Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


38. I'll Show You

Dinner with dad had my mind taken off of things, I felt relieved after talking to my mom and dad but all I could think of is Karmin.  "I love Karmin she's an amazing girl, and she really loves you but if I was her and you did something like that of course I would leave you" he said  "You and mom aren't really making me feel good about myself" "Maybe if you stopped all this nonsense you would feel good about yourself- are you listening to me" he asked  "Karmin is here, with another guy we're still married"  "Obviously not its her boss" he said "How do you know" "I dropped by there" "Do you want me with her" "I don't know she deserves better" he said I scoffed and rolled my eyes. 

          End of Pov 

"I've heard some things about you" he said  "Like what" "You are the kind of person that enjoys sex" He said and I chuckled. "I'm passionate about it"  I said "Funny. I enjoy it too, look I know you wanted to quit today and go to college but can't you do both" "Seems like a lot of work. College, work, a daughter" "I'm sure I could re-arrange things. I know about you and your husband it was kind of a irresponsible thing for him to do" "I just don't know what to do"  "Are you going to divorce him" "Haven't figured it out yet, there's something telling me to leave and then just stay with him"  "Everyone makes mistakes it happens but sometimes you have to follow your gut and do what's best for you and your daughter" "I love him but sometimes he makes me want to rip my hair out with all his mistakes"  "Have you ever made a mistake" he asked  "Not exactly. I mean I made a mistake to run off with Justin have sex with him without finishing school and then I had a baby, my first, pregnant at 16 he died stopped breathing it was a horrible thing" "I'm sorry" "It's okay. I understand that life is short and sometimes you have to make the best of it with the person you love"  ''That's true, if I was Justin I would never hurt you" he said grabbing my hand. I smiled. After dinner he parked in the driveway we both took a deep breath.   "Thanks for dinner and the talk and also re-arranging things"  "Are you still quitting" he asked   "No. I have a feeling if I do leave i'll end up having a job and moving on" I said and he nodded.  "Okay. I enjoyed you tonight" he said kissing my cheek I smiled unbuckling my seat belt kissing his cheek.   "Goodnight"  I said getting out the car. I went inside the house sitting my things on the couch looking around seeing the house all messed up walking into the kitchen seeing Justin drinking. "Hey" I said   Hey"    "I've been thinking, about you and me Justin, it's just if I keep forgiving you about the mistakes you've made it'll be easier to keep making them and me to forgive you all the time. I fucking love you but I can't take news like you having another kid with someone else"   "I didn't know alright yeah I fucked up a few times especially with you and i'm sorry about that I hate myself for whatever I put you through I just want to be the perfect couple. I seen you with Eric, your boss at dinner yeah I had dinner with my dad are you seeing him"  "Are you kidding me no i'm not seeing him he asked me to dinner and I said yes just like you went to New York to eat a fucking sandwich with that Kate bitch"  "You know I never meant to hurt you Karmin, for the last time I never knew about it I was hurt when you left me I didn't know what to do I couldn't control myself. I hate seeing you cry, I hate seeing you hurt I had to keep my mind off of things especially loosing Drew if I could take it back I would. The last thing I could do is hurt you"  "You're drunk"   "I'm not drunk I tried to get drunk but it's not worth it, I love you" he said I sniffled covering my face he hugged me tightly kissing my head. I wrapped my arms around his neck crying into his chest.  "I'm sorry I promise I won't do anything stupid again"   "You're right we wasn't together when it happened, but it hurts and no matter how bad we want to forget about it, we'll remember it forever"  "I know" he said I sighed cleaning my face.   "Why did you ruin the place" "I was upset I broke down, are you really seeing Eric"  "He's handsome and sweet but no one can make me crazy better than you" I said we both chuckled and kissed hugging again.  "I love you so much" he said in my ear. "I love you too, what are you gonna do, do you know if it's actually yours" "No she just told me"  "Justin she could tell you anything without proof like if I told you I had sex with Eric or something"   "Did you" he asked   "No I didn't have sex with him but if we did split up then yeah but anyways are you going to find out"  "I don't know yet if I go back to New York then my wife would get jealous"   "We both put each other through shit but y'know were gonna end up making up anyways because how much we love and care for each other. We're crazy about each other not because we had a baby, but because we been there throughout the good and bad. If it's your son then i'm okay with it long as we both know the truth"   "Okay. You're really okay with this"  "Trust me if I got pregnant by another guy and I made you feel the way of course I would be okay with it"  "Thank you for understanding it took a lot but thanks" "You're welcome"  "Are you going to work tomorrow"  "I'll call in. Me and Eric are close"   "And he lets you get away with skipping"  "Trust me if I was his boss I would let him to night Justin" I said walking away. I went upstairs changing into my night clothes going to sleep.   


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