Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


18. Love Making


"What are you watching" I asked "I don't know trying to find a channel that doesn't talk about me" "It's rough I know" "Definitely you talk to Cait" he asked "Yeah she finally called me she's working and everything AND she's gonna be at the hospital when the baby is delivered" I said "Good cause i'm not going in it'll be weird for a baby to just..oh my gosh never mind I watched some pregnancy videos I fainted so i'm not going to be with you i'm sorry" "It's okay Justin I understand I can't believe were doing this we're having a family it's nice to know what a family feels like" I said he smiled and kissed my head. "How was school other than those mood swings" "It was okay I got called to the counselors office about school, college, and the baby so..i'm not going to college I want to raise our kid and enjoy being a teenage mom I know you didn't ask for any of this but..i'm sorry" I said "Don't be sorry I didn't ask for it but i'm okay with it" he said I smiled and quickly kissed his lips. "My sisters birthday party is tomorrow wanna come after school" he asked "Yeah i'll be honored to come how old is she gonna be" "6 my dad will be there to so you don't have to come to the cook out Saturday" "Okay" I said we watched tv for a little. Out of no where Justin started tickling me till I couldn't catch my breath. "I-I can't breathe" I said laughing he stopped, looking into my eyes I laughed a little and look into his eyes. "What" I said "Nothing" he said. I took his  muscle shirt off laying him down on the bed tying his shirt around his eyes. "Whatcha gonna do" he asked "You'll see" I said kissing his chest leaving soft kisses down to his v line. "You like that baby" I asked "Yeah that was nice" he said I smiled unbuckling his belt pulling them down a little along with his boxers kissing his v line all the way down to his dick. I took his pants and boxers off laying his hard cock on his stomach leaving small kisses going up to the tip putting the whole thing in my mouth. He moaned lightly while I sucked swirling my tongue around it's head. "Damn baby" he said putting his hand on my head holding my hair back. He pulled my hair biting on his bottom lip. "Ah shit i'm close" he said pushing my head down I started coughing, gagging, he grunted cumming in my mouth moving his hand. I took it out my mouth licking his cum kissing back up his body removing the shirt from his eyes. "My turn" he said smiling widely laying me down on the pillow taking my shirt off. "You're still sexy even when you have a baby bump don't worry" he said I smiled. He started kissing my neck I giggled while he continued kissing on my chest reaching under my back unclipping my bra, pulling my straps off my shoulders taking it off kissing my nipples all the way to my stomach stopping at my shorts taking them off slowly, along with my thongs, he kissed my thigh before getting between my legs. He wrapped both of his arms around my legs spreading them I felt his warm breath I sighed letting his nice lips lightly kiss on my pussy eating it. I sat up on my elbows watching him eat me which really turnt me on getting me wet I gripped onto the sheets slowly throwing my head back moaning. "Your pussy is so good" he mumbled while still eating. I smiled biting my bottom lip lifting my head up. "Oh fuck that feels good" I said lightly laying back on the bed arching my back squeezing my tits I came on his lips. He came up licking his lips. His dick was sticking out rubbing against my walls I gave him a condom letting him put it on while he stuck himself into me. "Mm right there" I said rubbing my clit while he thrusted putting my legs together pumping making me moan in pleasure. He spread my legs widely. "Fuck you're tight" he said grunting leaning over my face kissing me still thrusting. I wrapped my legs around his waist digging my nails into his back he stopped and started breathing heavily catching his breath I layed him down grabbing his dick lifting it up slipping it into me. I placed both hands on his chest while bouncing. "Mm" I said closing my eyes digging my nails into his chest. I stopped and took a deep breath laying beside him. "I'm tired" I said giggling "Me to" he said taking the condom off throwing it in the trash. "We have lots of sex" I said "Is that a good or bad thing" "Mm both" I said "Why is it a bad thing" "I'm pregnant" I said "Sex is healthy during pregnancy babe" "Oh..really" I asked "Yeah you didn't know" "No but the good thing is that we both enjoy sex" I said laying on his chest falling asleep.

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