Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


47. Love Hurts

When I woke up there was a knock on the door, I rubbed my eyes answering it seeing Micheal, she smiled and I did to hugging her tightly. "I missed you so much" I said almost crying. "Me too" "Come in" I said grabbing her hand letting her inside closing the door, we went to the couch and started catching up. "It's been years since I seen you" she said  "Yeah same" "Are you and Justin together" "No, i'm dating my boss his name is Eric he's 23 he's nice to me" I said "Are you happy?"  "Yeah i'm happy he told me he loved me, I mean i've been working with him for a while and now we just clicked. He wants a steady relationship with Jordan he doesn't want to feel like he's taking Jordan from Justin"  "He is a good man" "Yeah, how have you been"   I asked "I'm okay married to the most amazing guy on earth we're about to have a baby if it's a girl i'm naming her after you, my best friend since high school i'm so busy with college almost out of there to get my degree in being a registered nurse" she said "I'm happy for you Micheal I really am, I just wish I graduated high school and went to college with you"  "Karmin stop, what's done is done stop thinking about it it's over it was years ago I know you want to take everything back but, you can't. Are you friends with Cait still"  "Yeah" I said cleaning my face. "I'm gonna tell you this as a friend. She's the reason what you and Justin have going on is going downhill. Come on Karmin have you opened your eyes at all and put it into pieces. She's telling you this and that just to ruin your relationship with Justin because you stole her boyfriend. She's not over Justin, and she never will be. I mean Eric sounds like a nice guy I mean he's a millionaire for crying out loud. He is hot I give him that, but are you still in love with Justin" "I don't know he hurt me so many times, I mean without Cait. I wouldn't know he was cheating on me" I said "I give her that but..it wasn't her place to tell you. I mean maybe she was looking out for you and maybe Justin wouldn't have told you if she didn't say anything. But I don't know. I'm just looking out for you because I love you as a friend, a sister. Don't feel bad because you didn't graduate with us. At least you got your GED and is going to college. At least you finished in my eyes. To be honest you're doing better than half of the classmates" she said and we laughed.  "I get real emotional talking about this" I said  "I know, I know you better than anyone even Cait and Justin were like sisters and I love you just please promise me you'll get through life being happy" she said and I nodded. "I promise, i'm so happy to see you"  "Me too feels like we're back in high school, if you plan on having a baby again, be for a good reason you didn't want Drew or Jordan let it be with someone you truly love, Justin was just for the sex it's time to find what you want"   "You're right i've been waiting for someone to say that I can't keep blaming myself for everything it's in the past and it's time to start my life over with my daughter"   "Exactly now stop crying get yourself together and enjoy the present"  "After everyone been talking to me you actually made me feel a little better"  "A little" she asked  "Well a lot, thanks Micheal"  "Just had to see how you were doing with everything that's why I stopped by besides I was in the neighborhood and I couldn't just keep going without saying hello. I seen Jordan she looks just like you, I guess you and Justin are friends"   "Yeah after all the shit he put me through we're friends because we have a daughter together he never loved me, found that out when I was planning on leaving him"  "Awe i'm sorry I guess having a baby with him only held you two together"  "It did. I had to get out of the confusion with him every chance I gave him he would either break it, he told me he got another girl in pregnant in New York her name was Kate and finds out it wasn't his"  "While you two were dating" she asked and I shrugged. "I don't know seems that he needed time to figure out what he wanted but i'm not planning on going back, I can't"  "I understand i'm happy you're not, I was a fan of him but after I heard all the things he put my best friend through I just didn't feel it with him anymore, he thought he could mess with your heart while you're in love thinking that you were a beautiful family when it was just a little joke" she said  "Yeah. I'm over it though no more celebrities for me"  "Good" she said. We talked more and more glad we could catch up about everything that happened in the past years. She left, I was in a good mood from seeing her. I took a shower getting ready for the day leaving going over to Eric's. "Hey I wasn't expecting you, which isn't a bad thing" he said closing the door. "I'm just in a good mood today, a friend came over my house today we did a lot of talking and i'm just happy"   "That's the first time I actually heard you say that, that's good i'm happy she talked to you" "Yeah and all this time I realized I need to stop focusing on the past and focus on..now" I said "I'm so happy she talked to you" he said grabbing my hands kissing me. "Me too, i've always hated myself but I don't have hatred anymore it's time to start fresh, with you and Jordan"    "Really" he asked  "Yeah. I don't want us to go to fast in our relationship"  "Don't worry I wasn't thinking about asking you to marry me or move in" he said "Yeah besides it'll be a little crazy to do that now"   "Yeah. Where's Jordan"   "Over Justin parents house, I was gonna call you but I just wanted to talk to you person wanna do something today since we're not doing anything or do you have plans"   "Public? Seen with each other? It's like we're celebrities" he said "You don't want to be seen with me"  "I thought we wasn't gonna be exclusive, babe you know how the world is now they judge"  "Well I don't care i've been judged my whole life, don't care what everyone thinks if people want to be together and they're happy then they should be together no matter what age we're just 4 years apart nothing's wrong with that."  "What about in work areas" he asked and I sighed letting go of his hand. "You're right, I don't want us to feel weird about dating each other"  "Meaning"    "Meaning you're my boss and usually the sluts that want money sleeps with the boss"  I said "You're not like that right" he asked  "Are you seriously asking me that"  "I was joking I know you're not like that, it was an inside joke i'm sorry if you don't want to do this i'm not making you"  "No, no I want to do this I don't care what people say or think we're happy that's what matters and I love you"   "You what"  "I said..I love you" I said   "I heard you the first time I actually wanted to hear you say it again, do you mean it"   "If I didn't mean it I wouldn't give love another chance would I" I said crushing my lips onto his placing my hands on his face he kissed me back pulling away.  "Why did you pull away" I asked  "I don't wanna have sex"  "Who said anything about sex" "Making out leads to sex Karmin and I love you too i've been waiting for you to say it I was afraid to fall in love too, you're not the only one that was afraid"   "That's good to know its hard y'know being with a person you thought you really loved but finds out they never felt the same way"  "Promise me if things don't work out, we'll be nice about it" he said   "Yeah, I promise" I said he kissed my cheek grabbing my hand, we left his place going to the mall doing a little shopping. We walked around eating a pretzel. "What did your friend say about me" he asked    "Nothing she just wants me to be happy she told me that I wanted a baby I didn't even want and I had another to keep me and Justin together they were the only reasons they held us together but, things wasn't working. She also told me I need to know what I want and I figured that out already I don't want to say that I wish Jordan never happened because I said that about my son and he died and it made me feel guilty about what I said"     "You were young we all say things we don't mean but they end up happening. I told my parents about you they really want to meet you, they were both excited that I told them I had a girlfriend and I kinda showed them a picture of you"  "You got a picture of me" I asked  "Well I needed one of you"  "I don't think you would ever need a picture of me I can promise you that" I said grabbing his phone deleting it handing it back to him. "And I would love to meet your parents" I added "Now" he asked   "Yeah"  "Okay" he said happily, after we left the mall we pulled up to his parents it was a big beautiful house. We both got out walking up to the house ringing the doorbell, his mom answered she invited us in I looked around everything looked so expensive and nice. Eric went with his dad while me and his mom talked on the couch drinking some lemonade. "It's really nice to meet you Karmin Eric has told us a lot about you, i'm so happy he found someone better than his ex-wife, how are you and Eric"   "We're good y'know he keeps me happy he talks to me when I feel bad about myself, I know he cares"   "He does" she said and I smiled lightly, we got up going into the backyard where Eric and his dad were. His family wasn't all that bad they were really nice and fun to hang around with. We mostly stayed all day at his parents, we ate dinner watched a movie eating popcorn and cookies it was an experience. His parents went upstairs he offered to show me his room he basically grew up in, it was bigger than mines a walk in closet big bathroom master bed. I kicked my shoes off sitting on the bed staring at the ceiling. "I like your parents" I said  "They like you, I guess you wasn't all that nervous" "Nope, I wish you could meet my parents"   "Don't worry about that I wish I would've met them to" he said taking his shirt off climbing into bed with me. "Thanks for bringing me here I enjoyed every bit of it" I said, he kissed my head going into the bathroom I sighed and called Justin waiting for him to pick up. "What's up"   "How is Jordan, are you still over your parents"  "Um, no i'm actually talking to a close friend where are you" "I'm at Eric's parents they're so nice"  "I'm happy you having a great time, long as you're happy and he treats you good i'm happy for you"   he said "Wow..thanks so you're about to start dating again" I asked "I guess so Eric makes you happy and I can't keep focusing on you so I have to get back out there y'know" "Don't get anyone pregnant" I said chuckling. "I think I learned from that the first time you got pregnant, I think that you wasn't the right one for me"  "And I think you wasn't the right one for me we were honestly, fuck buddies that had a baby together"   "Yeah, I just wanna be friends" he said "Okay, if that's what you want"  "It's what I want, we're still parents Karmin I want to move on I was jealous of you and Eric." He said  "I know, it's good you're moving on." "What did you mean that if anything happens to you, to keep Jordan" "Just do as I said alright anything can happen" I said "You don't know that stop talking like that you're getting me really worried about you"  "Then don't. I love Eric and he loves me" "Hurts that you love someone else"  "Hurt that you didn't love me back anyways bye" I said hanging up.  "You okay" Eric asked coming out the bathroom with a wet body.   "Oh yeah, i'm good" I said smiling. "Are you sure because you sounded upset talking to Justin, he found someone didn't he"   "I don't have feelings for him if that's what you meant"  "No that's not what I meant but no one can forget their first love"  "That wasn't love, it was just a complicated relationship we thought we were in love. I honestly didn't know how to love never knew how it felt like, had to learn how to and when I did learn it hurt" "That's true" he said slipping on his boxers and his t-shirt sitting beside me. "We were both afraid to love again but, it happens, to a lot of people. And a lot of those people ends up falling in love over and over again its just, there's no control over it. I think the problem isn't Justin it's, your parents is that why" he asked and I shrugged. "I don't know, I guess seeing your parents today made me think that I wanted you to meet mines" "It's okay"   "They would've loved you" I said laying my head on his shoulder. 

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