Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


12. Hospital

Justin called the ambulance. I could tell he was in shock and scared at the same time, they put me on the gurney and took me to the truck putting me inside. Justin got inside with me holding my hand almost crying. I could tell he was going to cry. He kissed my hand and fingers nonstop till we got to the hospital. They took me out and rushed me inside, Justin couldn't come with he had a shocking look on his face he was getting angry so he stayed in the waiting room.

            Justin's POV

 With my head down in the palms of my hands, shaking and worried.The doctor told me that he could come and see her. I rushed to the room stopping at the door, taking a deep breath. I walked off going to the gift shop buying her  something special going back to the room. I opened the door and saw her sitting up on the bed with the doctor standing in front of her, flashing his small light in her face. "Is everything okay" I asked him "It was probably something she's eaten. She hasn't eaten much today, knowing that she's pregnant that could be a problem" I sat the flowers and teddy bear on the table and grabbed her hand. "I'll give you two some privacy" he said leaving. "Why haven't you told me about you not eating. I asked if you were hungry in the car earlier and you said no. I thought you ate so much at school, you wasn't that hungry but Karmin. You have a baby inside of you, it's not about you now it's about the baby" "I know that. I wasn't hungry. I don't see one pregnant woman that doesn't like to eat" I said and she chuckled. "I'm new at this" "I am too, I may not know a lot but i'm trying to make this work" I said and she nodded. ''I hope there's nothing wrong, I was really worried, my heart dropped when I saw you on the floor I didn't know what to do, I was panicking for a sec I thought I was gonna loose you..but I can't loose you, you are always there for me and I really didn't want anything to happen to the baby.I just love you smiling it kills me inside not so see you smile again, i'm worried about you all the time making sure that nothing happens to you. What happen today" "In gym, I was running and...the doctor told me that since i'm pregnant, it's good to exercise just not run till I pass out. And I overdid it."   ''Well i'm happy you're  alright. I got you this'' I said picking up the teddy bear and flowers. ''You didn't have to do that. You didn't have to get me anything you coming here was something, i'm happy that you came just to check to see if i was alright'' she said  ''Well I was worried I didn't know what to do. Does this means that we can't have sex since you're in the hospital'' ''Just because i'm here doesn't mean that we cant have sex'' she  said ''So..we can-'' ''Yes'' she said I smiled and climbed on top of her,  she giggled and we started making out. She slid her hand down my pants and started rubbing on me through my boxers,  I grunted in her mouth. I  sat up and un-buckled my belt un-zipping my pants leaning back down making out with her. She slid her hand back down my pants holding my dick in her hand starting to stroke it again. 

I grunted in her mouth again, she stopped jacking me off, pulling her hand out my pants. I laid her down on the pillow and tugging her skirt down, along with her panties spreading her legs. I slid my pants off taking my dick out of my boxers. ''Fuck'' I said rubbing my thumb on her pussy, she bit her bottom lip and grabbed onto my hair. I put my lips onto her walls and started slipping my tongue inside of her. She moaned a little and arched her back spreading her legs more wider. ''Justin what if someone comes in'' ''Let them watch'' ''JUSTIN!'' she said ''Okay fine'' I said and locked the door. ''What if they need to check on me'' ''They could knock'' ''I'm not sure about this...lets just wait till I get out of here'' she said and I groaned. ''Fine'' I said. We got dressed and I unlocked the door sitting down in the chair. ''So when are you getting outta here'' I asked and she shrugged. "Few minutes i'm hoping hopefully..i'll get out of here by today'' she said and the doctor came by in. "We prescribed some vitamins for you to take. Take them twice a day. But if anything else happens, come back" he said giving her discharge papers and a bottle of vitamins. We went to the desk and signed some papers leaving getting into the car. 

               End of POV

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