Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


29. Hole In The Wall

A week later passed, Justin and I didn't talk that much. I was in the kitchen making breakfast for us. He walked into the kitchen wearing a muscle shirt and some sweatpants. "Morning" he said "Morning" I said giving him a plate pouring him some juice, my phone started ringing I put the juice back into the fridge answering. "Hello" I said "Karmin it's Micheal..sorry about your baby" she said "Thanks..how are you" "I'm good i'm in college i'm married" "I'm happy for you Micheal you're a good person and the only good friend I had" I said "Awe you too I hope you and Justin are okay with everything you can make more babies" she said giggling and I chuckled. "Yeah well I think i'm gonna wait a while" "You need sex Karmin you and Justin need pleasure make each other feel better instead of being sad I know you just lost a baby but..you have to get over it and move on. Andrew wouldn't want this for either of you there's enough time in the world to be a family to start a family" she said and I smiled. "Yeah you're right I hope you have a nice life Micheal your crazy ass deserve it" I said "Thanks babe you too I gotta go maybe I could visit you one day" she said "Yeah I hope..bye Micheal" "Bye" she said hanging up. I hung up too sitting my phone down. "I'm gonna go upstairs" he said "You don't want anymore breakfast" "No i'm good" he said kissing my cheek walking off. I sighed eating some breakfast. The doorbell rung I went to answer it seeing Ryan and Chaz. "Hey guys" I said "Hey where's Justin" Ryan asked "Upstairs" "Is he okay" "Um..a little come in" I said moving out the way to let them in closing the door. "I'll go upstairs" Chaz said I sighed sitting on the couch hugging a pillow crying. "Don't cry" Ryan said sitting beside me. "I miss him" "I do too but..it's not to late to make another besides you said for yourself no matter how much you love the kid you wish it never happened" he said "Yeah but..I feel like a bad person for saying it I think what I said might killed him" "Don't think like that you didn't kill him he just stopped breathing there might be hundreds of reasons why" he said "Yeah I guess"
"He was my heart Chaz..I loved him more than anything I wanted to feel like a real dad when he came back, make us a happy family" I said "You need some pussy" he said and I laughed. "Chaz you're always making me laugh" "I'm serious" he said and chuckled. "You've been depressed for like a long time bro the cheating the splitting up Drew's death you have a hot girlfriend, what the fuck where you thinking" "I was stupid alright I didn't mean to I fucked everything up" I said "Well maybe you did but that doesn't change anything I know you're depressed, sad and shit but Drew is gone he's not coming back so you and Karmin have to get over that, suck it up get your career back and start fresh so get your ass up put some clothes on and meet me downstairs" he said walking out. 
             End of Pov
After a few minutes I stopped crying maybe I do need to get over it. I cleaned my face watching a little bit of tv Chaz came downstairs watch tv also. "You okay" he asked "I heard you yell at Justin before you left the room" "Yeah well no one else wouldn't do it I can yell at you to if you want" "I'm good" I said "Alright i'm all dressed where are we going" Justin asked "Well you put on a suit I guess you're getting your career back" Ryan said "Are you" I asked "Yeah" "Well let's go we have a lot to take care of" Ryan said getting up with Chaz walking out the house. "I'm proud of you Justin" I said standing up placing my hands on his neck. "Yeah..me too it's what Drew would've wanted he wants us both to be happy" "Yeah it's time to move on" I said "..Sucks to move on" "I know but we have to..we just can't be sad all the time thinking about him it'll only get worse every single day" I said and he nodded. "Yeah". I lightly kissed him. "I love you" he said "I love you too I hope you get your career back you deserve it" I said "Thanks" he said kissing my cheek leaving. After Justin left I went to send time with Pattie. "How are you and Justin" she asked "We're good it took a lot of people to talk to us about Drew and now we're okay I think i'm going to take down everything in the baby room" "Need help" she asked "Yeah I was thinking about doing it today since Justin's out I want to give everything away" "Okay let's go" she said. We got up going to the house packing up everything putting it in a box. "I feel like I took away a special place in Justin's heart when I left him and I was stupid listening to Cait I mean what she said was true but that fact is he didn't tell me he cheated.." "Sweetie Justin's a..womanizer but he's trying to change his life around and make it better, I know I don't talk to Justin about sex other women or anything he's growing up and I think he has to make his own decisions, i'm always gonna be there for him but he doesn't listen to me at all so I let him do whatever he wants he has to learn from his mistakes and you leaving him...He learned from that you did a good thing leaving him maybe he'll stop fucking around and maybe be an adult instead of a little child wanting to have sex with everyone he sees" She said starting to pack again. I sighed and started back packing things to. After we were done she left I looked around in the empty room taking a deep breath leaving closing the door behind me going downstairs into the kitchen. "Babe I did it" Justin said "Did what" "I got my career back isn't that great" "Yeah I knew you would get it back anyways" I said "Yeah I bought pizza just to celebrate" he said picking me up smashing his lips on mines sliding my tongue in his mouth.Our tongues played with each other I pulled my shirt off, he pulled away and stared at my tits. I smirked and lifted his chin up and made out again. He put his hand on my breast and rubbed my nipple with his thumb. I was getting so wet I pulled away he licked my nipple and sucked on my boob. I bit my bottom lip and moaned lightly moving his lips to my  neck. "Mm Justin I want you now" I said he stopped kissing my neck. I got down and pulled his pants down taking out his dick and sucking on it deep throating making me choke, he grabbed my head and thrusted it inside my mouth. I started coughing, he came inside my mouth and I swallowed all of it. He took off my shorts and I took off his tie and jacket till he was shirtless. I put my hands on the counter, he grabbed his dick slipping my panties down to my ankles and slapped it under my pussy making it wetter slipping it in me. I moaned lightly and he put his cold hands on my hips sitting me on the counter and started thrusting. "Fuck you're so tight" he said "Mm you like it when i'm tight baby" "Yeah it feels nice" he said grabbing my boobs while thrusting. "Mm faster" I said he went faster till he hit his climax. He threw his head back slowly and squinted his eyes, he was so close to cum inside of me I moaned out loud and he was going faster. I bit my bottom lip and pulled on my nipple he came inside of me. I wrapped my arm around his neck digging my nails into his back, I moaned in his ear and he grunted, he went faster I pulled the back of his hair and came. He slipped himself out and sighed. We moved ourselves to the bedroom after we were done we ate pizza, watching a movie. I put some clothes on climbing back into bed. Justin put on some sweatpants walking out the room. "KARMIIIN!!" He yelled coming back into the room. "What did you do" he asked "What are you talking about" "Drew's room" "I packed everything" "You- you did what why didn't you tell me" he asked "Well sorry I didn't know I thought we were over this that's the reason I did it, Pattie helped me so get angry at her too" I said he took a deep breath punching the wall walking out. I sighed getting out of bed going after him.


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