Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


22. It's Been A While

Few days later passed. I finally got the rest I needed when Andrew arrived. I went downstairs, it was 11:49 at night going into the kitchen. I seen Justin warming up Andrews bottle. "Hey sleepy head" he said "Hey where's Drew" I said "Upstairs sleep" "You're so good with him i'm sorry i've been sleeping-" "Don't worry you need your rest it's okay" he said taking the bottle off the warmer. I smiled. "Okay well you know it's been months since we've had sex" I said stopping him rubbing my hands on his muscular chest. "No no no babe I can't get it in right now" he said "Well you don't have to" I said getting on my knees unzipping his pants. "Karmin-" "Justin relax can we just enjoy ourselves for a few minutes before the baby wakes up" I said "5 minutes" he said I smiled grabbing onto his wrists giving him a blowjob. He took a deep breath licking his lips. He moaned gripping onto my wrists. I sucked faster deep throating, he grunted cumming inside my mouth while I kept sucking. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. "Oh fuck" he said letting go of my hand grabbing the back of my head. I sucked on the tip sliding it out of my mouth swallowing his cum. "I still got it" I said giggling. "Get up" he demanded. I got up he turnt me around bending me over moving my panties to the side slipping himself in. I moaned a little biting my bottom lip while he thrusted. "Deeper" I said putting a leg on the counter while he picked up the speed going deeper. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head grabbing the corner of the counter moaning. "Mmm i'm cumming" I said biting down on my bottom lip. His dick slid out of me I smirked and started teasing him. "Come get it" I said he pulled his legs out his pants sticking his dick back into his boxers chasing me into the bedroom upstairs. Pushing me onto the bed kissing me taking my panties off. He kissed me one last time and started to eat me out nibbling on it. I moaned and arched my back pulling onto my hair with my hand and my other hand rubbing on my tit. I bit my bottom lip and gasped in pleasure. I was just throbbing and while his tongue was going in deeper into me the more I loved it. The tip of his tongue was playing with my clit and that made me cum into his mouth cause it was always that spot that made me cum and drive me crazy. I laid him down and started to make out with him again kissing on his neck while my hand was feeling on his wonderful abs. I snuck my hand down in his boxers and started to give him a handjob while still kissing on his neck giving him a hickie. He moaned and closed his eyes.I started to massage his balls softly.His cock was rising and I could feel it on my wrist he was so big. I stopped kissing his neck and started kissing his chest and his abs licking all around his abs while pulling his boxers down and throwing them onto the floor sucking his dick.His hand went on the back of my head and he pushed my head in farther.He made a loud moan and I started bobbing my head on his cock. My hair was in the way so he moved it for me. He squirted his cum into my mouth and I swallowed it licking the top of its head, lightly biting the tip. I got on top of him and was pulling onto the sheets while. I was putting his cock into me and started humping on him while he grabbed onto both of my hips helping me ride him more faster.I was enjoying this though. I started bouncing on his cock while his hands were still on my hips. I started screaming. After mintues of humping and bouncing we both came at the same time.He got me doggy style while my back was bent and my ass in the air. He licked me out from behind while jacking off. His hand on my right ass cheek, spreading them. I groaned and pulled onto the pillow. He stopped jacking off and spit on my pussy, putting two fingers in me  fingering me slowly then fast. I whined because of how good it felt cum was running on his fingers while he was still fingering me.He took them out and licking his fingers. He got his dick and put it into my ass slowly.He started going slowly holding onto my waist.I grabbed his wrist and my boobs were going up and down while my hair was doing the same thing. I told him to go faster and he did. He was fucking the shit out of my ass.He took it out sliding it back into my pussy. I screamed when his cock went in deeper hitting my g spot that made me cum.I let go of his wrist and both of my hands were on the bed while he was going faster and faster. I groaned screaming again then finally came and so did he.He layed beside me we both caught our breaths staring at the ceiling.


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