Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


24. Make-Up Sex

It's been months since Justin texted or called maybe he's thinking maybe he's better with the other girls I don't know. Drew is only 8 months old he is really starting to look like Justin. I was watching tv in the living room. Cait came down and sat beside me. "Are you still mad at me" she asked "Why would I be mad" "Because of all the things I said-" "Cait it's okay it's done don't worry about it" I said "I just feel bad for you" "That makes two of us" I said and my phone vibrated seeing it was from Justin. 'I want to  talk meet me at the Hampton hotel at 2 room 304' he said I took a big sigh texting back. I didn't know if he wanted to see Drew or not but maybe he did so I was bringing him with me. I was 5 minutes late but whatever I went to the hotel going to the room knocking seeing Justin in a grey shirt basketball shorts grey vans and his gold chain. "Come in" he said I sighed going inside sitting on the couch. "Karmin I took my time to fix things while we were split apart" he said "Oh really" I said "Yes you told me to think while you left me well I was thinking HARD and I want you back" "Because of Drew" I asked "No not because of Drew well mostly yeah because he's my son and I miss him can you stop acting like this Cait putting words into your head it's not making any sense" he said "Justin..I don't know i've already been through a lot and i've never stopped crying since that day" "I'm sorry alright but I fixed it, I fixed everything please come back home we're falling apart and I don't want that" he said "I don't either but I have to think too, I don't know what I want, you made my life better I admit that but you're a cheater" "It's not cheating if I didn't do anything with them" he said "Seeing another girl is cheating Justin I don't look at you like they do" "What the hell is that suppose to mean" he said "Nothing Justin just forget it" I said "You look good today" he said "Thanks you're not bad yourself" I said he sat beside me and grabbed Drew. "I wasn't there when he said his first word, his first step anything like that Karmin" he said "I know and i'm sorry I should've recorded it or something but I wasn't thinking and I didn't know it was gonna happen anyways" "I don't even feel like a dad anymore" he said "Don't say that you still is, you will always be a dad to Andrew it's just you hurt me and Drew also, it's just how can you cheat on me when you have a son and I try my best to give you the most amazing sex ever" I said "I don't know i'm just stupid" he said "Well that I can agree on" "Thanks that made me feel better" he said sarcastically. "You're just a spoiled celebrity that can be a total ass sometimes only a real person that can say that..cares about you" I said "Yeah" he said lightly. "Don't be so down it's okay all celebrities are like that" "I gave it up" he said "You what" "I gave up my career..everything I did reminded me of you" "SO!" I said "So I did it i'm out of the music industry" "Justin music is the only thing that speaks to you" "Yeah and I don't care I just want my family back I don't care about my career right now" he said and I sighed. "I'm sorry about everything i've done to make you so pissed at me that you won't give me another chance...but I love you damn it and even though you're not pregnant anymore i'm still gonna protect you be there for you and love you..I understand you wanted to have sex with me sometimes because you was afraid that I would leave you, I can't leave you we have a son and I wouldn't leave if we didn't" he said and chuckled lightly. "This is crazy Cait is full of shit you know that right we would still be together if it wasn't for her" "She told me the truth..you didn't" I said "I know but I fixed it" "How did you fix it" I asked "I went to one of their houses told her not to talk to me anymore and told her to tell the rest" "Wow and that really worked"I said "Yeah it worked haven't heard from them since isn't that what you wanted for me to fix things so we can get back together if not I don't know why I wasted my time doing that, I can't fucking sleep worrying about you and Drew-" I cut him off with a kiss pulling away. "Shut up" I said giggling. "You're talking to much" "Can you forgive me" "I'm afraid it will happen again" I said "It's not gonna happen come back with me I miss you guys" he said "Just promise nothing won't happen" "..I promise besides I haven't forgotten that promise I made you" he said kissing my hand. "What promise" "Come on i'll show you" he said. We got up leaving the room getting into his car. I sat in the passenger seat. Justin didn't let go of my hand I looked at our hands and at him. "What" he said smiling at me "Nothing it's just you're holding my hand" "And that's a problem because" he said "Um..I'm seeing someone" I said and he stopped the car. "Excuse me" "I was kidding damn" I said "If you were seeing someone I would kill him" "Justin no you wouldn't you would want me happy" I said and he chuckled rolling his eyes. "Yeah whatever" he said and started back driving. "Close your eyes" he said "Why" "Just do it" he said I sighed and covered my eyes with my hands. The car stopped. "Can I uncover them" "Yeah" he said I uncovered them and seen I was at Disney Land. "Surprise" Justin said. "You remembered" "We may not be back together but I keep my promises" he said we got out the car walking around eating Cotton Candy. We both fed each other a piece of ours laughing, playing games, taking pictures with Disney characters, we had so much fun when we left Justin won a big teddy bear for me I never expected this to happen. We arrived at the hotel Cait came to get Andrew taking him back to the house we went up to the room, I stopped in front of the door and kissed him. "What was that for" he asked "The best day ever" I said and kissed him again. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I let it enter I rubbed my hand on his pants feeling his hard dick, he pulled on my bottom lip opening the room door we went inside. I dropped the bear onto the floor taking my shirt off helping Justin take his off starting to make out. We made our way to the bed he lightly pushed me down taking my shoes and pants off. I pulled down his basketball shorts dropping them to his ankles, trailing my nails down on the outside of his dick pulling his boxers down rubbing the tip with my thumb entering it inside my mouth wrapping my hand around it swirling, deep throating his cock in my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head pushing his cock in deeper. I choked starting to gag, Justin grunted cumming inside my mouth moving his hand. I swallowed his cum sucking on the tip of it's head laying down on the bed. He stepped out of his shorts and boxers kneeling down onto the floor pulling my body closer taking my panties off. I open my legs touching myself he kissed my fingers moving my hand out the way teasing my clit with the tip of his tongue. "Mm I missed you playing with my clit" I said lightly pulling on his hair spreading my legs wider. He kissed every inch around my pussy starting to eat me out. I whimpered pulling onto my hair arching my back a little moaning. "More" I begged taking my bra off pulling on my nipples. I moaned out loud sitting up on my elbows looking at Justin head moving around between my legs. I gripped onto the sheets getting wetter. "I'm cumming" I said he licked his index finger slipping it into me thrusting while licking my clit. I came on his fingers he took them out putting it in his mouth standing up. I crawled backwards on the bed having Justin crawling over me kissing my neck all the way to my stomach, he grabbed his dick slowly jacking off getting it harder slipping it inside of me. "Mm yes put that big dick inside of me" I said he placing a leg on his shoulder moving my other leg out the way thrusting. "Deeper" I said. He did as I told him I rubbed on myself moaning making my boobs move up and down he moaned pulling himself out slapping his dick on my clit. I got in doggy position bending my back. He smacked the side of my ass making it turn red grabbing my hair sticking himself back into me pumping. "Faster" I said he went faster I gripped onto the sheets moaning his name. "Oh my god I missed this so much" he said moaning. I screamed into the sheets. "I'm cumming i'm cumming" I said gasping in pleasure rolling my eyes to the back of my head finally cumming again. Justin let go of my hair, cum was dripping from the tip of his dick I slid it into my mouth sucking on it taking it back out. Justin laid down on the bed breathless I sighed kissing his stomach and chest all the way to his lips. 

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