy" I said between kisses. "You like my dick don't you?" "Mhm" I said between kisses getting back down on my knees sucking his dick again, gagging on it. He pushed my head deeper and started thrusting his dick inside my mouth that I was choking. He pulled it out and my spit and his cum was on it. I  rubbed it all in with both of my hands licking the tip of it. "Get up!" he demanded. I got up he turned me around bending me over onto the couch that the side of my face was pressed against it. He stuck himself in me, I gasped in pleasure and dug my nails into the couch. "FUCK! you're so big" I said. He moaned while he put himself all inside of me."Justin stop teasing" "Shut up" He said rubbing my pussy from behind. "Damn you're  wet" He said. I sat up while arching my back he held onto my hips thrusting slowly. I moaned lightly, pulling him by his shirt towards my ass. "FASTER!" I said he started to pick up the pace I closed my eyes and moaned. "Mm just like that" I said. He held my hips tighter and thruster faster that his balls was slapping against my clit. I screamed while my walls started to get tight around his dick. "Ugh i'm so tight" I said while digging my nails into the couch again. He wrapped his hand around my throat and thruster harder and deeper. Once again I gasped in pleasure and screamed my ass  off , trying to push his body back with my hand. "Oh god that feels good" I said he came inside of me sticking himself out. I got on knees while he jacked himself off on my face. He started to cum on my face, he moaned trying to get every last bit out. He laughed and so did I, wiping his jizz off my face inserting it into my mouth. Holy shit I was tired.

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