Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


36. Lost

Justin and I were both in our underclothes making out. He picked me up walking to the bed laying me down. He pulled my panties off with both of his hands throwing them behind him, kneeling down spreading my legs sticking in one of his fingers. I moaned while he added the second finger. He curled his fingers thrusting. His tongue played with my clit making me moan more getting me more wet. He removed his fingers eating me. I sat up on my elbows pushing his head in running my fingers through his hair. I slowly threw my head back with my eyes rolling to the back of my head moaning his name. "You taste so good babe" he said against my pussy.He came up pulling his boxers down I giggled at how he knew I was going for his boxers. I slid his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue around its head bobbing my head. He held my hair back huffing and puffing. He grunted in pleasure buckling his hips pulling onto my hair. I started choking I moved my mouth from his dick having his cum dripping from my bottom lip. "Get up" he demanded. I got up he turnt me around pushing me down having my ass sticking up. He put one of my legs on the bed spreading my ass cheeks eating my pussy from the back. I moaned digging my nails into the covers. "You’re making me so fucking wet" I said. He slip one finger inside of my pussy. "Fuck, you’re dripping babe can you take three fingers inside of you?" He asks and don’t even wait for me to answer, he adds more two fingers inside of me, his three fingers going in and out of me very fast. I moan in pleasure. "Do you fucking like it when I finger your pussy like this?" he asks and bites my clit. "Y-yes, I love it don’t stop please" he adds one more finger inside of me and I scream. "Fuck Justin i’m gonna cum" "Cum baby, cum all over my fingers" he demands smirking and he lick his fingers. He grabbed his dick slipping it inside of me I took my bra off throwing it on the floor putting my other leg on the bed. Justin started thrusting holding onto my hips I gripped onto the covers. He grabbed a hold onto my hair thrusting harder. After Justin and I had sex I took a long hot shower clearing my mind.  "Care if I join you" Justin asked "No, I don't mind just taking my mind off of things that's all" "Okay. Well, I love you" he said and I smiled turning around facing him.  "I love you too. More than anyone has ever loved you" I said and he had a curious look on his face. "That's new" "I know" I said running my fingers through his wet hair. I crushed my lips onto his, he pinned me against the wall the warm water was falling onto the both of us while we made out. I smiled between kisses kissing his neck. "Try not to get me horny again" he said with a slight chuckle mumbling into my ear. I bit my bottom lip wrapping my arms around his neck. "I'm happy I married you" "Me too. You're the first person that ever made me feel like there's something to live for" "That makes two of us, I know we've had our ups and downs I hate us arguing maybe there was something telling me to not give up on you. I've been doubting you and i'm sorry about that" "It's okay i'm pretty sure whatever reason it is I understand" he said and I nodded. 

When we got out the shower brushing our teeth fixing our hair getting ready for dinner. I added some lipgloss slipping on my heels going downstairs.   

"You look amazing" he said    "Thanks, are you ready"   "Yeah i'm ready" I said. We both locked arms leaving the house. Justin stopped the car in the valet parking tossing the guy his keys. He opened the door for me I went inside taking our seats. "Third date in a row" I said "Sorry if I haven't been taking you on dates"  "It's okay. I love to eat at home with you instead of going out besides, I have long days at work and I just can't wait to get home to my favorite person in the world"  "That's me right" he said happily. "Yes and of course Jordan. I like your mom"   "She likes you too sometimes I piss her off a lot for something stupid i'm always doing" "Well you have to be thankful that you have parents to tell you what to do, of course shes gonna get mad maybe because she taught you better than that" "I know." He said picking up a menu looking inside. I picked up a menu also looking inside, after we ordered seemed like Justin wasn't comfortable with the waiter.   "Do you know her" I asked    "Know who" "You know who, the waiter was it one of the girls you cheated on me with" "It was a long time ago" "I know, I don't want you to feel like this date isn't perfect because of her it still is perfect" "Yeah but if you feel like you're not comfortable, would round two take your mind off of things" he said whispering in my ear kissing my earlobe and neck I giggled and kissed him. "Not tonight" "Are you sure"    "Sorry to burst your bubbles but I  have work in the morning" "Ugh! can't you just quit" he asked "No i'm not quitting" "You don't even like the job" "I know I don't like it but it pays good besides I don't want you spending money on me, that's why I got a job besides I had to do something not be your little housewife to clean up run errands and screw you everyday when coming from work" I said "I want you to quit your job, since you have a GED and didn't go to college I want you to go to college" "Really? You really want me to do this"  "Do you want to spend your life behind a desk all day instead of in college learning more" he asked. He actually made a good point. "I haven't thought about that" I said   "I think you should do that it'll be best for you you're smart and I believe in you" he said I smiled and grabbed his hand intertwining my fingers through his. "I can't believe you just said that"    "Yeah well I think you should do it" he said and I nodded and leaned in making out with him. My fingers played in his hair. After dinner we made out more in the car. "Not here" he said between kisses pulling away starting the car driving off. I smiled grabbing his hand sliding it up my white short dress feeling on my wet spot I sexily moaned. He drove a little faster I laughed moving his hand. "Stop teasing I hate that" he said  "Sorry" I replied checking my phone seeing it was 9:30. When we got home, Justin opened the door picking me up sliding his tongue down my throat closing the door with his foot taking me to the couch. He sat me on the arm of the couch lifting my dress up over my waist rubbing me."I need water" I said getting up pulling my dress down going into the kitchen grabbing me a glass pouring some water in it drinking it. "Are you teasing me" he asked "Oh Justin don't be dramatic" "You know what happens when you tease me" "Yes, you get very angry well look at the time I have to get to bed" I said walking away. "Don't walk away from me" he said grabbing my arm. "Justin I have work in the morning and having sex with you will make me tired so goodnight" I said giving him a kiss on his cheek leaving. I went upstairs taking my jewelry off slipping my dress changing into my night clothes. Justin came inside the room sitting on the bed waiting for me to come out the bathroom.   "I'm sorry okay it's just it drives me crazy when we don't do it"  "We're not always gonna do it Justin" I said climbing into bed. Justin changed out of his clothes to picking up his phone calling his mom. After he got off the phone with her he climbed into bed to cutting the lamp off pulling me close to him falling asleep. It was 7 o'clock when I woke up, I sat up rubbing my eyes stretching. "Where are you going" he asked in his sleepy voice. "Shower, I have work remember"   "Fine" he said. I got up going into the bathroom taking a shower getting ready, I went downstairs making me some coffee I still felt a little tired. "Tired much" Justin said "Maybe" "Maybe I could come by and satisfy you since we didn't do it last night" he said kissing my neck. "No thanks"  "Fine. I have to go to New York today I'll be back before you get off work she's just a friend if you were concerned"  "You're going to New York to meet up with a friend for a sandwich" I said and he chuckled a little. "She's a long loss friend as I call her don't get all emotional her name is Kate" "Whatever just go i'll pick up Jordan from your moms" "Alright well since you're having a bad morning i'll just get ready and go. I love you" he said kissing my cheek leaving I rolled my eyes grabbing my cup of coffee leaving.  


I got to New York getting off my private jet seeing a black car waiting on me, I got inside seeing Kate she hugged me and I hugged back I know what you're thinking I'm cheating on Karmin? No I promised myself I wouldn't do that after she left me the first time for cheating. We ate breakfast having a couple of laughs. "How's Drew" she asked He um..he's fine- in heaven" "I'm sorry when was this" "A year ago, I was devastated now I have a daughter her name is Jordan. I love her me and Karmin got married we had another baby and now it's like i'm living the dream I mean we're always busy barely have time to sleep with each other, I love that girl" "That's sweet, it's nice seeing you Justin i'm happy you came but let's cut the bullshit when Karmin left you, you came to New York to see me right" "Yeah"   "You have a son" she said    "Excuse me"  "You don't remember do you, that one night stand I left you messages and phone calls you didn't call back or reply to me. You have a son but don't worry I won't ruin your little relationship with Karmin. Do she make love to you better than me" she asked. Words were scrambling around in my head lost for words to say so confused, I actually feel like punching a wall right now could my life get any worse. 

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