Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


15. Meet Pattie

He started kissing softly on my back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it. His soft wet lips making his way up to my neck, making me shiver. "Get back on the floor" he said. I slid it inside my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head thrusting his cock inside of my mouth. He started moaning my name. ''Oh Karmin you're so damn good at this'' he said I giggled, sucking the tip getting up from the floor, sitting down on the couch. He sat down next to me and grabbed my hand wrapping it around his dick stroking it. ''Your cock is so big, when are you gonna let me meet your parents'' I asked and he quickly looked at me. ''You can't meet them'' he said ''Why not'' ''Cause..i'm not ready for you to meet them'' ''Why not'' I asked jacking him off faster getting angry. ''B-because I don't want-...oh shit'' he said slowly throwing his head back while his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. He started cumming loads into my hand. ''Okay okay you can meet them'' he said and I stopped. ''When'' I asked ''This weekend'' he said and i smiled getting up walking upstairs. I started washing up getting out the shower putting on some new clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror and lifted up my shirt feeling on my stomach and its gotten a small bump. ''Hey'' Justin said peeking through the bathroom. ''Hey are you still naked'' I said ''It kind of feels comfortable'' he said and I chuckled. ''What's wrong'' ''Well..its just..I got  pregnant at the age 16 and i'm 17 now..still in school and I only have another year of school left and-'' ''Hey hey don't worry I told you that you could be homeschooled'' he said ''Yeah but I want get my diploma I want to become a doctor'' ''Do you think that the baby is ruining your repuatation'' he asked. ''No it's not ruining it..I mean i'm happy to have this baby but..school, I have to cover up all the time so people wont notice'' ''Well people get pregnant in high school all the time'' he said "Yeah but I didn't want to be like them" "I know it's my fault this happened to you. It happened so fast. I apologize." "No Justin, I had this coming. All of this unprotected sex I knew this was coming, it was my fault. I knew what I was doing but I wasn't in my right mind to even come across pregnancy. I'm the one ruining your reputation" "Babe don't worry about that okay, it's happening and that's what matters" he said. I nodded and hugged him. "Get some rest okay" he said kissing my forehead. I crawled into bed and went to sleep. 

    When I woke up it was 10:45 at the night I got up going downstairs seeing Justin watching tv eating a bag of chips. "Hey you" he said "Hey, you cleaned up" "Yeah, I would've waited till the maid came but I just went ahead and did it come on sit down" he said I sat down and took a deep breath. "Have a good sleep" he asked "Yeah what are you watching" "The Purge..chip" he asked "Nah" I said. He grabbed my leg putting it on his lap kissing me. "What happen to your parents" he asked "I'm not comfortable talking about them" "Okay I was just curious" he said watching the tv. "They got murdered..happy" "No not when you say it like that sorry for asking" he said "It's okay it's just..I don't want to picture them getting killed, I watched them die I couldn't do anything about it. I was only 9 and there was nothing I could do" I said "I'm sorry it must be terrible to watch your own parents die right in front of your eyes" "Yeah it's just..I don't have anyone I only had sex with you because I thought it would help me forget about it but I can't" I said "I understand but it's okay you're a mom and i'm a dad we have a family we have each other and also..Caitlin" he said and I giggled "Oh stop it you DID date her" "Yeah I know but everyone makes mistakes" he said "You're so mean" I said "Oh well it's worth it" he said wrapping his arm around my neck. We watched the movie Justin fell asleep on my lap. I smiled playing in his hair falling back asleep also. 

I woke up to the smell of breakfast I looked down at my stomach seeing a little bump I was finally showing. I went upstairs taking a shower getting ready for the day. "Morning" Justin said as I walked downstairs. "Morning breakfast smells really good" "Yeah my mom is here" he said and my eyes lit up. "What" "She's here babe don't worry I already told her about you and the pregnancy and you said it for yourself, you wanted to meet her" "Okay i'm just a little scared" "Don't be come on" he said grabbing my hand walking into the kitchen. "Mom this is Karmin" Justin said introducing us. "Nice to meet you Karmin i'm Pattie you're even prettier in person, Justin told me about you and you're pregnancy don't worry i'm not upset anymore, just wish I could've met you a long time ago" "Yeah I agree Justin was just afraid of what you were going to say that's all" I said "He makes a lot of mistakes and now he has to learn by them he is a famous pop star and a lot of people will be talking"  she said "I know mom I don't care what they think I want to do things my way instead of everyone judging me about it" he said walking away. "Eh get used to it, so have you made an appointment for your ultrasound" "Oh no not yet" "How did you find out you were pregnant" she asked "A pregnancy test, I didn't get my period that day, but I thought about setting an appointment at the doctors" "Oh well don't worry i'll set it up for you and we can go together" "Okay" I said "You seem scared don't worry it'll be just fine it just have a lot of symptoms during pregnancy, your boobs get sore, you'll feel dizzy, have headaches, having to pee every few minutes or so it'll be just fine. And watch out for mood swings I told Justin about that so he wouldn't get freaked out or anything but don't worry everything will be just fine" she said and I nodded. Pattie wasn't that bad of a person I thought she was one of those strict moms but she's not she's nice, short, and gorgeous. I walked off and seen Justin flipping through channels on the tv I sighed sitting next to him rubbing my belly. "You look pretty hot pregnant" he said "Awe thanks I so don't want to go back to school" "But you have to you're the one that wants to graduate" "Are you saying that as a bad thing" I asked "No just saying" he said "I feel..sick" I said "Yeah you'll get used to it 8 more months to go, maybe you're just hungry come on" he said getting up helping me up we walked into the kitchen. "You'll be great parents I know you will just stay out under the sheets" Pattie said and I chuckled. "So Karmin staying in school" "Yeah I want to graduate i'm only in the 11th grade so..yeah i'm hoping to stay in school" "That's nice to hear most girls just drop out, don't let Justin talking you out of it, because he will" she said. We finished breakfast getting to know each other a whole lot better. When she left I was happy I felt close to Pattie even though I didn't have a mom, I actually felt welcomed and wanted. Justin was on twitter scrolling down in his timeline retweeting beliebers that supported us through the pregnancy.  "Wanna go out to dinner tonight, I never took you out for a date" he said and I smiled. "Yeah and you're right you've never took me out too busy having sex" "That's true" he said chuckling a little. 

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