Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


19. I Promise

I woke up a few hours later it was 8 at night I sighed smelling dinner. I took me a hot bath wrapping my hair in a bun staring at my toes. "I need a pedicure" I said to myself. "Babe are you okay in there" Justin said "Yeah i'm fine" "Okay dinner is on the table I made your favorite..spaghetti" "That's your favorite Justin" I said "..Right" he said I chuckled and let the water out drying myself off putting on some sweats and a tank top going downstairs into the kitchen eating. When we were done I felt a little sick I ate to much spaghetti I threw up in the toilet feeling much better. "You okay" he asked holding my hair back. "Yeah I feel better now I ate to much spaghetti" I said getting up wiping my mouth. "I knew you might end up throwing up drink some water" he said handing my a cup I sighed and drunk it all giving it back to him. "I put something in there to make you fall back asleep you're probably still tired" "A little" I said walking to the bed laying down. "Are you gonna come too" I asked him "In a sec I have dishes to do whoopee" he said not sounding excited at all, leaving the room I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. 
    When I woke up the next I gasped seeing it was 7:30. I didn't feel like going to school today I felt like I was going to pass out, I rubbed on my stomach. "You're up" Justin said chuckling. "Yeah I don't feel to good" "It's normal" he said scooting over rubbing on my belly. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. "Does that feel good" he asked "Mhm" I replied he chuckled a little and I hit him lightly with the back of my hand. "You're disgusting" "Thanks.." He said "Babe" he said stopped rubbing my belly "What" "Did you feel that..I-I think I felt the baby move or something or even kick" he said surprisedly "Babe it's probably fluttering bones haven't developed yet but don't worry soon as i'm 4 months you'll feel it eventually" I said "I can't wait to feel the first kick I don't wanna miss it" "So I guess you're gonna be feeling on my stomach more" I said "Yeah pretty much I just can't believe i'm going to be a dad" "Me either I can't believe i'm going to be a mom..at 17" I said "Is that a bad thing" he asked "I don't know it's just..i'm scared" "I know and it's okay i'm not going to leave you..you still look beautiful" "Liar you just want me to suck up to you and smile" I said laying on my back. "Babe i'm serious" he said "Okay I believe you it's just that I know this will ruin your career and i'm scared for you-" "I don't care about my career right now all I care about is that baby inside of you we're going to take care of it don't worry" he said I smiled and held his hand. "I'm gonna shower and get ready" he said getting up going to the bathroom I sighed cutting the tv on seeing Justin. 'Justin Bieber has court on Friday for punching a paparazzi I think he's getting out of hand don't you think but the thing is the paparazzi tripped his pregnant girlfriend Karmin Chapman which made Justin and the paparazzi get into an argument which made Justin loose his temper. Justin Bieber gave the pap a busted nose trying to protect his girlfriend and his baby I must admit i'm on Justin's side with this after him and his lover left a fancy restaurant on their date more news of Justin returns' she said I turned the tv to cartoons. Justin came out with a towel wrapped around his waist all wet I smirked. "Staring much" he said chuckling. "No" I said looking back at the tv. I went to the bathroom brushing my teeth it was going to be cloudy and rainy today so I stayed in bed I climbed over Justin getting under the blanket snuggled up to him he kissed my head and took a picture of us. "You are addicted to taking pictures" I said chuckling. "Whatever you say" he said posting it on Instagram. "Want something to eat" he asked "Mm yeah" "What do you want" "Pancakes, bacon, eggs...and a sausage would be good don't think dirty either" I said "Fine" he said getting out of bed going downstairs. I grabbed his phone looking at pictures of him with his brother and sister. They looked so cute couldn't wait to meet them. A message came across his phone from Madison Beer I bit the corner of my lip and read it 'I'm sorry' she said I scrolled up and looked at some pictures of her in a bathtub my mouth dropped I scrolled down a little seeing what Justin said 'Stop texting me this shit Madison' he said which was from yesterday I looked at some other texts to from different girls he asked them to leave him alone I blocked their numbers and smiled to myself it's not that I don't trust Justin it's just he has his hoes on the side and i'm not going to be one of them. I heard Justin come upstairs I quickly put his phone down and smiled at him coming into the room with a tray. "Here you go I ran out of orange juice and got apple juice hope that's okay" he said "Justin it's fine thanks" I said "I gotta feed my child too ya know" "Yes I know" I said smiling eating a bacon. Justin got into bed I fed him a bacon and watched tv. "You're not hungry" I asked "Not exactly" he said "Babe breakfast is the most important meal of the day" "I know I ate a little downstairs don't worry" he said and kissed me. "It's been a while since we kissed" I said "Thats not- I think it has" he said I sat the tray on the dresser sitting on him smashing my lips onto his.


A few hours passed we got dressed going to his dad's house. Justin and I wished his little sister a happy birthday. I finally met his dad and his siblings they were really cute. It was time for Jazzy to cut the cake I filmed the whole thing with Justin's camera. Jeremy got his face pushed into the cake by Justin we all laughed. Jaxon smashed his own face into the cake he was so silly but cute at the same time. "Justin I wanna put your face in it" Jazzy said "Nope nope my face is perfectly clean" he said walking away. "I'll get him for you" I said giving her a wink she gave me high five we all ate cake. Justin smashed my face in my plate I gasped before I could do anything he got up and ran. "Justin got you Karmin" Jaxon said giggling I giggled too. Jazzy passes me a napkin I wiped my face. "Did I get it all" I asked "Yes" Jazzy said "Thanks" I said Justin was staring out at the window on his Shots app. I grabbed his plate sneaking up behind him. I smashed the cake in his face, everyone laughed including me. "Karmin you got him" Jaxon said laughing I gave Jazzy a high five sitting down. "Nice" Jeremy said giving me a fist pound. "Ha ha ha so funny" Justin said picking up a napkin walking away. "I think he's mad" I said "He'll get over it" Jeremy said getting up following Justin so did Jaxon. "Karmin are you having a baby" Jazzy said "Yes" "Is it a girl or boy" "Mm I don't know what do you want it to be" I asked "A girl or a boy I want to name her..Jordan or if it's a boy Jason" she said "Those are really good name" "What does Bieber want to name the baby" she asked "Well we haven't talked about it but if it's a girl I want to name it Mckenzie and if it's a boy Andrew. How about Jordan Mckenzie Bieber or Andrew Jason Bieber you like those names" I asked and she nodded. "Me to" "Come on" Justin said blowing his mouth on my neck. "Ew okay i'm coming" I said "Bye Karmin" Jazzy and Jaxon said giving me a hug I hugged them back and let go hugging Jeremy too. "Bye guys happy birthday Jazzy" I said "You can come by whenever you want" Jeremy said "Thanks" I said.

A week passed I was at the doctors office with Pattie and Justin he was asleep in the chair because he had to get up early. I laid on the bed lifting my shirt up while the doctor put gel on my stomach rubbing the transducer on my belly seeing the baby on the monitor. "That's his head and his manhood" she said moving it around "And his legs" she said "It's a boy"Pattie said happily. "Congrats" Dr.Capri said wiping the gel off my stomach "Thank you" I said "I'll be back with the copy" she said leaving. Pattie hugged me we both had tears in our eyes..happy tears she pulled away wiping her face smiling "I'm so happy for you" she said "Thanks Pattie..for everything" "You're welcome don't worry about Justin. I suggest not to tell anyone about the gender until the shower" she said leaving. Justin woke up and stood up standing over me I smiled and he did too wanting to touch my belly but refused. "Scared to touch my belly now" I asked chuckling he smiled a little and placed it on my stomach. The doctor came in giving me a picture. "Congrats" she said leaving. We left the doctors going home. "What did the doctor say" he asked "Nothing just everything's fine, it's healthy" I said. Justin and I cuddled on the couch, it started to thunder he pulled me close and kissed my cheek. "What's wrong" he asked "Nothing just..thinking my parents would be so happy for us" I said sniffling. "I know..don't cry they're watching over you" he said lightly in my ear rubbing my belly a few tears escaped my eyes rolling onto my cheeks. I stared at the tv picturing what they looked like when I was little.

My parents were fighting again I went downstairs seeing them argue again they both looked at me and stopped "I'm sorry sweetie" mom said hugging me kissing my head "I'm sorry too" dad said "It's okay" I said they both smiled I wrapped my arms around their legs "We love you Karmin" she said "Love you to" I said "How about we go out to Disney Land" she said "Yes" I said happily going upstairs grabbing my shoes when I was on my way downstairs the door was wide open a guy in a mask pointing a gun in my parents face pulling the trigger I jumped a little he seen me and ran out.

I cried harder and harder just thinking about it Justin held onto me till I stopped crying. It's good to cry it helps not to think about it sometimes. "I want my parents" I said lightly "I know" he said "I never went to Disney Land with them" I said sniffling "I promise..when you have the baby and he's a month old I will take you" he said "You will" I asked "Yeah" he said I smiled and closed my eyes going to sleep.


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