Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


8. My Baby

The next morning I woke up in my bed with my clothes on from last night. Justin probably carried me in the house or something a I could barely remember, but I had to talk to him. I did my morning routine going towards his house, taking a deep breath before knocking. I knocked on the door. ''Hey'' he said ''Hey'' I said back ''Um...I have to talk to you'' I added ''I dont think this is working out'' we both said together ''..That was weird'' ''Yeah but um yeah things aren't working out. Friends?'' he asked ''Yeah friends'' I  said and we hugged. ''Well um...I better get going'' ''Alright'' he said and smiled ''Okay'' I said and walked away heartbroken. I started walking home starting to pack up, I was moving to Florida with Cait. I know I haven't talked to her in a while but she's moving and she's always there for me. I know it sounds stupid I fucked her boyfriend well her ex-boyfriend, you could even say I ruined their relationship, but I guess she didn't give a shit she wanted me to stay with her cause she didnt want to feel lonely. I packed up everything taking one last look at the house seeing what I'm leaving behind. I heard she honked the horn from outside. I grabbed a picture with my family and I grabbing my bags putting them in the car. I got inside without saying a word to her. "What's wrong sweetie you feel down'' she said looking at me. I looked at her like I wanted to cry but she just hugged me. ''Aw sweetie what's the matter'' ''Justin and I decided to break up with each other'' ''WHAT!!throughout all that sex you two had'' ''You knew about it'' ''Duh on the movie night I knew something was planned cause you were acting a little fishy'' ''...I'm sorry'' ''It's okay'' she said and drove off. ''I didn't mean to ruin your relationship with him, we have been talking forever'' I said ''Yeah I know but hey..it's just a relationship right i'm not gonna fight over a guy'' It was a long silence, we got to the airport and got out taking our bags out the car going inside for our tickets, waiting for our flight to be called. It didn't take long for us to be called, I sat next to Cait cause of course I was still heartbroken. I sighed and laid my head on her shoulder closing my eyes going to sleep. Cait shook me when the plane landed We got off, taking a taxi to get to the house, it was amazing and big I couldn't believe that Cait and I are going be living together. We went inside and the furniture was already there, it was beautiful. I went upstairs to my room and put my things away getting a call from Ryan. We have been talking every since we met, but not like that more as a friend way. ''Hey Ryan'' ''Hey um..Justin told me what happen are you alright'' ''Yeah i'm good it's just...you know i'm still not over him'' ''Then why did you break up with him'' ''To much sex. I loved it but..I don't know, I thought that it was time but i'll call you tomorrow alright'' ''Alright..take care'' he said ''Yeah you to'' I said hanging up. "Hey..wanna go out for dinner tonight'' ''Yeah s-'' I said starting to talk running into the bathroom throwing up. ''Are you okay'' she said pulling my hair away from my face. ''Yeah i'm fine'' I said flushing the toilet washing my mouth off with the palm of my hand. She held out a pregnancy test. ''I think it's time'' she said ''Do you think I am'' ''Hell yeah if you are I want to be a grandma'' she said smirking. I chuckled. ''Uh..okay'' I said and she left closing the bathroom door. I started thinking damn am I really pregnant or was it because I was drunk last night and me throwing up is just now hitting me. I sighed and started to do my business. I waited for a good 10 minutes. It came out positive. I put my hand over my mouth having a tear come out my eye. I put the stick down and looked at myself in the mirror looking down to my belly. I pulled my shirt up touching on it. I sniffled and put my shirt down. ''What did it say'' she said from the other side of the door.''You're gonna be a grandma'' ''AHH!!'' she screamed.''Karmin what's wrong...you don't sound excited'' she said in a calm tone. ''I don't know, i'm pregnant but, Justin and I aren't together'' ''Oh..well fuck him you got me right'' ''Yeah'' I said ''Awesome i'll get ready and we can leave to go out to dinner'' she said walking away from the door. She seemed pretty happy, I smiled walking back to my bed calling Ryan.''Ryan I have to tell you something'' ''Sure what's up'' ''Is Justin around'' I asked ''He walked out he'll be back in a minute we're at the studio'' ''Well..I just found out that i'm pregnant. I threw up and..Cait gave me a pregnancy test..it came out positive'' ''Holy shit..are you gonna tell Justin'' he said sounding surprised. "I don't know yet'' ''Oh well if you want me to I will'' ''Um..okay. BUT! I don't think he'll approve'' I said ''Of course he'll approve, he got you pregnant and it's gonna be HIS child, if he backs down i'll make sure I punch him in the face'' ''Okay'' I said giggling "Yeah..but congrats'' ''Thanks Ryan'' ''Alright i'll talk to you later'' ''Okay..bye'' ''Bye'' he said hanging up. I smiled biting the corner of my bottom lip getting up.

                          Justin's POV

''Hey Ryan-..why are you smiling hard'' I asked curiously ''I think you need to get back with Karmin'' ''Look Ryan she's a great girl but we've decided already. It's generous to say that'' ''Yeah I know that'' ''Why are you still smiling then'' I asked ''Well..she called'' ''SHE CALLED! w-where is she'' ''She's in Florida she moved to Florida with Cait. Cait doesnt want to be alone and you know Karmin doesn't have a family'' ''Then why are you smiling'' ''Lets just say..'' i said wrapping his arm around my neck ''You're gonna be a dad'' he said  ''Oh-...oh my gosh! I-im gonna be a dad'' ''Yeah'' he said smiling ''Holy shit..I-i gotta go find her'' I  said running out the studio. I ran out the studio getting into my car to the airport. I got a plane ticket my plane would be called in a few minutes. I walked around back and forth waiting for it to be called. I ran towards the door giving her my ticket when I got called. I was smiling my ass off, I couldn't believe that I. Justin Bieber was gonna be a dad. I never pictured this moment would happen, it just happen said e so fast. I wouldn't dare miss this moment. It's gonna be my child, my baby. I buckled up putting on my sunglasses, throwing my hood over my head so that no one would recognize me. I grabbed my phone and started texting Karmin telling her how excited I am. When the plane landed, I quickly got off the plane. I couldn't stop a taxi for shit in the world. Stupid motherfuckers do they know who I am? I am Justin fucking Bieber. I had to find out the street address so I called Cait. ''Hey where are you'' ''In my new house'' I could tell she was smiling on the other end. ''Where is it'' ''Why you wanna know-..oh'' ''Yeeeah so where the hell is it'' I asked impatiently ''Don't be rude to me, it's 314 Shady Grove Blvd'' ''Thanks'' I said hanging up. Fuck it I started running, I wouldn't dare stop running until I reached the house. I asked a few people where it was and they gave me directions I was happy they didn't scream or yell, not noticing who I was. I finally stopped running standing in front of the house. I got to the front door knocking on it seeing Cait answered. ''Ew'' she said ''Move'' I said pushing her out the way making my way upstairs looking for Karmin's bedroom. She was humming putting her bra on. I smiled and tackled her onto the bed. ''OH MY GOSH JUSTIN!'' She said and hugged me. I kissed her, and she pulled away. ''What was that for'' she said ''Ryan told me. I couldn't call, but I texted. I  wanted to surprise you. I took a plane got off, I couldn't get a taxi so I ran to find out where you were. I asked a few people but I didn't stop running till I found you'' ''You ran in the rain...just to find me'' ''Pretty much yeah'' I said She smiled. ''No one has never done that for me before'' ''Well...I just had to find out where you were and you're carrying my baby'' ''I thought you wouldn't like it'' ''What do you mean wouldn't like it?It's my baby and i'm gonna be there for you and him..or her'' ''Aw'' She blushed. ''Just kiss already'' Cait said standing by the door. I kissed her, pulling away. "Now lets go'' Cait said ''Hold on" Karmin said to Cait. ''So what are you gonna do'' she asked ''Live with me'' I said ''I can't live with you'' she said ''Well..I guess it's gonna be the last time we're gonna see each other'' ''Why you say that'' she asked ''You moved in with her'' I said. Karmin looked at Cait, she was looking at her crossing her arms, she looked back at me ''Are you really going to live with this bitch he's gonna break your heart'' Cait said ''Break her heart? What the fuck are you talking about Cait i'm getting really tired of your bullshit right now'' ''Oh yeah and what are you gonna do'' ''I don't know. But what if you wanna see me'' ''I'll come again and see you it's okay you can stay here with her okay'' I said kissing her cheek leaving. ''Justin'' Karmin said turning me around ''Yeah'' I said ''You dont seem upset'' ''Why would I be upset'' ''Cause I didn't go with you'' ''Oh it's alright you wanna be with your bestfriend i'm okay with that'' ''But..you came down here for nothing and-'' ''I came down here to see you and to hug you'' I said interrupting. ''Yeah and that's it, come out to dinner with us'' ''Do you think I have clothes with me i'm still kind of wet. Karmin it's okay alright just go back to Cait and..have fun i'll see you in a few months'' ''Few months'' she asked ''Yeah i'm not gonna be able to come back down here, gotta do some work in the studio before the baby comes but take care'' I said walking off ''..I'm coming with you'' she said and I stopped walking  ''What'' ''I-i'm coming with you'' ''You came down here with Cait you didn't move in with her for no reason she wanted you to so..just stay here'' I said "NO! I am coming with you back to Canada and going back to what we always did'' ''..You mean..sex'' ''Yes our sex was amazing and..I don't wanna end it'' "Me either, so if you want to come the plane leaves in 10 minutes" I said, she quickly went in the house got all of her stuff.

''I'll miss you'' she said to Cait hugging her. ''I'm not surprised you're going with him but I understand you still have school and a life to live so, I'll miss you too" Cait said hugging her back. Karmin and I caught a cab back to the airport. When we got there we got the tickets, our flight called, we made it there just in time. We boarded the plane sitting in the back. There were hardly people on here, I put Karmin bags up sitting next to her. She laid her head on my arm closing her eyes. "Thanks for coming back with me" I said to her stroking her arm.

                           End of POV

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