Karmin Chapman is a high school student who is in love with her bestfriend Cait boyfriend Justin Bieber who she's madly in love with they end up together and things get rougher than it already is.


17. Happiness

I woke up on Justin's chest. 7:30am the time on my phone said. It's Monday. I got up without waking him up going upstairs taking a shower getting ready. I came downstairs into the kitchen fixing me a sack of food to eat. I drove to school, today I didn't wear a jacket. I feel confident and happy. I opened my locker putting my bag of food in the locker grabbing my books heading to class. Minutes later the counselor called me to the office I hope it wasn't about Justin. "Close the door" Mrs Andrews said. I closed the door and sat down in front of her desk. "So Karmin you're pregnant I just wanted to talk to you about your plans for next year" she said "I'm not dropping out if that's what you mean i'm going to graduate and get my credits" I said "But since you're almost two months pregnant, next year you're going to have the baby you'll need time off two months or so" "Oh no no no i'm not taking time off a babysitter  can take care of the baby while i'm at school I need my credits and i'm gonna graduate I was thinking about going to college" "College and a teen mother are you sure you want to do that besides your boyfriend is a celebrity they travel all the time are you sure you want to go to college" she asked "Well I don't know maybe what am I suppose to do" I asked "Well for starters not go to college you have a baby on the way Karmin. Justin is a pop star they're always busy and you don't have parents to take care of it" "What are you trying to say it's not my fault I don't have parents" I snapped. "Of course not but i'm gonna make sure you graduate it's just when you have the baby you'll have four more months left of school and you would need to take off and be at home we could send you your school work or-" "Or maybe I don't want to stay at home i'm going to make sure that I graduate and i'm staying here but if I don't graduate I want to be on that stage with my classmates and i'll take summer school and then I can get my diploma" I said and she sighed. "Okay but you have 19 credits already just keep working hard and maybe i'll figure something out" she said I nodded leaving the office bumping into my ex boyfriend Jessie. "Well isn't it the pregnant girl you know your boyfriend was on the news" "Okay and" I said "He punched-" "Yes he punched a paparazzi oh my gosh I was there okay there's no need to fucking come up to me and tell me this shit, he was defending me damn it and if you have a problem with it you can kiss my ass" "Whoa mood swings" he said "Fuck off" I said walking away going to class. "Are you in trouble" Sarah asked "No i'm not in trouble what's up with all these questions" "What's up with you I just asked you a simple question" she said "I'm not in the mood alright" I said finishing my work until the bell rung. "So ready for P.E" Micheal said "No" I said "You're so grumpy today is it because of-" "Don't say it okay i'm sick and tired of people bringing that up yes people he punched a paparazzi wow he was defending me" "Okay okay chill" she said my phone vibrated I sighed taking it out seeing Justin called. "Are you okay" he asked "No i'm not okay everyone is pissing me off today" "Awe babe is it the mood swings" he asked "No it has nothing to do with the damn mood swings" "Um okay then i'll see you after school" he said I sighed putting my phone back in my pocket. "Karmin calm down okay you're scaring me" she said "I'm sorry" I said crying into her chest she sighed and hugged me. "Come on let's go to class" she said I nodded cleaning my face walking to P.E. I sat down on the benches watching everyone exercise it was pretty boring. After school I got some food headed home. "Hey Justin is everything okay" I asked "No not everything's okay I got fucking court Friday because of that damn paparazzi GOD! They know how to fuck up my life" he said "Justin I told you not to get depressed" "And I told you to stop being so damn hot I guess we can't always get what we want" he said and I chuckled wrapping my arms around his waist. "It'll be okay" I said "I don't think so" he said "Believe that it will you'll get through this it'll fade away by next week you defended me, and you shouldn't get in trouble and go to court for that it's bullshit" I said "Tell me about it don't get stressed out okay you can't be under any stress or you might end up loosing the baby and I don't want that to happen let me handle it" he said and I nodded "Okay" "I talked to my dad he wants to meet you so Saturday there's a rib cook off he goes every year we can go and you can meet him" he said "Oh my gosh for real" I asked "Yeah for real I knew you would've been excited" "I am excited" I said "Do you like my mom" he asked "Yeah I like her it's just I want your dad to approve of me I like your mom she's really nice she just scared me a little yesterday" I said "Yeah I know sorry about that but she just came over" "It's okay Justin. Shit the doctors appointment" I said and his phone vibrated. "My mom set an appointment for your ultrasound she said it is next Monday at 3" he said "I can't wait to see what it is what do you want" I asked "I don't care what it is as long as it's not ugly" he said we both laughed and hugged each other. "So you were moody at school you were snapping at everyone crying poor Karmin" he said "How did you know" "Well I think you raised your voice at me oh and the counselor called me then the P.E coach so yeah I know you had a shitty day because of me and I apologize for that but i'm protecting you I did it for my own good. Every time I think about last night it gets me upset" "Well don't get upset it's over" I said "I have court it's not over just yet i'm not going to let it go either, it ruined my night with you" "There will be other nights Justin I mean it was our first date it didn't have to be so special at least everything was okay till we left I know they can ruin a persons life but you're famous get over it it's gonna keep happening I wish it wouldn't" "Yeah I might end up just quitting" "You can't quit you love music" I said "Yeah well I don't care i'm planning on quitting and just raise our baby" "You don't have to do that you can't just give up your dream" "Dreams over" he said walking away I sighed and ate me a fruit cup sitting in the kitchen calling Cait. "So how's the baby" she asked "Good i'm getting my ultrasound Monday" "You have to send me a picture of it to ugh I miss you damn it" "Yeah I miss you to how's living in your own place" "Boring but oh well i'm working at Starbucks so it's okay" "I'm happy for you Cait" I said "Thanks I saw your asshole on tv wow he really protecting you" "Yeah I know it's not his fault he has court  I mean it's stupid he was standing up for me" "I know..you know you can always come back if you need a place to stay or anything I know you're with Justin but i'm saying if something happens you're always welcomed to my house..well our house" she said and I smiled "Thanks Cait" "You're welcome so is there a baby shower I so wanna come I got the perfect thing to give you if it's a girl" she said "We're throwing a gender reveal shower maybe when i'm 6 months pregnant or something" "Okay so what are you hoping for" she asked "I don't know it doesn't matter girl or boy i'm just ready to get this thing out my damn stomach" I said and she chuckled. "Well you'll have to wait for a while i'm going to be there when you're in labor if Justin doesn't decide to hold your hand knowing he won't" "Okay i'm pretty sure he would want to stay out the room during the delivery and i'm sure he doesn't want to see a baby come out of my vagina he'll probably faint anyways" "Yeah I believe it" she said "He's thinking about quitting his career" "Because of what happen last night are you kidding me" "Yeah but it's what he wants to do" I said "Yeah and it's stupid he can't let them quit his career music is everything to him trust me I know" "I know but it's what he wants to do I can't do anything about it his fans will be disappointed" "Do you like them..his fans because I didn't they were always stuck up they never shut up" she said and I chuckled. "Well I don't care it's about Justin and my baby I don't care what his fans think anyways i'm just doing what I have to do to make my family happy..Cait i'm having a family" I said smiling "Yeah I know you parents would be proud of you" "Not really I got pregnant at 16" I said "Yeah but you're graduating next year and having a family besides you have me including" "I know i'm happy we're friends and putting that 'I stole your boyfriend' behind us" "Oh fuck him I cheated on him anyways you did me a favor" she said "You two hate each other don't you" "I dislike him he's a pain in the ass how can you put up with it" "He's not an ass to me he's just protective and I appreciate it but I can handle myself" "Obviously you can't..last night-" "I don't care about that" I said "Well okay then I gotta go I have to work" "Have fun" I said laughing. "Ha ha very funny bye Karmin good luck with everything i'm happy for you" "Thanks" I said hanging up. I got up going upstairs seeing Justin watching tv I climbed into bed with him laying my head on his arm.

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