Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


4. Nothing But Pleasure

He started thrusting I bit my bottom lip and gripped onto the sheets harder. I moaned his name, he started pumping faster the bed was moving he was just thrusting in and out of me so fast and good it felt great. I put my head down and screamed he gripped onto the sheets to and grunted. ''Fuck I'm cumming!'' I screamed. ''Hold it'' He said. I tried to hold it all in, but he was hitting my spot I couldn't do anything but gasp in pleasure and start cumming.I know he was a little ticked off that I came but he came afterwards. We both took our breaths, his watch started beeping and he laid on top of me we were both sweaty he was breathing on my shoulder he kissed my neck, shoulder, and my ear. ''I gotta go'' He said getting off of me putting his pants on and I sat up. ''But why?" I asked confused. " I have a meeting'' ''B-but we only had 10 minutes of sex'' ''Yeah I know'' He said putting his shirt on. ''But-'' Before I could even finish my sentence, he kissed my cheek and started to walk towards my bedroom door. "I'll make it up to you okay" He said with a serious face. I didn't say anything nor look at him, I felt embarrassed. He sighed and left. I sat on the bed getting a text from Justin. 'Tonight come over my place, Cait isn't going to be there' I smiled biting my bottom lip, gosh! Am I falling in love or something? Or is it the sex that I'm falling in love with? It has to be the sex, I couldn't  wait for tonight.I put my gown back on went downstairs and watched t.v. I decided to lay on the couch and take a nap.When I got up it was 8 o'clock. I panicked and put on my jacket, my shoes, running out the house towards Justin's. Starting to knock on the door. The door swung open the only thing I could do was stare at his body. ''Damn'' I said and he chuckled. ''Sorry I'm late I took a nap when you left'' ''No worries come in'' He said moving out the way I walked in, he closed the door and smacked my ass. I turned around and smiled. ''I guess what I gave you at my place wasn't enough for you'' I said. ''Of course it wasn't enough, I couldn't stop thinking about it at the meeting, thank god it's over'' ''Whatever Justin..are you gonna show me to your room'' I said touching on his chest, he grabbed my hand and lead me towards his room. ''Wow! I love your room'' I said. ''No time for that'' He said pushing me on the bed taking my shoes and jacket off.  ''It's my turn to be on top now" I said getting up pushing him on the bed climbing on top of him, teasingly taking my gown off. ''God you're sexy'' He said putting his hands on my hips moving them up my body. ''Question. What makes you date Cait instead of me?'' ''I don't know exactly she's your friend'' ''Mhm..I know that'' I said. He got up, we traded places while he pinned me down on the bed. ''Don't question me'' He says. ''And why not'' ''Cause I said so'' He said. I started to  roll my eyes. He gave me a passionate wet kiss pulling away. I laughed, he sat up taking his belt off slowly. I got impatient and took it off for him throwing it on the floor. He smirked, I wrapped my hand around his neck pulling him down towards making out. He kissed my shoulder, boobs, chest, stomach, and the lips of my pussy. I put my hand on the back of his head, he slid his tongue inside of me. I bit my bottom lip. ''Faster'' I said closing my eyes his tongue started fiddling with my clit faster. I arched my back pushing his head farther so that his tongue was deeper inside of me. I moaned in pleasure, cumming on his tongue and lips. I took my hand off of Justin's head and pulled on the blankets he spread my legs out wrapping his arms around my legs separating them still making out with my pussy. I groaned slamming my head onto the pillow he came up to breathe and he smiled. ''Cum'' He said looking down to my vagina, I started cumming, he smirked and slurped it all up. He then sat up taking his dick out sliding it inside of me, putting his arms beside my ears on the bed thrusting. I moaned wrapping my arms around his placing my hands on his shoulder we started kissing adding tongue, he licked my tongue and I licked his.His dick was so hard inside of me it hurt but it felt good at the same time. Thrusting faster I closed my eyes. I could feel my tits moving up and down with the fast pace he was going. Justin moaned loudly putting his head by my ear moaning. His moans were such a turn on I bit my bottom lip, he grunted slowing down.He thrusted twice before taking it out of me I got up getting in my 69 position where he entered himself inside of me. I arched my back, my asshole was to tight so he stopped trying to force it in inside me.He ate my ass licking my ass cheeks and slid himself inside of me I groaned and pulled onto the sheets. I sat up while still bending over and he started thrusting slowly.

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