Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


44. Let's Forget

I went to my place unboxing my things putting them up grabbing the picture of my parents and I when I was little. I was devastated then and i'm devastated now I started crying, I was tired of crying especially over Justin but this was different. I grabbed the picture unpacking the rest. It was 10 minutes till 12 I got up going to work. Sitting at my desk I put the picture of my parents and I next to the computer staring at it. "How are you" Eric asked  "I'm good went by to get my things from Justin's told a lot about him" I said not taking my eye off the picture. "And how do you feel about that"  "Feel relieved. He called me a bad parent, y'know i've been working my ass off for me and Jordan's sake"  "Yeah. How does he feel"  "When I told him off he said it hurt his feelings and he started crying. I know you wanna laugh at that"  "Kinda, he deserves it though. What are you staring at" he asked standing beside me.  "My parents and I. We were happy, they got murdered for no reason when I was little I watched them die because I didn't know what to do. I thought to myself when I got older and older that if I can't take being alone to move with my aunt and that was the day I first lost my virginity to Justin and made my huge mistake to keep continuing to have sex with him to get me pregnant. My goal was when I got pregnant with my first baby I was gonna finish high school and graduate but I did the wrong thing to stop going and raise a baby at 17 with my pop star boyfriend"  "You have to stop doubting yourself it's not all your fault it's Justin's also yes you started this whole sex thing with Justin but you did that because of what all you've been through its a way of getting over all the bad memories you had"  "You're right, it's just I feel bad about telling Justin off its just the anger inside of me started building and building and I couldn't take it. I told myself we loved each other to much even to hurt each other again...lets just forget about it"  "Okay if that's what you want. How was your test" he asked sitting in front of me. "It was, okay didn't get a lot of studying done last night did I" I asked. He laughed a little and so did I. "Wasn't what I expected and i'm sorry" he said "It's okay seriously it's just haven't felt that way in months. It was fun and...I liked it" "It wasn't bad it was good sex. One time thing"  "One time thing? Eric this is our second time. Remember in Vegas" I said he quickly closed my door. "Yeah, I totally forgot" He said I giggled standing up, standing in front of him. "I mean it just happened I couldn't do it at first" He said  "But I changed your mind, I get it you feel weird having sex with a 19 year old I know i'm still a teenager but i'm also a parent. Do you want it to happen again"  I asked "Do you"  "I asked first" I said   "Alright. I don't know if I want it to happen again like you said it was fun, it was good and I liked it too but I just don't see us doing that again. It's weird with us doing business and then think about what we did" he said "I agree let's forget it never happened" "I don't want to forget it, besides its hard to forget something like that we'll have to deal with it. It wasn't a bad thing it's what we were both thinking"  "Yeah. But you're not the only person that knows how to have sex. So just in case if we do plan on it it'll be my turn" I said with a smirk playing with his tie. "Alright. Well since you're making plans about us maybe we should go out to dinner tomorrow night" "Is that a date" I asked "Do you want it to be" he asked  "I don't know, don't you think it would be inappropriate to date my boss"  I said and he chuckled. "No we don't have to be exclusive especially in work areas what do you say" he asked   "Okay. Date it is see you tomorrow night" I said   "Good luck finding out what you made on that test" "If I do bad i'm blaming you"   "Sounds fair" he said leaving sexily biting his bottom lip leaving. I smiled and started to do my work. After work I picked up Jordan and we went to the store to pick something up for dinner. "Daddy" Jordan said running up to Justin, he picked her up kissing her head holding her tightly.   "Hey" Justin said "Hey" I said not looking at him.  "Look Karmin there's gonna be times where we run into each other, you can't avoid me forever we live in the same city have the same daughter, i'm sorry after what you told me you were right about everything I honestly don't know what I want but what I want is to be around my daughter much as I can and not try to be in a court room and let someone tell me whether or not I can see her. I'm apologizing because I care about you and Jordan, I don't know what I would do without her. I know i'm a complete ass and a confused, pathetic, little boy but you leaving and taking Jordan from me. Made me realize"  "Yeah you said the same thing when I had Drew just forget it okay have you been stalking me"  "No. I just thought that we should be friends, nothing more we can't avoid each other we have a daughter together I would do anything for us to be friends"  "Okay then i'm going on a date tomorrow night mind watching Jordan"  "D-date" he asked "Yeah or is that a problem"  "No it's fine i'll pick her up we can stay at your place till you get back. So we're friends"  "Yeah I guess so. I can't get mad at someone for so long so i'll see you tomorrow night"  "Okay. And again i'm sorry" "You never loved me Justin"  I said "I know and I regret it hearing you going out on a date already breaks my heart we just have to move on"  "Yeah. Well i'll see you tomorrow night" I said he nodded putting Jordan down. We left and went home, I made dinner and did my homework for class in the morning. 

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